Munchkin Lazy Buoys Bathtub Toys

Munchkin Lazy Buoys Bathtub Toys

Munchkin Lazy Buoys Bathtub Toys

Main features

  • 5 piece set includes: 2 floating friends, 2 scoop and strain cups and 1 spinner ball
  • 6 different play activities, float, nest, strain, scoop, pour and spin
  • Enhances tactile awareness

Verified reviews


Bath time toys

My daughter got these for Christmas. The are cute but she normally passes this up and goes straight for her rubber fish.

Addie Edgemont, PA

It’s a bath toy.

My daughter likes the penguins- she could care less about the nesting cups. And the spinny one doesn’t- it just flips over in the penguin. She plays with them, though, so I suppose they do their job well enough.

Mariana Black Lick, PA


This is picky, but the paint job on the toys was spotty and chipped in places. The spinner isn’t that fantastic. Overall I’d get something else next time.

Henrietta Turpin, OK

Great bath toys

These toys deserve 5 starts because there is no way these can get moldy. That happened to our other bath toys. And these look cute and fun for my baby.

Antonia Ovalo, TX

Not much as a bath toy but my baby likes the floating friends

My son doesn’t really play with these. The scoops just do not interest him. He does like the blue floating friend and plays with it outside his bath.

Stacy Aurora, MN

Cute Toy

We received this as a gift and it’s a really adorable toy. My son loves the stacking cups and bright/fun colors.

Juliana Claysville, PA

Bath saver.

I got these for my twin grandsons. One of them distinctly hated his bath but actually ended up giggling and enjoying it with these toys. Not much more you can ask. But they are also sturdy and well made with no sharp edges. Great toys.

Sophia Worthington, KY

Fun friends for the tub

My 11 month old grand daughter loved this toy. I bought them specifically for our child water table so she could play in water when she was not in the pool. She was fascinated with the colors, little animal friends, sifter, spinning ball and cup. So cute. I would recommend this to any parent or grand parent.

Felecia Lewiston, NY

Ok, but not a toy my son goes for in the bath

They are a bit smaller than I expected. My son likes them, if I engage him with them, but quickly looses interest. I think if they were bigger he’d like them more.

Frances Stetson, ME

For reasons I don’t understand, my baby loves these

Seriously, they aren’t that exciting. They don’t really do anything other than sift water through tiny holes. But my baby daughter loves these, especially the two little bird/penguin/walrus thingies. She will even insist on taking them out of the bath to play with after bath time.

Janette Imperial, MO


Our 1 year old grandson loves these toys they are colorful and makes his bathtub a fun relaxing time for him and Mommy.

Shelby Capitol, MT

Bought as a gift, I already own it

My girls love this bath toy so I purchased a set for a friend for her baby. My twins are constantly fighting over them.

Valerie Sigel, PA

Excellent bath toys.

These bath toys are great. My baby (7 months old) enjoys playing with them and they don’t have any place mold can build up like some other bath toys can.

Nicole Manorville, PA

nothing wrong, but very basic

i cant complain about the toys, its just theyre very simple. 4 of the toys do the same exact thing, different sizes and colorsif u fill the spinning toy up with water, the first spin it splashes most of it out, then there is nothing else when it spins. so its not really a good "bath" or water toy in my biggest complaint is the price i paid, $8 isnt terrible but the fact i had to pay $6 shipping makes this so not worth $14

Lucia Berthold, ND


My baby likes these. He likes trying to "grab"the water that pours out of the penguin cups and he loves playing with the ball.. Making it spin.. It’s a bit expensive for small little bath toys but as long as he loves them.. Hehe

Cecile San Luis Obispo, CA

Fun every time!

My 9 month old loves playing with these toys and I feel good about the fact that no mold can collect on these toys. Perfect for entertaining a little one.

Helena Sparta, IL

More fun for bath time

These little guys go right along with the Nuby Bath Tub, floating turtle. These are colorful and help me to teach my little guy about a couple of animals, colors and shapes.

Rosanne Leonard, MN

They are fun enough to keep her entertained and she would always …

My 19th month toddler loves playing with these during her bath time. They are fun enough to keep her entertained and she would always make me hold up the floating friends so that she could "catch" the water coming down using the 2 smaller scoops.

Jennie Wakefield, MI

Entertaining and NO MILDEW!

My daughter loves these and they are my favorite bath toys because I don’t have to worry about them growing mold or mildew.

Rachael Karnak, IL

my 3 year old loves these

For some reason my 3 year old little girl loves playing with water in the tub or anywhere she can really and the dont disappoint. she loves playing with theses

Elisabeth Winfield, WV

More fun than expected!

I wanted only bath toys with no enclosed spaces for water to be trapped so that mold didn’t grow in them. That is shockingly hard to find! These looked like they might be somewhat fun from my limited no-water-trapping options, so I went ahead and got them dubiously. They are a hit! My 15 month old loves stacking the cups in each other and the animal body, putting the spinny toy (which barely spins, but that’s OK) in another animal body, putting her other toys in the animal body, chewing on them, scooping water, they’re just one of her all around favorite bath toys! Definitely worth it. One star off only for not being made of safer materials.

Dianna Huntingdon Valley, PA


great to lots of ways to use. easy to clean so less chance of mold which with bath toys is a big problem.

Shanna Myra, TX

Fun bath toy

These toys are fun and colorful and most importantly don’t grow mold because they are open and dry fully. Also very fun colors and keep my kids happy

Erin Wortham, TX

Her favorite!

My daughter loves these cups. Especially the ones with the faces. She loces animals so these are the way to go. A big hit!

Kristie Lumberton, MS


Baby mostly loves to chew these, but that’s just kind of where he’s at right now.I feel like most bath toys (not just these) are water scoops, and there’s sort of limited amusement in that. But they’re cute, and the little wheel is fun to spin for baby, who’s really amused by it.

Sandy Wolf Run, OH

These are a good buy

I bought these for my son to play with in the tub whose 1 1/2 and he absolutely loves them!

Keisha Havana, ND

Cute bath toys

I gave this 4 stars because my 5 month old daughter isn’t very interested in it. She does like watching the stream of water that trickles down from the that’s a plus! I waited some time before I rated it because I knew that she wouldn’t take to it right away when I bought it a month ago. I think she might like to play with these outside of the tub; haven’t tried it yet because they’re too hard for her yet and I want her to be sitting up on her own first. But I would recommend it to other moms because it’s safe and I haven’t seen any mold growing on it yet, which is a big concern for me!

Maura Sun City, CA

cute bath toys

They are cute and make bath tub time a little more fun. My baby likes to see the water come through the strain.

Thelma Romeo, MI

Not your typical squirt toys

I love these toys because I don’t have to worry about mold growing inside of them if they get into water. They are easy to wash and she loves chewing on the feed of the animals. In my opinion, these are the best bath toys!

Margie Page, WV

I love it

lots of fun in the tub with these :)My 9 months old daughter loves them too whih makes me even happier!!

Lydia Asher, KY