Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Baby Bottle, 8 Ounce, 4 Count

Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Baby Bottle, 8 Ounce, 4 Count

The Munchkin LATCH Bottle is designed to help you reach your breastfeeding goals. Experts agree that a better latch eases the transition between breast and bottle, and back. That’s why our accordion nipple pumps and moves just like the breast, stretching back to your baby’s soft palate for a correct latch. The bottle also features a one-piece, anti-colic valve – so no air travels through the breast milk, reducing the risk of colic. Winner of the 2015 American Baby’s Best Award for Best Bottle Chosen by Moms.

Main features

  • Includes four 8oz LATCH bottles and four sealing discs
  • Nipple stretches and moves like the breast helping baby latch correctly and continuously to help reduce colic
  • Anti-colic valve prevents air bubbles to reduce gas
  • Pressure against the nipple releases milk as baby sucks, just like the breast
  • Winner of the 2015 American Baby’s Best Award for Best Bottle Chosen by Moms

Verified reviews


Nice design, but dribbles everywhere

These bottles were a nice addition to the collection, before I noticed how poorly they were constructed. The “anti-colic” valve at the base may help to relieve the symptom (I never noticed since I have a jackpot baby that’s never been colicy), but the base leaks. Out of 4 bottles, at least 2 will dribble when placed on a flat surface and a third is suspect. While this could be understandable after months of use, these’re so new they still have some of the cling wrap on them.The odd shape may help with holding but also makes the bottles a little more difficult to clean, making it feel like you have to remove the valve at the base as well as at the head to get every part of the internal curves.Overall, not worth it. I got these as a set of backup bottles, and they’re almost all going in the trash before a weeks use.Seeing as how I got two negative votes on the day I wrote this, please provide feedback as to why you do not find this review helpful, as I feel like this is fairly written to illustrate what I felt was a serious design flaw.

Vivian Manor, GA

I love these bottles.

I love these bottles. I plan to gift them to my daughter when she is ready to transition to a bottle.Gunner, March, 2014

Karin Little Switzerland, NC

No complaints, Easy to wash & assemble

I have 4 small children, all who took bottles. Our house has seen a lot of bottles. One of my pet peeves with bottles is when there’s 400 pieces to disassemble to wash and reassemble to use. Thankfully this has three parts. The nipple, the rim, and the bottle. Very easy to use. My daughter has loved them, and seems to drink from the just perfectly. No leakage.

Cora Raymond, KS

Nipple easily collapses, frustrates baby!

