Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Baby Bottle, 8 Ounce, 2 Count

Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Baby Bottle, 8 Ounce, 2 Count

The Munchkin LATCH Bottle is designed to help you reach your breastfeeding goals. Experts agree that a better latch eases the transition between breast and bottle, and back. That’s why our accordion nipple pumps and moves just like the breast, stretching back to your baby’s soft palate for a correct latch. The bottle also features a one-piece, anti-colic valve – so no air travels through the breast milk, reducing the risk of colic. Winner of the 2015 American Baby’s Best Award for Best Bottle Chosen by Moms.

Main features

  • Includes two 8oz LATCH bottles and two sealing discs
  • Nipple stretches and moves like the breast helping baby latch correctly and continuously to help reduce colic
  • Anti-colic valve prevents air bubbles to reduce gas
  • Pressure against the nipple releases milk as baby sucks, just like the breast
  • Winner of the 2015 American Baby’s Best Award for Best Bottle Chosen by Moms

Verified reviews


These bottles are designed to ease the transition from breast feeding to bottle feeding

Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle, 8 Ounce,I am, a big believer in Breast feeding. Some of the benefits include:-GLA is found in Breast milk, an oil that is beneficial to the baby that is typically not found in formula (it can turn rancid and has a short-shelf life) SeeFats and Oils: The Complete Guide to Fats and Oils in Health and Nutrition-Breast feeding doesn’t typically cause the baby to ingest as much air.-in addition the mother can benefit by breast feeding:It is easier to lose that baby fat you might have addedBREAST FEEDING REDUCES THE CHANCES OF GETTING BREAST CANCER LATER IN LIFE.These bottles are designed to ease the transition from breast feeding to bottle feeding.I highly recommend them and highly recommend breast feeding for the period of twelve months which was the cut off for the breast cancer studies that I have read.Gunner April 2014

Carolina Caprock, NM

Such an improvement

So many bottles are such a pain to clean and cleaning them is important. I have used these in a pinch for an eight month old who has always been bottle fed and a newborn who is breast fed. Both babies literally latched on like this was what they had always been fed with. I found that amazing but more importantly they both seemed comfortable after eating. I will recommend these for new parents and for grandmas like me who never know who I may have to feed in an emergency!

Pamela Newtown, VA

Baby and momma are fans.

This was one of the first nipples that my baby took to easily. I’ve been very pleased with the bottles. He now uses either these bottles or the Avent Natural, and I plan to purchase more once they are available! I deduct a star only because I don’t think the nipples are as flexible as they seem.

Sasha Virginia City, NV

Not for our LO

We tried these for a week and just couldn’t get our 5-month old to accept them. He would suck so hard on these that the nipple would collapse and then he’d start to complain. We tried the slow and medium-flow nipples with the same results. The only solution would be to open/loosen the cap up a little bit and that defeated the whole purpose of these “air-bubble-free” bottles.On the plus side they do clean-up easy and fit our bottle warmer nicely.BTW, we have had the best results with the Medela Breastmilk Bottles and “S” flow nipples. Simple design, good value, and no issues to date.

Genevieve Downing, WI

Almost better than the real thing! I…I mean ah…

[I reviewed a 4 pack of these bottles not that long ago. They’re the exact same ones as these, so as much as I hate to go the cheap route here, everything I said in that review applies here!]How many baby products are there that claim to be the best in x category, and end up being average at best? When it comes to important things like bottles, you want to get something that works and will last a while. Even more importantly, you want a bottle that greatly reduces air ingestion. Various bottles have been used over the last 5 months, but when we gave these ones a shot, everything about feeding time got much better. No more tummy aches!The nipples stretch and have a lot of give, but not too much to the point where it’s weird. Look above at all the product details describing how everything works, and all I can do is echo that. I don’t just give out 5 stars for baby products, yet the Munchkin Latch bottles here definitely deserve the full rating. It’s great that they included different stage nipples for the bottles so your baby can move up properly as they grow, and not have to work as much for their milk, like they might with other brands.Some may complain about how there are “too many parts” to the bottle and that it’s more work to clean. I don’t see it that way. What, do you want one of the bottles people were using in the early days? Taking it apart to pour milk inside is simple, as is disassembling it for washing.Since getting these a few weeks ago, we haven’t used any of our other bottles unless there wasn’t a choice. I highly recommend picking these up for your baby. They would make excellent baby shower gifts too!

Angeline West Falmouth, MA

Better latch and well designed to keep the air out

These bottles aren’t your ordinary bottles. They are better designed and better looking.The soft nipple is well designed to give your baby an easier time to switch from breast feeding to bottle feeding.Pros:Better latchPrevent air from going inSoft nipple to mimic the breast feeding experienceCon:the nipple may sink down because it’s so soft

Esperanza Lehigh Acres, FL

Easy for baby to Latch.

Our friends just had a baby 4 months ago and so they were a perfect candidate for trying out these bottles.Momma was happy with how easily baby was able to latch on and how easy they were to clean. Baby was happy to be eating without choking.All and all everyone was happy and happy to recommend.

