Munchkin Letters and Numbers Bath Toys, 36 Count

Munchkin Letters and Numbers Bath Toys, 36 Count

Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers

Main features

  • Shapes stick to tub walls when wet
  • Foam is soft, durable and non toxic
  • 26 floating letters (A Z) and 10 floating numbers (0 9)

Verified reviews



Really surprised about the reviews that claim these smell toxic, they don’t. Plus they are non-toxic so anything you smell wouldn’t be toxic. Do they have a smell? Yes they do, at first. Does it stink? No, it doesn’t. The smell reminds me of first opening most swimmng toys, or lots of toys/items made of similar material. My daughters and I were smelling them and we all thought they smelled good. After the first bath time the smell was a lot less but still there a little if you put them right to your nose.These letters are PERFECT, we have had a ton of bath toys I really hated but Love these.
• They are a nice big size-about 2 1/4-2 1/2″wide & 3″tall(they’re all slightly different)
• Easy to pick up & hold
• Stick super easy, just wet and stick(they even stick to skin)
• They can be stored ON the wall and don’t fall off during showers
• They are non-absorbant so no worries of mold/bacteria
• They are very durable, won’t break or tear easily, yet are soft
• They float
• Bright colors, multi colors, colors don’t fade
• Lots of fun
• Great interactive/learning toy(if parents participate)
• Fun for Mom & Dad too…every shower we try and think of new & clever words or messages to leave eachother…it is fun & quite hilarious…at least for now because my girls are 2 1/2 and can not spell yet 😉

Camilla Owego, NY

great for bath time!

I bought these from Amazon for my son when he was sixth months old and teething. They are his favorite bath time toys and they are great to chew on for teethers. He is now 11 months old and is starting to learn how to stick them up on the side of the bathtub. I also keep a few handy near the changing table for him to hold and chew on while he’s being changed. The letters and numbers are very durable and have not broken off in pieces. The only downside is that they have bite marks all over them from him chewing on them.

Miriam Sedgewickville, MO

Love these!!!

These are so entertaining for my 6 month old, and safe enough that if he chews on them a little, I don’t have to worry about them falling apart.

Jaclyn Brandywine, WV

Lots of fun!

We LOVE these!! This is our second set of these bath letters. Our first child absolutely loved them in the tub and took them with him to his pool in the backyard as well as the wading pool at our local park. He also used some of the letters to chew on when teething. They held up really well, didn’t break apart or tear, and were a great way to help him learn his numbers and colors. Through all the traveling though, we’ve lost some of the letters so are now purchasing this second set for our youngest.

Aline Walnut Grove, AL

Love these!

I previously had a set of rubber bath ducks with the holes in the bottom and unfortunately they molded. I decided I didn’t want to deal with buying another set and having to glue the bottoms closed. I purchased this set and my daughter LOVES them! Also in the future it will give me an excuse to teach her letters and numbers while taking a bath. As of right now she just loves sticking them all over the bath walls and herself and no mold! yay!

Dora Wytheville, VA

Fun and educational

My daughter loves these. They are helping her learn her colors, numbers and letters. She plays with the numbers in the bath and the letters in her room.

Monika North Fork, ID


These are great for the tubby or on a window. These are durable and they are enjoyed by my 17 month old.

Chandra Downing, MO

Fun bath toy

Got these for my 18 month old for Christmas, so far he loves them and look forward to getting much use out of them in the years to come!

Justina Zion Grove, PA

Product color is not as advertised

I purchased these through Amazon PrimeFresh and the photos of the product showed the letters in bright colors (red, yellow, blue, etc.). I was surprised when I received the letters and numbers in pinks, purples, green and yellow only. In fact, they came in 2 shades of pink and 2 shades of purple. These were definitely targeted to girls. I purchased them for my two year old daughter but wanted to use them with my younger son as well (when he is old enough). When your toddler is learning colors it is very confusing to have multiple pinks and purples that are so similar. On the plus side, my daughter loved playing with these and lingered in the bath……just what was intended with this purchase. They stick to the tub and tile when wet and seemed easy for her to handle. I would have given this product 5 stars if I had received the product that was shown in the photo.

Pamela Sinking Spring, OH

Great for bath time!

Only one or two will not stick to the tile because they are bent. Overall, they are cute, soft and sturdy.My 4mo likes to hold them and I think they will not fall appart once she starts teething and wants to put them in her mouth. The colors are nice and bright.

Jocelyn Kenton, OH

Great bath toys!

First colors are shining, baby loves it, second all these letters and numbers can be stick on the bath tub and walls when they are wet, makes baby takes it off and puts it back on wall get some exercise, third you can play it out of the bath room just like teach baby to learn letters and numbers. It’s worth every penny!

Tania Little River, KS


Hawt dam these are sweet. I didn’t read the age requirement and totally got this for my 9 month old (they are intended for age 3 and up) – so I’m still figuring out how to safely incorporate these in bath time. It’s just so fun to have stuff that sticks to the side of the tub!