As parents of two little ones, I’d like to say we are experts in appreciating different baby bottle designs and what works best for baby. Here’s our criteria for a baby bottle and where the Munchkin fails to win us over:Our Baby Bottle Criteria:====================First and foremost,BABY MUST LIKE IT!———————————Munchkin Latch Bottle:Fails here because the nipple easily collapses. Just a very slight pressure with your finger and the nipple collapses. Now, imagine a moving baby with a slurping motion and this nipple collapses too easily.Avent Classic Bottle:We have a dozen of these from our firstborn. Unfortunately, our son just won’t take these. We tried all of the nipple sizes from NB to level 3, he just won’t take it. We had learned long ago to just get 1 bottle of each type, because different babies like different bottles, no rhyme or reason. Our daughter loved these.Avent Natural Flow bottle/nipple:He will actually finish a full bottle with this, but the bib and burp cloth will be drenched. The wider/flat design means he just drools and drools. Maybe good for others, but not for him.Dr. Brown:He was colic-y at first and this is the only bottle he would take without drooling. He loves them, we the parents despise them because of the cleaning – 6 parts to clean. But baby first and we endured this for 6-7 months until we discovered the Lansinoh mOmma
• Natural Wave
• bottles.Lansinoh mOmma
• Natural Wave
• bottle:I put asterisks around Natural Wave because Lansinoh has an older "Lansinoh mOmma" that is round in shape (and has orange coloring). The Lansinoh mOmma natural wave bottles look like regular bottles and are purple in coloring. So make sure you are reading about the right mOmma type!This is the only bottle in addition to the Dr. Brown that he would take. No drooling (we don’t even need a bib or burp cloth), he finishes everything and most of all, it is so easy to clean! (just 4 parts more on that later)After baby approves, the next criteria is:HOW EASY IS IT TO CLEAN?==========================Munchkin Latch Bottle:This is pretty terrible, probably 1-star for cleaning along with Dr. Brown. The nipple is an accordion design on the bottom that is supposed to allow for easy movement (and probably why it collapses so easy under suction). Well, can you imagine trying to clean in between the grooves of an accordion? What a pain. Then, it has this blue-vent piece at the bottom of the bottle that you have to pop out and has small crevices that you can’t really fit any bottle brush into, not even the Munchkin baby bottle brush set – hah! Furthermore, having this "hole" at the bottom is terrible if you soak your bottles with water because you always have to have the blue-vent piece in there.Avent Classic:Probably a 2 for cleaning because it has 5 parts. It has this blue ring that is annoying to clean. We put up with it for 2 years until we switch our daughter to cow milk.Avent Natural Flow:Probably a 4 for cleaning because it has 4 parts. The middle nipple-holder piece is designed just-so that it really tears up the sponges in your bottle brush.Dr. Brown:All parents despise cleaning them, yet baby-first and this is the bottle we used for 6-7 months until we discovered the new Lansinoh mOmma redesign. If I could give negative stars for cleaning a Dr. Brown bottle I would. All of the small intricate parts are a pain to clean, ask anyone, bleh.Lansinoh mOmma
• Natural Wave
• purple bottle:We love it, 5-stars for cleaning. 4 simple parts that is compatible with our bottle brush, nice wide design, easy to assemble, super easy to clean.OVERALL DESIGN THOUGHTS:===========================Munchkin Latch Bottle:Terrible. The lid completely covers the middle-nipple-holder part. This means after you have warmed up the bottle with hot water, you spin and spin the lid because there’s no other surface to grab and it’s slippery because it is wet. If you have soapy hands and are trying to unscrew the top, it will spin and spin, too. All of the other bottles, the lid rests-on or at least is designed such that you can easily grip and separate the cap/lid. Terrible to transport, must use a sealing disc, else it leaks.Avent Classic:Has a flat top. Easy to put down the cap/lid and won’t roll away while adding formula, etc. Easy to grip, just don’t like the extra "ring" that must be cleaned. Used this for 2 years with our first one. Smallest size is 4 ounces or 125 ML – this was too little and the 9 ounce was a big leap. 5 ounces would have been perfect for a long time. Easy to transport, no spills, nothing extra required.Avent Natural Flow:Same slippery lid issue as the Munchkin, but not as bad. Rolls around the counter if you take the cap/lid off. Smallest size is also 4 ounces/125 ml. Easy to transport, no spills, nothing extra required.Dr. Brown:The bottle we the parents despised cleaning the most, but we used it for 6-7 months because it DID help with a colic-y baby. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Smallest size is 4 ounces /120 ml, but you CANNOT overfill, it will leak. We despise the 9-ounce version of Dr. Brown – too big for our bottle brush and bleh it actually makes cleaning worse if that was possible. Another terrible design is that you have to take the cap off to install a sealing-disc if you transport this! The last thing you want to do in a public place is have to take the cap off, etc exposing the milk to the elements. If you put this in an insulated cooler and the bottle is not kept vertical and tips over, you’ll have milk everywhere.Lansinoh mOmma Natural Wave (the purple one, not the orange one):The lid is great, it has a completely flat side that is easy to put down and won’t roll around. Our baby can drink an entire bottle with no bib or burp cloth. The smallest size is 5 ounces which is perfect for our baby’s needs. Easy to transport, no spills, nothing extra required.Given the reasons/criteria above, the Munchkin Latch is a 2 star bottle for us.

Hilary Halfway, KY


for my expecting niece, i had gotten her the smaller and was just rounding out with the 8os since bottles will always be a handy gift!

Aisha Oldham, SD

No Gassy Baby!

I am so impressed with the way these Munchkin Latch BPA-Free because I see the difference in my baby since he stopped breastfeeding. These bottles have really reduced the gas and he seems to latch onto these nipples better than any other brand that we have purchased.The nipples are modeled really similar to female nipples and this will made it easier for my baby to transition from the nipple to the bottle. I love these bottles for the health benefits and because they are so easy to keep clean. I love these bottles as much as my baby does because a happy baby makes my entire household happy.

Rachelle Skiatook, OK

Perfect for Breast Feeding Newborns.

Baby O latched on to the breast immediately. My Aunt who is a registered nurse and the doctor suggested no pumping for the first two weeks, or longer so that the baby doesn’t reject the breast. After two weeks there was a family event that had to be attended. So out came the bump and these Munchkin bottles.The nipple shape is great. Closer to the natural nipple than Dr Brown or other brands. There is valve on the bottom that released air to prevent gas in the baby. Baby O is gassy with natural feedings and I didn’t see an increase when using these bottles. She took to them right away. There was no huge difference in her feeding and she returned to the breast for the next feeding with no issue.There are easy to clean, have a great shape and is a great for a newborn.The Dr Brown’s received at the baby shower are in the closet while these are being used.