Jodie Kirkland, WA

Great quality bottles

These are high quality bottles with some innovative features to make bottle feeding easier for baby and parent. The accordion nipple flexes and bends with the baby, not staying rigid like other bottles. An air flow valve at the bottom reduces the intake of air into baby. The heads can be changed as baby grows, allowing more flow.

Lakesha Leland, MI

Bottle Technology works.

When we had our first child was born, many of the bottle products were one piece and didn’t have valves for balancing air pressure, nor fancy nipples. Well… times have changed. This new munchkin latch bottle seems to be the right shape for holding comfortably when feeding and when we’re done, it disassembles for easy cleaning.Those that are complaining about the # of parts to each bottle… its a necessary evil for the pressure relief.. and in my opinion, i feel better able the ability to fully clean the bottle than i did with the older styles that you needed special bottle brushes to reach everything…

Helene Westfield, PA

We really like these

When I was breastfeeding we had those weird square nipples that eventually got hard. So I was a little worried about keeping my grandson while my daughter works, but we have tried several different kinds of bottles.First of all the anti-colic valve is amazing! It is almost impossible to keep a baby from getting some air with a bottle, but this valve ensures that very little air is going into baby’s tummy. So if it takes a little extra to wash it that is okay with me. Secondly, the nipple is soft and pliable, more like a real mom. I like the size, not too large for my hands, so easy for me to hold while feeding. The cap fits well, so they don’t leak from my daughter’s house to mine, and that is not true of some other bottles.We have some other bottles that are okay, but these are the best, even better than a name brand that is suggested by a big name baby store. We really like these bottles.

Rosanna Longview, IL

Great bottles

These are great bottles. I love that there aren’t a million parts to clean and that they are designed to reduce gas. These 8 ounce bottles are great for when babies get a little older and need more at a time. As with all bottles, some babies will love them and others will hate them so buy a few and try them out for yourself.

Rosalia Hopwood, PA

Excellent Substitute …

As I said in the review for the four-ounce bottle version, I was pretty much sold when I read BPA-free. In our household (where we have been making big strides in becoming more and more "green" for health reasons), BPA-free is a must! Moreover, that these "grow" with one’s child also falls under the heading of "green." You do not need to dispose of these bottles … you simply buy the next transitional nipple. Very clever, very environmentally friendly.While it is true that these are the perfect shape (super easy to hold), I would say that the price is a little steep, so I might only invest in these if your child is prone to colic.

Robin Waka, TX

A happy baby with a happy tummy makes our world a much happier place all due to this new design nipple more like mom.

The large flexible nipple is more like the real thing than most bottle nipples. It allows for better latching on for baby and makes is easy to sue in many positions.Our 8 month old baby went from breast to bottle with no problems and loves this new bottle. We love that it is BPA Free and the cute little valve in the bottom that prevents air bubbles from traveling through the milk.It did reducing his gas and fussiness. Sometimes we could not even get a burp as he had no gas to burp.Happy baby! Happy Mom! Happy family!

Millie Greenbrier, TN

Great Bottles

I was a little hesitant to try these bottles as they are a little on the expensive side BUT I’m happy that I did. I haven’t had any issues with the nipples collapsing like other bottles I have tried. The nipple moves with the baby so it’s more like the breast which makes for a happy baby. These have an anti-colic valve so your baby doesn’t get gassy. Overall I haven’t had any issues with these bottles and I will recommend them to all the new parents out there.

Bertie South Heights, PA

Easy Transition

The baby doesn’t seem to have any problem taking this instead of the breast. He’s fussy with some other nipples we’ve had. These make it easier for me to babysit and I feel good that they’re BPA free.

Dana Chester, GA

Grandma approves bottles

I got these bottles to feed my new baby granddaughter when I’m babysitting and my daughter isn’t around to breastfeed. We had previously purchased bottles from several competitors and experienced difficulties with each of them. She immediately took well to this bottle and we couldn’t be more grateful, what a relief! The nipples are soft and incredibly flexible and are a natural and perfect fit; part of the magic here is that she seems to be able to take the nipple all the way back to her soft palate. These bottles also have an anti-colic valve which seems to be doing its job, but I found it to be difficult to remove for cleaning which is why I chose to withhold a fifth star. Also, one must be sure to get the nipple up to its last “rung” when attaching it to the ring which some might find tedious. Nevertheless, any little bits of effort are worth it to me, as our grand baby approves! Finally, as a bonus, these bottles are very sleek and stylish in their design which is a nice little treat for the feeder!

Debbie Perryopolis, PA

Well Worth It!

