Munchkin Mighty Grip BPA-Free Glass Bottles 3-Pack, 8 oz,Colors Vary

Munchkin Mighty Grip BPA-Free Glass Bottles 3-Pack, 8 oz,Colors Vary

Feed your baby with this set of three Mighty Grip glass baby bottles from Munchkin. Made from BPA free glass with silicone nipples, they are leak resistant and safe for storing breast milk. The vented nipple helps prevent gas and colic, and the glass bottle features molded ribs for easy gripping. Each bottle has ounce and milliliter markings to track portion size. The set comes with a pink, green and blue bottle. 8 Ounce

Main features

  • Molded ribs for easy gripping
  • Leak resistant cap
  • Safe for breast milk storage
  • Ounce and milliliters markings
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


Poorly designed glass bottles

I was given these bottles as a gift. In my assessment they have two major problems. The first problem is that the nipples are poorly designed and crack. After only one or two uses and washes, the top of the nipple (where there should just be a small hole) cracks open. This is dangerous because it causes the milk to gush into the baby’s mouth. (This happened with all three of our nipples in short order.) The second problem is that the glass gets very warm when you heat the bottles, and there is no sleeve or any other barrier between the bottle and your hand. Instead of these bottles, I highly recommend the Life Factory weego glass bottles.Lifefactory BPA-Free Glass Baby Bottle-4 Pack (9 oz.- Raspberry and Pink)Upon repeated uses, the nipples of the Life Factory bottles are in tact, and the silicone sleeve prevents slipping and provides a bit of insulation between the bottle and your hand. Plus, they are super cute.As an aside, I find the poor quality of these bottles surprising given the fact that I have been happy with other Munchkin brand products (the dishwasher basket, the bottle brushes, etc).

Corrine Nunica, MI

Had to return this product, glass shatters easily

Unfortunately, despite the great packaging that this came in, the bottom (middle out of 3) came broken/shattered. That made me concerned about giving it to little kids who throw and drop things all the time.

Wanda Burkesville, KY

Munchkin Glass Bottles Rock!

I have a bunch of these bottles, and I just love them! They are really easy to clean and use. I personally didn’t use the nipples provided because I didn’t like them to start off with, so I had purchase another set of nipples that fit, and everything works like a charm!I have all different colors, and must admit I Have been almost using these a year and never have had to thow one out. I haven’t had any crack or break on me yet, so the durability on these is strong! I would buy again!

Frankie Quincy, IN

Great bottle, poor nipple

I love these beautiful glass bottles. They are very break resistant and easy to grip. The nipples are terrible. They are the worst nipples ever- the collapse with minimal suckling an some came with no holes. I love the bottles so much that I don’t care about the nipples. They are still worth every penny and I replaced the nipples with ones from Gumdrop.

Mariana El Jobean, FL


I used this on my newborn and each time she would drink only 1 oz and then would fall asleep. After a few feedings I realize WHY she was only drinking so little. The nipple’s hole is practically not a hole. My daughter would have to use up all her energy to drink that she would exhaust herself before being full!I had to make the hole bigger myself and then she would finally drink more.She would drink about 2 – 3 ounces from the Gerber bottles and would drink only 1 from this because of the SUPER SLOW flow.Also, one of the bottle didn’t even have a hole. I had to poke the hole in myself.The bottle itself was great. Comfortable to hold & the color neck makes it look good.If you are to buy this bottle, buy yourself new nipples for this bottle as well because your baby would tire her/himself before being full.

Wendy Bondville, IL

Cracks and explodes when heated rapidly!

Do NOT buy this bottle! I had two out of three crack in the bottle warmer while heating and lost my precious breastmilk.

Liz Dahinda, IL

NIce and slim

I just purchased these, and they are thin, just as described good enough for my 8 1/2 month old to grab on his own. I only wish you were able to pick the colors, pink wouldn’t be my option :P, but nice bottles overall.

Elaine Muskogee, OK


I love this bottle! It’s very sturdy, even when a baby and toddler has thrown them! They’ve taken a fall down the stairs more than once and didn’t break. The grip on the bottle is great, my baby had no problem holding it, it fits easily in their small hands. I’m not a fan of the nipples it came with, they were fine for a while but the hole became enlarged and cracked after a few washes. We use Playtex Ventaire nipples once they broke. I’m partial to glass bottles over plastic, the glass doesn’t stain and become dingy over time like plastic does.

Jami White Sulphur Springs, NY

Very good bottles for the price

These bottles are a great value at the price. I have dropped them from about 4 feet onto hard wood floor and not even a crack! The quality of the nipple isn’t great, but I just bought a couple of the Dr. Brown’s nipples and voila! Perfect bottle at a fraction of the cost of other glass bottles. Bottom line, if you want to go glass and don’t want to break the bank… This is a great choice.I’ve also used the Evenflo glass bottles and those work well too, but they are heavier than these bottles so these are easier to be held by little baby hands

Mindy New Cuyama, CA

Great bottles, not easy to break, not too heavy for the little one

PROS… Heavy duty, nice grip texture formed right into the glass, Look good.Cons… Nipples look great but did not hold up or last very long. No problem, just replace the nipples.Still using these quite a bit, they get dropped and thrown but we have not broke one yet. But if that happened on a very hard surface like cement or marble, may not hold up. But can take a pounding on carpet and wood tables and linoleum.

Mai Millers Creek, NC