Alana Martin, GA

The best bottles to get. They work as advertised!

How many baby products are there that claim to be the best in x category, and end up being average at best? When it comes to important things like bottles, you want to get something that works and will last a while. Even more importantly, you want a bottle that greatly reduces air ingestion. Various bottles have been used over the last 5 months, but when we gave these ones a shot, everything about feeding time got much better. No more tummy aches!The nipples stretch and have a lot of give, but not too much to the point where it’s weird. Look above at all the product details describing how everything works, and all I can do is echo that. I don’t just give out 5 stars for baby products, yet the Munchkin Latch bottles here definitely deserve the full rating. It’s great that they included different stage nipples for the bottles so your baby can move up properly as they grow, and not have to work as much for their milk, like they might with other brands.Some may complain about how there are "too many parts" to the bottle and that it’s more work to clean. I don’t see it that way. What, do you want one of the bottles people were using in the early days? Taking it apart to pour milk inside is simple, as is disassembling it for washing.Since getting these a few weeks ago, we haven’t used any of our other bottles unless there wasn’t a choice. I highly recommend picking these up for your baby. They would make excellent baby shower gifts too!…just wait 2 months, since that’s when they come out. -_-;

Lelia Endicott, WA

Better latch and well designed to keep the air out

These bottles aren’t your ordinary bottles. They are better designed and they are better looking.The soft nipple is well designed to give your baby an easier time to switch from breast feeding to bottle feeding.Pros:Better latchPrevent air from going inSoft nipple to mimic the breast feeding experienceCon:the nipple may sink down because it’s so soft

Edythe Smiths, AL

These are good, but I wish they were both BPA & PVC FREE, instead of just BPA FREE

I have a one year old niece that I take care of. Before she was born I did some research and decided on the Born Free bottles. My sister bought both the plastic and the glass bottles. All of which were both BPA and PVC.I sometimes run short on bottles because they go from her house to mine so when I saw these new Muchkin Latch bottles I thought we would give them a try. Overall I think they are nice. They go together easily, and come apart easily to clean. They don’t leak, and they seem to prevent a lot of gas to the point where I don’t often get a burp.I can’t really comment on how well they mimic breastfeeding, or that it makes it easier for the baby to go from breast to bottle and vice versa, since my little love has been bottle feed from pretty much the beginning (unfortunately). For a newborn, or a younger baby I think these will work well. But I have a few dislikes about this bottle:* For the cost I can get 6 Born Free bottles, compared to 4 with the Munchkin AND the Born Free are BPA and PVC free, whereas the Munchkin only state they are BPA free.* The Muchkin offers 3 flow stages of nipples, whereas the Born Free offers 5 stages of nipples so I think the BF bottle grows more as your child does without having to buy a whole new set of bottles.* I have smaller hands and these bottles are somewhat wide at the top so they aren’t as comfortable to hold. And as my little one got the to the point of wanting to hold her own bottle, she had a harder time holding these, then she did the Born FreeOverall there is a lot to love about the new design of the Munchkin bottles. The anti-colic design will be a MAJOR blessing for a lot of people. However, I do feel that while good, these aren’t as great as they could be. I still prefer the Born Free over the Munchkin bottles, despite the latch nipple, mainly because the Muchkin bottles aren’t PVC free. I can see why a lot of other people love them though.

Trisha Gualala, CA

Baby Liked It

My son is not very picky about nipples and he took to this bottle pretty well. He is breastfed exclusively, and we use a bottle every so often. If it has been weeks since he lasted use a bottle, it takes him a bit to latch. This bottle took him a bit longer to latch onto but once he did, he drank the milk from it just fine. The nipple moves like an accordion and is supposed to mimic a nipple. It comes with a slow flow nipple, and that is the type you want to use if you breastfeed and switch to bottle back and forth.The bottle is also anti-colic, but pretty much every big name bottle is branded as anti-colic. I do like that it does not have a lot of parts to clean.If you have a fussy baby who is nipple sensitive, you will have to experiment with different nipples and brands to find the one that works best. I like this one and would recommend new moms trying it.