Ramona Byrdstown, TN

learn and have fun

I am all about having fun while learning and this is a great tool to do that. Bath time is always a blast as a kid and these letters are going to be a fun addition for the baby. I bought it for a baby shower gift so I am looking forward to seeing how the little one enjoys them as he gets older!

Cathy Parker, KS

Great for children who aren’t teething

These are cool little letters that stick to slick materials when wet. They are colorful and can help teach your child. The only downfall is they are very chewable, especially for children who are teething. I don’t like my child chewing on bath toys, but that’s me. I will have to put them away until he stops chewing on them.

Jessie South Dennis, MA

so much fun!

They were kinda stinky when we first opened the package, but it quickly went away. Now we enjoy sticking them to tub walls and floating them in the water.

Linda Magazine, AR

“toxic smell is non toxic,” according to Munchkin rep

When I opened te package, I was greeted with an awful chemical smell that I would have hoped not to be coming from my kid’s toys. I washed and waited a few days, it is still just a strong. I called and the rep told me to wash in hot soapy water with a cup of white vinegar. She assured me that even so, they are safe to put in a baby’s mouth. I dont buy it. I’ll give it a shot and post results. Why not make these with materials that don’t put off the offensive smell?

Luisa De Leon Springs, FL


well my grand son loves these in the bath to stick them on the wall . . . . .

Annette Mathews, LA

Necessity for bath time

My son gets a huge kick out of sticking these letters on the wall. Once he gets older, we can practice spelling. So much fun.

Janice Grahamsville, NY

Great for tub fun

I was having a hard time getting my one year old to stay in the tub until I got this fun set. Once I showed him how they stick to the wall he was all about it and now will happily spend a half hour or more in there playing with them. I didn’t notice the smell some other reviewers complained of. He has tried to bite them several times and although there are now little teeth marks on several letters, he was not able to bite through the material or bite a chunk off – so they are sturdy. Really my only complaint is that there is only one of each letter, so we can’t spell his name.

Kara Verbena, AL

Cool product

My 9 month old really likes these letters. I place them on the bath tub wall for her and she enjoys snatching them off and chewing on them. I spell her name with them and she smiles then grabs them and continues to chew.

Helga Brookpark, OH

Tub Fun !

I bought this for my 2 yr old nephew to use in the tub and they are great. They stick to the tub all and the tile perfectly and they dry well after use. I’m very happy with my purchase.

Sandy Burlington, ND

Great Set

My 17 month old loves these! I discovered that they will also stick to skin when wet which makes bath time even more fun. When I take them off my skin, there is no residue and it does not hurt in any way. Also, my toddler chews on these a lot and has still not been able to bite a chunk off yet.

Ladonna Spicer, MN

Buy it

My daughter is less than two years old and already knows a lit of letters thanks to this bath toy. It’s also a lot of fun as my daughter enjoys putting them on the bath wall. Buy it.

Betty Melrose, LA

Great Addition to your bath tub time ..

Great addition to your bath tub sessions .. soft enough so your baby will like to bite and shew !!! .

Britney Nichols, WI

Bathtime fun with some learning.

My 18 month old loves these. It’s helping her to learn letters and numbers too. The smell goes away after a few washes so it’s not as big of a deal as some have stated. My only complaint is the serial nu,bears on each letter, seriously, is that necessary? It has a long string of printed numbers on every piece. Other than that, these are great.

Simone Juana Diaz, PR


These are excellent for the bath tub. Soft, light, colorful, stick when very wet or barely wet – even to each other, they float, and they serve as chew toys also. The other nice benefit is that all easily fit in a small wet bag with other tub toys. Very happy with this purchase.

Christi Dodge, WI

Excellent toy to bathe your child with

THe bath letters and numbers are fun to play with and provides an educational toy for my toddler during bath time. He can spend a good 10 minutes playing with the letters, sticking it to the bath tiles while also playing with his other toys. I believe children are children and they love playing. Since they are playing, we should provide them educational toys so hopefully they pick up some while they are having fun. These bath letters and numbers are nice, pretty and cute. I strongly recommend buying it for any toddlers that would like a good time bathing.

Kaitlyn Sharon Center, OH

Fun in the bath!

These letters are great- they float, they stick to the walls (or baby’s tummy- we get a kick out of that) and they dry quickly. My guy loves them- and they are very durable, since he also thinks that biting them is fun. We haven’t ripped any yet and he bites very hard on them!

Sarah Babson Park, MA


good product. my Little girl enjoys those letters and numbers. They do not smell odd. Your kid will be happy.

Alana W Hartford, CT

Meh. Cheaply made cutouts

These are just okay in quality. I wanted some bath time numbers for my baby, and these were the only ones available. Frankly, I am disappointed that the 6 and the 9 are the same cutout. My son noticed that straightaway, and only uses it as two 6’s or two 9’s during each session. Could have been so much better.

Marissa Fremont, CA