Munchkin Mighty Grip Flip Straw Cups 2-Pack, 10- Ounce

Munchkin Mighty Grip Flip Straw Cups 2-Pack, 10- Ounce

Colors may vary. Please let us choose for you. Munchkin Mighty Grip Flip Straw Cup These cups are easy to hold with a design that is ideal for active kids. The straws are made of silicone and are soft and durable. Why You’ll Love It: The easy-to-hold and leak-proof design makes it ideal for active kids. Age: 2 years and up Features Strong grip makes it easy to hold Soft and durable silicone straws Leak-proof cup prevents mess

Main features

  • Soft silicone straw
  • Contoured design makes cups easy to hold for 12 months and above
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • They are BPA free

Verified reviews



I am a 34 yr old woman with all of my teeth and I was unable to drink from this cup! I actually got a headache when trying to use appropriate suction. I figured out that it requires clenching the spout with your teeth then sucking. That is a skill which I don’t want my still breast feeding 8 month old to acquire. I’m still looking for a nonspill cup that doesn’t require a multitude of talents to master and is breast feeding friendly.

Joy Gypsum, KS

Ridiculous design-impossible to suck from it- even for an adult!!

I am so annoyed with this product. Feel like a fool for getting it. My 1+ year old looks so confused when given this sippy. nothing comes out! so i tried it. it is IMPOSSIbLE to get a sip out! My mouth hurt and felt so uncomfortable- and now i am stuck with 2!! ugh…i am trying to complain to munchkin. they better do something about it. i read that someone says you need to bite and suck it but that doesn’t really work too. she can use my bite and suck camelBak just fine but nothing from this. Do NOT WASTE your MONEY!! no star if i could

Debora Nashville, OH

hated this cup!!!!

IT LEAKS! IT LEAKS! IT LEAKS!!!!! Whenever it is on it’s side it leaks and ALL of the contents will pour out! However, the one without the flip lid does not leak at all!

Rachael Penokee, KS

Pretty good, and affordable

I haven’t had the trouble with leaking that other reviewers have mentioned. I think these cups are a very close second to the Playtex model, which I prefer but it’s a little more expensive. Just two gripes: First, the flip top is too hard for my son to open, but easy for him to close. So we play that game a lot, which is not horrible but it isn’t what I bought the cup for. Second, you have to disassemble the flip top piece to put the straw back in. It’s again not horrible, but when you have a child screaming for juice, one extra step is not what you crave.

Mallory Lakewood, PA

Not for biters

My daughter has an oral fixation and tends to chew up the plastic straws on her other disposable cups. I thought that the different texture on this cup would avert that tendency, however she began chewing on these silicone straws also. Unfortunately, the straw did not hold up to the demands and were cut through almost within hours of my giving her the cup. TheNuby cupshave stood up much better to her teeth and have the added benefit of having replacement straws easily available. The Nuby straw cups do however have the disadvantage that it is a bit harder to suck water through their straws than the Mighty Grip Flip cups. But the Grip Flip cups are slightly more ergonomic and lighter. If I didn’t have a biter, I’d prefer this cup.

Diann Warrensburg, NY

Read my review

I bought these cups when my daughter was 7 months old. I never read the directions came with the cup which i think many people who buy these cups do. You think you will put it together and it works. It was so hard for me to suck anything out of it and I offered them to my 6 year old nephew who once visited me. He said he didn’t want them because it’s hard to get liquid out. So I had them for about 6 months when i wanted to just throw them away but i decided to read positive reviews about it. It turns out you need to really push the two parts of the straw into each other. It has a part inside the softer straw that doesn’t let water come through so you need to push the harder straw into the softer one to make an opening. The day I read about it and put it together my 1 year old daughter learned how to suck from it and she was so proud of herself. She drank two cups of water in just few hours. Since then we use only these cups. They are the best. They don’t leak, you don’t loose lids.

Corina Marne, IA

Leaks, among other issues.