Mollie Beaumont, VA

Good bottle – fast flow nipple

For our first child, we tried a number of bottles before settling on Playtex’s Ventaire brand, which we ultimately used for our son’s first two years in various sizes. However, those were well worn and it was time for a new set, so we decided to try Munchkin’s bottles and these seemed similar to the Playtex.Overall, we found this to be a good bottle. These come in three sizes (4, 6 and 8 ounces) and the 8 ounce is a good size for once baby gets to be a few months old. The shape is easy to hold and each bottle in the set comes with it’s own lid, nipple and flat rubber cover which can be used for transporting the bottles. In addition, each set is BPA free. I was initially concerned that the anti-colic valve in the bottom might leak, but it did not and it was also easy to pop in and out. In addition, unlike the Playtex brand, it is very easy to see if it is in place or not, eliminating potential late night spills because you don’t realize there’s a piece missing. However, the + 2 nipple is very fast flow, at least as compared to other brands we’ve tried (Nuk, Playtex, The First Years) , and will release milk without sucking required. Given that this is a good size for a baby that can hold their own bottle, this has the potential for a fairly big mess. One of the benefits of the Playtex was that it was a good balance between slow flow and overly hard to get the milk out (we tried The First Years Breastflow and found those both very hard for our newborn to use and the cause of much lost breast milk). Overall, it is a good bottle, but be prepared for fast flow with the nipples that come with it.

Janie Bakers Mills, NY

Happy baby! Happy Mom! Happy family! Baby prefered this great munchkin bottle as it is more like breast when breastfeeding.

We now have a happy baby with a happy tummy and it makes our world a much happier place all due to this new design bottle which is a winner. The large flexible nipple is more like the real thing than most bottle nipples. It allows for better latching on for baby and makes is easy to sue in many positions. Our baby went from breast to bottle with no problems and loves this new bottle. We love that it is BPA Free and the cute little valve in the bottom that prevents air bubbles from traveling through the milk. It did reducing his gas and fussiness. Sometimes we could not even get a burp as he had no gas to burp.

Noemi Lakeside, CA

Great bottles

Obviously, any man or child would vastly prefer real breasts to anything synthetic. But when it comes to the child, apparently these are just about as good as a real nipple, because it didn’t take a lot of convincing to engage in sucking. As the man previously referenced, I did notice that the plastic had some give and movement that was far more natural than other bottles that look and feel as if they’re made of vulcanized rubber for industrial purposes.So, thumbs up since the kiddo doesn’t mind using them…a reasonable substitute for when a real, supple breast is not available.

Ivy Britt, MN

Excellent design (but comes with a tiny sanitization concern?)

Courtesy of the Amazon Vine program, I have received 4 Munchkin Latch BPA-Free 8oz Bottle for review. The bottles are fitted with what Munchkin calls “stage 1” nipples, which means slow flow (0-3 months). For the review purpose they also provided us with four “stage 2” nipples (medium flow, 3-6 months), which you need to buy SEPERATELY.The design of these bottles are excellent. First, they are BPA-free, which is standard these days for bottles but still a plus. Second, they feature a valve at the bottom to allow air to go in through the bottom to refill the void left after each suckle. This is very nice in theory and Munchkin claims it can help reduce colic. In practice, this is hard to know for sure: we do not really observe any significant difference in this aspect when compared to Avent… In fact, if these bottles have any cons, it would this valve. With simple bottles, you know you can clean every surface by boiling them in water. The valves on these Munchkin bottles, on the other hand, makes for a lingering worry… (I was told that this is not a problem since the high temperature can still reach the tiny space in the valve.)In our opinion, the nipples are what sets the Munchkins apart from its competitors. First, they are press operated. That means pressing (not biting or sucking) harder will release more milk. In practice this works wonder and the baby seems to really get this idea on the very first trial. I think this is good evidence that the Munchkin design is closer to mother nature. Second, the nipples also stretch considerably, which means the baby really latches on to the nipple and we do not see the same “suction pulling” on the inflexible nipples. This, we think, is the primary reason for colic reduction if there is any. Kudos to Munchkins for figuring this out. We, as well as the baby, are in love with these nipples.Based on the nipple design on the Munchkins, we think we will be recommending Munchkins to our friends in the future.

Lorene Oakham, MA

Less bubbles, less tummy ache!