Being a Dad, my experience of feeding time centers around how receptive our little guy is to whichever bottle I choose to use. I have been through many different brands, searching for the perfect fit. Up until my exposure to Munchkin’s Latch, my bottle of choice was theThe First Years 1 Pack Breastflow Bottle, 5 Ounce. In fact, the Breastflow bottles were the only brand we used that did not cause issues when our boy was switching between breast and bottle; so I still recommend it. However, I now prefer the Latch.Unfortunately, I did not discover Munchkin’s Latch until the babe was 9 months old, so I cannot say for sure whether it would have also prevented breast to bottle to breast transition issues. Seeing how the boy interacts with the bottle – the nipple in particular – I do believe that the Latch replicates the natural process well. In my opinion, the broader base of the nipple on the Latch does an excellent job simulating the areola, which babies quickly learn to manipulate to increase milk flow. Complementing the broad base is a degree of nipple flexibility that I have seen on very few bottles. The flexible base further facilitates a more natural interaction between baby and bottle at feeding time. The one drawback of this more natural feel is that the tip of the nipple can become slightly inverted from time to time due to the negative air pressure caused by suckling and the wider, flexible surface area. To me, the other attributes of this bottle more than make up for this small issue, which requires that the bottle be removed from the baby’s mouth until the nipple self-corrects.Like I said, our son is a little older. It is for this reason that the 8 ounce bottles are the perfect size for his typical feedings. If your child is younger than six months old, you may want to consider getting theMunchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle, 4 Ounce, 2 Countinstead. I found that a smaller bottle is just a little less cumbersome and a little more milk efficient at that age.I highly recommend Munchkin’s Latch!

Carrie Lodi, NY

Still a bit fast of flow, but the latch design is perfect!

My baby is 8 months old and solely breastfed/solids. So I was curious to see how he transferred over to these. It worked really well, I love how it’s different than most bottles in copying the way they nurse naturally. What I didn’t care for was the flow. I used the level 1 flow nipples (supposedly for much younger babies) and it was like a fast let-down (I have an overactive letdown). I cannot imagine using these for younger newborns and them still wanting to nurse off Mommy if they can get it all super fast on the bottle. Why the companies cannot get the flow right on a bottle is beyond me. It’s critical to get the flow right if you want to easily transition between bottle and breast without affecting the nursing relationship. I am glad they are aiming to get it right with the nursing structure, but wish they would get the flows right. :(Pros:Great nipple structure, just like natural nursingGreat for baby’s tummy with the valve designCons:Level 1 flow is great for older (6 mo +)Flow WAY too fast for newborns, could cause impatience with nursing off of Mommy

Rosalie Salkum, WA

Got these for my friend’s new baby

My two kids grew up on Munchkin bottles – that’s after I searched high and low for something that’s- anti-colic or no air bubbles;- no too long and too straight, so their hands can hold better- no handles, which are bulkier and pain in the neck to handle- natural feel nipples.The munchkins are IT!

Marian Damascus, VA

Just like the breast

Our baby absolutely loves these bottles and we use them to supplement breastfeeding. The nipple construction is great because it moves with the baby while he feeds, it has the natural shape and give of a breast so it’s a smooth transition. The bottles wash up nice and they come with a stopper which is awesome so that the nipples don’t leak in the diaper bag. Big Win!

Hattie Garrochales, PR

Worth the buy I tried it for 2 months!

I am so glad I bought these bottles because my baby was first getting a lot of colic and second he was not latching on well with his other baby bottle he has. The Nipple to this bottle makes it easy for him to Latch on, it’s smaller and thiner then what he has from Tommie Tippie. This is a very Good product. I will recommend it. This product is also sold at Target with the set of 3 bottles. It brings 2 #1 nipples and 1 #2 nipple on the bottle.

Rosetta Shellman, GA

Great for on-the-go, easy for baby to latch on

Our youngest granddaughter is 7 mos. old and while she’ll still be nursing for another couple of months, sometimes it’s more practical to use a bottle – especially when other relatives want to feed her or when mom has to run an errand. As described, the nipple on this bottle is very easy for the baby to utilize and our granddaughter had no problem switching from breast-feeding, to Munchkin Latch bottle, then back to breast-feeding. She’s at the age where she can hold the bottle a bit herself – and she does grasp it while you’re holding the bottle.

Katelyn Temperance, MI

Wide-mouth bottles for easy washing!

This is a nice alternative to our Philips Avent bottles that our daughter is currently using.Apparently, my daughter seems to like the flexible stretched nipples of Munchkin as she latches / sucks for a longer duration that her current Avent bottles. This is probably due to the fact that the Munchkin bottles nipples closely resembles the breast as she is currently still breast feeding and is on the occasional bottle feed.My wife also likes the fact that she does not have to put on the ‘adapter ring’ which we currently have to use on the Avent bottles to prevent leakages.The BPA-free is a must for our bottles and this is found in most milk bottles anyway so its not a unique feature of Munchkin.My wife is already planning to bring these bottles for our trips as she is less likely to lose another ‘adapter ring’. ;pOverall, a nice alternative to Avent if you are looking for another brand of wide-mouth bottles for easy washing.

Kristine Manhattan, NV

Perfect For Working Moms

We didn’t have the luxury of taking off from work for vary long after the baby was born so right away we had to buy a breast pump and stockpile milk. The baby bottle market is pretty crowded but what sets the Munchkin design apart is how it simulates the breast – making the transition from breast to bottle easier for the baby. The accordion like flexible joint at the base of the nipple makes a huge difference. The 8 Oz bottles are handy for daytime.

Gayla Pearisburg, VA