These were my second attempt to find a good sippy cup with a straw and I’m disappointed yet again. I thought, based on the reviews, that these would be better than the other cups I’d tried – which had too many parts – but they really aren’t. Sure, there is one less piece to the straw, but you have to dismantle the flip top to get the straw apart (ultimately resulting in the same number of parts). And they are just as tricky to get apart. They also hold less liquid than the others. Finally, and MOST disappointing, these leaked more than the previous brand I tried – a lot more. So, ultimately, I’m going to end up using these for water and buying more of the others for everything else. Now I need to go ammend my other review…

Erin Delia, KS

Too hard to drink out of

I got this, along with many other sippys, for my son. We haven’t had much luck with most. This was one of the worst. It is very hard to suck from. I even tried it and had a difficult time, so I can’t imagine a toddler trying to drink out of it.

Bertie Wells, VT

Does the job

It isn’t 100% leak proof, but it’s pretty good. My 12 month old can hold it by himself and hasn’t had any difficulty drinking from it.Update: if you have purchase munchkin grip flip straw cups elsewhere as well (like we did), just be warned that these may be different, so you may end up having to figure out which pieces go to those versus these.

Traci Harrold, TX

Straw is not strong

This cup is hard to assemble and very hard to clean. The straw is very breakable. In fact, I had a 3 year old bite off the end of the straw. .. then it could be a choking it is a nice idea, but be careful with children with teeth.

Shari Oceana, WV

Leak Proof, but hard to clean

I’m torn with this sippy cup. I give it 5 stars for the functionality. It’s a wonderful, leak-proof sippy cup that is easy for my child to hold and drink out of. However, I dread cleaning it. Everything comes apart and you can wash it, but it really takes a lot of work and time to clean out all the little corners and spaces. You have to buy a little tiny brush to scrub out the straw areas and the straw protector (the one the flips open and close). After you take it all apart to clean it, it also takes a little bit of time to assemble it back together.

Holly Willow Street, PA

Too difficult for a baby to use

I got those at the store without reading reviews beforehand, I wish I had. My baby has not liked any sippy so far so I decided to try one with a straw, thinking she might take to it. Like other reviewers have said, this cup is indeed spill proof but unfortunately also sip proof. I did not have any problem getting water out of it for myself, you basically have to bite the straw AND suck at the same time, then it comes out fine. But I can’t imagine a 10 month old baby being able to figure it out. Maybe it works well for older toddlers, but it’s definitely not for babies.

Ruth Ashford, WA

My Daughter loves them

Pros:Good qualityDo not leakGood for travelCons:A lot of piecesNot too easy to cleanMy daughter loves these cups. They are nice to stick in the diaper bag. They do not leak and are sturdy. The straw system in the cup comes apart in two pieces. The bottom part is a hard plastic and the straw that goes through the top is rubbery. They are not the easiest to clean. All together the cup is five pieces. I have left the cup with out the bottom straw. My daughter was not happy when her drink was not coming out of the straw. Oops! That was a long ride home. I would recommend this to a parent on the go.

Nelly Oregonia, OH

ONLY cup that won’t spill! (prior to update)

UPDATE:So my review below is for the old style of this cup. I’m not sure when they changed it, but I recently bought a four pack to replace my ones that were getting old and a bit gross, and it turns out they’ve updated the cup. The parts are a little beefier, so the straws won’t be as likely to break (happened to a couple straws, once I had been using them over a year) and the whole cup just seems to be a little more durable. The downside, however, is that they do now leak when my kids turn them upside down and shake, probably due to the larger diameter of the straw. I guess you can’t win!====================================I have twin boys, and WOW do they love messes!! The first thing they do after drinking from anything is turn it upside down and shake it vigorously to try to get the liquid to go all over the floor, While I’m all for my kinds being interested in fluid dynamics, I’m not so excited about having milk all over my carpet.They have put these cups through the works! Shaking, tapping, smacking, sliding from side to side on their trey, everything they could think of. The only time they do leak is when they drop them on the floor; then they do sometimes piddle out a little puddle of liquid. Other than that, these are the only straw sippy cups I’ve found (and I’ve tried them all!) that won’t leak under my boys’ persistent abuse.I’ve never had a problem with the liquid not coming out through the straw, and they are extremely easy to clean once you figure out that you just have to pop out the piece that flips and you can get down inside there. To clean the straw out, simply take it out, pinch the bottom, and hold it under running water.I bought four of these cups and threw the rest of them away. I was disappointed to see that they had only a 3-star rating on Amazon (I bought the first two at our local Navy Exchange), but I’m glad I bought them anyway!