As soon as these bottles arrived, I gave them to my daughter for her newborn baby. She is both breast feeding and (pumping) bottle feeding, so these bottles seemed a good match for her. While I have not used the product myself, I believe I asked good enough questions about the product to give a review.The bottle is comfortable to hold – both the 4 oz and 8 oz sizes. The anti-colic vent in the bottom of the bottle really works well and prevents all those little bubbles than can later cause baby discomfort. The bottle is easy to wash and BPA-free, which are both important.Initially, my daughter found that the nipple collapsed easily — it seemed to sink down into the bottle itself. However, as both mother and baby adapted to the correct way to hold the bottle, this became less of a problem. The nipple is much more flexible than standard bottles, so you need to pull back slightly as the baby drinks, giving both a better latch and to keep the nipple extended.Overall, my daughter is now very pleased with the product. She now uses these bottles exclusively. She finds the baby spits up very infrequently compared to her first – though it’s hard to say if it’s the baby or the anti-colic vent that’s responsible!Mother and baby highly recommend this product.

Lindsay Brunswick, MO

Great design for infants

These bottles are very well designed and most of the features are very useful for the infants, when they are getting used to of latching and using bottles. We experienced the fact that these works well only if the baby is introduced to them early. Our one year had hard time since these bottles will not stay stable owing to the nipple design, and the fact that he not holding them always steady. The other Born Free worked well.While our other friends loved these bottles when they introduced them to their newborn and observed reduction in colic as well.So, overall its a matter of choice and the timing of introduction.

Merle Jenkinsburg, GA

No extra air intake as advertised

[Good]The marketing is accurate. Due to the bottle design, it is very difficult to ingest air from this bottle.The bottles look great and modern.[Bad]More parts to clean and assemble all the time. While it’s not hard, the bottom bottle plug is a little more work to pull off and put back on. Installation may not always be smooth, especially when you’re tired. It’s unlikely but a little more possible to incorrectly install the nipple due to its design. The same can be said about the bottom plug.Slow flow #1’s are too slow in flowing. The #2 nipples are more like #1 sized nipples from competitors.Unlike almost every other competing bottle, you cannot screw the top close with the lid on. Depending on the person, this may cause a lot of messy accidents.[Misc]With the cap on, you cannot unscrew the bottle. In some situations this is a good thing. In others, it is not.From our experience with our baby and others, there’s no perfect bottle for every baby. Your baby may like these or they may not. Our baby did not like these bottles. There’s no escaping, buying multiple baby bottles to try out.[Verdict]These are worthy bottles to try out.

Socorro Sedgwick, AR

He Likes Them

We rarely use bottles. I was looking for a good bottle for a breastfed baby. He likes these. The nipple base is wide so he gets a good latch. He didn’t seem as confused as he was with other bottles. The nipples also rock around, so you can get them positioned well without them collapsing. I don’t think the vents in the bottom work perfectly, as there was still some suction created inside the bottle when he was using it. I did have to use the size 2 nipples (comes with the size 1, slow flow) since he is 8 months old and the size 1’s just were not fast enough for his liking. They are also easy to clean.

Francisca South Glens Falls, NY

Super Satisfied

These bottles deliver in two important respects. First, the tops and nipples mimic the breast very well and this seems to have made for an easier transition from breast to bottle (for working moms). Secondly, the bottle design (in part because of the nipple) reduces the babies air intake, meaning they are less likely to be really gassy after feeding and, therefore, elevates their overall comfort level. Additionally, the bottles are BPA free! Seriously, can’t go wrong.

Tiffany Thida, AR

Recommended by the peditrician

Chole seems to have to work extra hard to get anything out of the bottle, but the flow level must be one of the reasons why the bottle is recommended by the pediatrician. I have noticed that she doesn’t spit up as much as she used to. She is definitely taking in less air which is good. I gave it 4 stars because of the price. $13.00 for a 4 oz bottle seems excessive.

Terri Watson, LA

Bottles feel great in the hand

That’s about as much of a review. We are waiting on the babies then we can give a full review on how the bottles work. They do feel comfortable in the hand. But that’s all I can give for now.

Carlene Larchmont, NY

Worth it!

