Munchkin Jelly Bean Reversible Sling, Champagne – Small and Medium

Munchkin Jelly Bean Reversible Sling, Champagne – Small and Medium

The Jelly Bean Reversible Sling holds baby close to you closeness promotes bonding and helps calm baby. This reversible for two different looks and can be used in 5 different carrying positions. It is great for convenient and discreet breast feeding. This is available in small and medium sizes.

Main features

  • Closeness promotes bonding and helps calm baby
  • Reversible for two different looks
  • Can be used in 5 different carrying positions
  • Great for convenient and discreet breastfeeding
  • Small and medium

Verified reviews


Love it…wish it came with instructions for all wears

Nice sling! my little guy is 18lbs and I am 5’1/ 112lbs. I wear the S/M. I put it on upside down the first time and thought it was awkward then figured out how it was suppose to go and definitely decided i liked it! The box says you can wear it 5 ways but there are only 3 pictured so I am not sure what the other two are. Really quick and easy to put on and put baby in and out of. I have only tried the side hold since my little guy is 6 mo and not ready for the back hold. Can’t wait to try that though. Definitely rec!

Lorna Maunabo, PR


I bought this sling for my 2,5 months baby because she isn’t very comfortable in ERGO (which i love) yet. When i opened the box i had 2 surprises: it’s for babies 4+ months and it’s 100% polyester (it doesn’t say anywhere in the product description and I mistakenly thought it was cotton like many other slings like this). The quality is very nice though, it even feels like cotton, pretty soft. I would recommend to go for a Large size, because S/M is way too tight (not stretchy at all) even for someone skinny.

Reyna Tiverton, RI

Great price for item!

I love the pattern and material is very strong. My baby is very long and fit comfortably. It has a padded area for the head or back depending on how you are using it.

Valarie Advance, MO

Gotta love the jelly bean

This is something i would recommend to all mom i use mine from 0-7 months,its fabulous and so easy to carry your baby

Inez New Germantown, PA

Serves a purpose sometimes

I like the sling however I purchased the large size after reading a review from another person who said they were petite and wish they purchased the large size. I am 5’3" and weigh 115 lbs and the large is a bit big for me. I wish I would have purchased a smaller size. Maybe it will work better when my baby gets bigger.

Concetta Mattawan, MI

Get the Large

I bought the large at target, thought it was too big and ordered the smaller one and I shouldn’t have. The large is the right size, and my baby is long, but only about 13 lbs. She does love the large one though – much more than any other carrier, because she can feel cozy and look out in front as well. A good sling, but get the large.

Patsy O Fallon, MO

great for my 6 month old!

I found this sling to be much better than the $60 one i bought first. IF you use the instructions on how to use it then it works fantastic! I love the weight it took off my back!

Sadie Harbeson, DE

Cute but not comfortable for me or baby

Love the fabric, however, the sling was really hard to use. It was hard to get a comfortable fit for me and also it was hard to get my baby in there and have her comfortable as well. There was just too much adjusting and fidgeting and in the end it was still not something I enjoyed wearing. By the way, I did make sure that I bought the right size. I actually ended up buying a Moby Wrap, which was so much more comfortable and versatile compared to this pouch sling.

Brianna Redmond, UT