Gloria Mathis, TX

Hard to get any liquid

It is very hard to get any liquid out of this straw cup. The other straw cup without the flip top from Munchkin is much better in terms of easy of use. But they both leak. I would not recommend this cup at all. I strongly suggest trying out any straw cup yourself before giving it to your toddler. You would be surprised how poorly baby products are manufactured a lot of times.

Miranda Okahumpka, FL

Good concept but not has so many flaws

Needs a special stick brush to clean the straws or milk residue stays in the straws.I learned to insert the brush back by using a wooden barbeque stick to guide the straws inside the hole and pull them out.One day my husband forgot to take this used sippy cup out from the car and there was molded milk.Even after cleaning I didnt feel comfortable giving it back to my daughter. It was really tough to clean the straws and theinside of the upper top part of the sippy has so many corners that needs to be thouroughly wash and dishwasher wont get in there. I threw all mine away.It is leak proof but its also hard to sip from it.

Ollie Oregon, IL

Sanitary Issues

My wife and I were so excited to find these bottles. Our 14-month-old son looked ready for some kind of sippy cup, and we had already tried a number, including Nuk, which made sense given his preference for the Nuk 10-ounce milk bottles. No dice–sippy cups of all assortments annoyed him, mostly because for some reason he doesn’t like to tip his head back to drink (with milk, he’s usually reclined in bed in the morning or in a chair in the afternoon, but we didn’t want to turn every drinking moment into a reclining event). So, the interesting thing is how quickly he took to a straw. Once we discovered he loved to sip liquids through straws, we purchased these.We followed the directions carefully, and the assembly/disassembly is not terribly onerous. So, you ask, what was the downside? Well, unless you want to boil, dry, and autoclave the straw every week (if not more often), you WILL have mold and mildew issues in the straw. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the chemicals the straw is made of, the fact it has a one-way valve that limits airflow when the straw is sitting, or something else, but hot, soapy water, blowing the straw out, and air drying did nothing. Even bleach won’t completely stop it, and who wants to risk their kid drinking bleach residue? We found mold growing in the straws of four different bottles by 24-48 hours after washing (we did verify the mold was completely eradicated immediately post-washing, and scrubbed the insides of the straws with pipe cleaners). The sanitary issues were too much to stomach–I didn’t want to accept them, but all the brown/green colonies growing in the straws were just too much to risk. I do think it’s related to the one-way valve in the straw and would recommend against STRAWS with one-way valves for parents.

Alma Barnett, MO

Not bad at all!

I was leery of this product from all the poor reviews, but they are wrong. Yes, it would be hard to get liquid through if you didn’t squeeze the valve to open it up when you first get it. But that’s all you have to do. It works great, my daughter loves these. They aren’t AS leak-proof as a normal sippy cup, but they don’t leak badly. Only if there is liquid sitting above the valve. When it’s closed, it doesn’t leak at all. They are a slight pain to clean, but not really bad when you take it all apart. I would buy these again.

Fannie Fulton, MS

JUNK: hard to open, impossible to re-configure, now useless

These are really hard to open the top part to get the straw to stick out so you can drink from it. My 2 year old daughter still needs me to open it every time, and even I have a hard time.The end of the straw that sticks out the top came out of one of my cups, and I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to get back in. The way it’s slightly bent in between the plastic makes it impossible to get back in. Because of this, the whole cup is now useless. You can’t use it without the straw, so it’s useless.