Being a Dad, my experience of feeding time centers around how receptive our little guy is to whichever bottle I choose to use. I have been through many different brands, searching for the perfect fit. Up until my exposure to Munchkin’s Latch, my bottle of choice was theThe First Years 3 Pack Breastflow Bottle, 5 Ounce. In fact, the Breastflow bottles were the only brand we used that did not cause issues when our boy was switching between breast and bottle; so I still recommend it. However, I now prefer the Latch.Unfortunately, I did not discover Munchkin’s Latch until the babe was 9 months old, so I cannot say for sure whether it would have also prevented breast to bottle to breast transition issues. Seeing how the boy interacts with the bottle – the nipple in particular – I do believe that the Latch replicates the natural process well. In my opinion, the broader base of the nipple on the Latch does an excellent job simulating the areola, which babies quickly learn to manipulate to increase milk flow. Complementing the broad base is a degree of nipple flexibility that I have seen on very few bottles. The flexible base further facilitates a more natural interaction between baby and bottle at feeding time. The one drawback of this more natural feel is that the tip of the nipple can become slightly inverted from time to time due to the negative air pressure caused by suckling and the wider, flexible surface area. To me, the other attributes of this bottle more than make up for this small issue, which requires that the bottle be removed from the baby’s mouth until the nipple self-corrects.Like I said, our son is a little older. It is for this reason that the 8 ounce bottles are the perfect size for his typical feedings. If your child is younger than six months old, you may want to consider getting theMunchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle, 4 Ounce, 4 Countinstead. I found that the smaller bottle is just a little less cumbersome and a little more milk efficient.I highly recommend Munchkin’s Latch!

Felecia Sauk Rapids, MN

The baby loves it!

I have a nursing baby who I supplement with, so I thought I’d try these bottles and I’m completely impressed. As advertised the air flow is minimal reducing the need to even burp the baby. The nipple has a unique bendable construction that more closely mimics the breast than any bottle we’ve ever used. The seal for on the go is also a great addition.

Hollie Marble Canyon, AZ

Great bottles and wonderful set

These are really great for babies who are also nursing – they have nice wide nipples and come in an excellent set. They have all of the features people want in bottles (anti-colic, good for nursing, and have lids), plus the set is a very nice price.

Bobby North Buena Vista, IA

Yay for breastfeeding friendly bottles

I nurse the majority of the time, but I really like to be able to pump and have a back-up bottle on hand for those times when I need to be away from home/baby. I really wanted a bottle that mimicked the natural breastfeeding action to make it easier to transition back and forth between bottle and breast. The "pumping" action of these bottles is pretty unique. I hadn’t come across anything like them before. (The sucking motion draws the nipple in increasing the pressure of the flow). It’s almost like an accordion that stretches and contracts as the baby sucks. The flow is also slow to mimic the flow of breastfeeding. There are also different flow nipples that you can buy as the baby grows and needs a stronger flow.I also like the anti-colic valve at the bottom that helps reduce air bubbles/gas. I’ve been pleased with these bottles. I think they’re a great option for moms looking to both nurse and bottle-feed as needed.

Roxie Harper Woods, MI

I tried it for 2 months before buying.

I am so glad I bought these bottles because my baby was first getting a lot of colic and second he was not latching on well with his other baby bottle he has. The Nipple to this bottle makes it easy for him to Latch on, it’s smaller and thiner then what he has from Tommie Tippie. This is a very Good product. I will recommend it. This product is also sold at Target with the set of 3 bottles. It brings 2 #1 nipples and 1 #2 nipple on the bottle. The only little problem would be Nipple easily collapses, and that frustrates baby when he’s hungry, other then that it’s very good with the colics.

Miranda Wayne, IL

Great bottles

My daughter has used the Avent Natural and Tommee Tippee bottles but she has tried the Playtex VentAire and Playtex Drop Ins (she didn’t like them).The concept reminds me of the VentAire but maybe a little more modernized. The nipple is more flexable and so there is no air that is supposed to get in from babies mouth. While I think the nipple is a great idea, my daughter prefers the more squared nipple like the Natural and Tippee bottles. I do like that the nipple is not thin as the tommee tippee, the plastic bottle itself could be better I think.It’s all a matter of what your child prefers. Although mine didn’t prefer this, I still think this is a great concept and a well made bottle.

Pam Mcminnville, OR

Good but my baby colapsed the nipple.

It is a great design for a breast fed baby, but I tried all the different stages of nipples and my son collapsed the nipple on all of them. He wasn’t getting enough milk out of the bottle no matter what nipple I put on the bottle. The nipple design is great for breast fed babies. It moves from left to right and up and down which is great. But the flow of the nipple just isn’t enough.

Toni Powderhorn, CO

A nice high quality bottle

The Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle’s are a great looking, high quality bottle. The amount that the nipples stretch and move is impressive and this is nice as it’s easy to feed in multiple positions. The nipples hopefully won’t crack or degrade and seem to be of high quality.The bottles are a nice shape and I like the quality and clarity of the plastic although I wish the LATCH emblem wasn’t so large on the side of the bottle.It’s hard to tell if the bottle is limiting the amount of air flowing though the milk but there is no reason to think that’s it’s not working.

Misty Hennessey, OK