Coleen Buzzards Bay, MA

Better than the Combi Mug

I have both the Combi Mug Step 3 and the Munchkin Mighty Grip Flip Straw Sippy. My 18-month-old only drinks from the Munchkin. I much prefer the Munchkin because it’s easier to wash (I used my Dr. Brown tiny brush to clean the straw). Other than the straw the Munchkin does not have soft rubber parts where mold grows, like the Combi does. It takes more effort to suck as other reviewers indicated, but my kid is fine with it. In fact he gets excited when after Mommy takes a big sip the cup makes a sound (air going through the valve.) I used that trick often to get him to drink water. I haven’t encounter the problem of leaking in my Munchkin.

Wanda Webster City, IA

No Leaks!

My 15-month-old daughter has been using this cup for about two months. So far, it has never leaked (The Munchkin cups without the flip-top do leak a little for us). While it does take more suction to use because of the way the valve is set up, it’s not been a problem for my daughter and she can drink out of it just fine.To clean it, you must take the flip-top off and remove the straw and take the straw apart (it’s in two pieces). While it seems difficult, it’s not too hard. I make sure to rinse it right away so the milk doesn’t get stuck in the straw, but if it does need to be scrubbed for some reason, I have a super-skinny Dr. Brown’s bottle cleaner left over from when we used bottles that fits inside just perfectly!This cup is perfect for on the go.

Kathleen Savannah, GA

Favorite straw cup!

Let me start by saying that in my experience, there is no PERFECT straw cup. However, this is by far my favorite! It holds a lot and does not leak easily! If you take it our of the fridge with a cold beverage in it, then let it sit and get warm, the liquid will back up out of the straw. I’ve experienced this with all straw cups, though, and it’s not nearly as bad with this cup!Love that it holds 10oz and is easy for my daughter to hold and drink from! She has been using this cup since she was about 10 months old (she is 19 months now).

Chrystal Keysville, VA

Horrible bottles

The closing switch on the top is so hard to close. It spills drops of milk every time I close it. And once its closed it takes considerable effort to open it.Its parts are bulky and annoying to wash too. I much prefer the Nubys I got. I’mm thinking of trying the Playtex ones too.

Julia Pacific, MO

better than Nuby

I have yet to find a cup that really actually doesn’t leak at all. When my two year old throws this cup on the ground, it leaks a little bit if left at a certain angle. But I prefer these over the Nuby cups because #1 they are easy to clean #2 Easy to take straw out and put back together #3 my son can’t chew the part of the straw that keeps the milk from leaking (like on the Nuby’s). I’ll definitely keep buying these. Great for travel.

Janette Trinidad, CO


It’s impossible to suck water out of this cup! Got this on sale at Target and now I know why… very disappointed. There are much better sippy straw cups out there!

Alfreda Bascom, FL

Needs too much suction to get liquid out

I normally like Munchkin stuff, but my son hated these cups and refused to use them. He couldn’t get any water out. They were also a pain to clean.

Kenya Plymouth, NY

Great sippy cup for my straw loving toddler

My 20 month old little boy adores drinking from a straw which leaves me fewer options for sippy cups. These cups are better than others I have tried but they still leak, particularly after a bit of use. They do flip shut securely and with a straw cup I think that’s about all you can hope for. My son is very happy with them and usually drinks from them hands free with some strong suction. LOL He is way too busy and needs his hands available for toys, etc. All in all, a good cup, we own six and I will probably give in and order about 6 more. It’s true what they say, you can never have enough sippy cups.

Katheryn Iota, LA

Work fine, but still leak a little.

Great for their teeth but it still leaks some when they flip it over and shake it but I have yet to find one that doesn’t.

Bethany Rice, MN

Great cups! Don’t leak (mostly)

These cups are the best straw sippy cups I’ve found so far. They hardly leak at all, compared with other major brands. The only time they have leaked was on an airplane, where I think the air pressure caused it, so just make sure they stay upright in your bag, and relieve the pressure periodically. My daughter loves them, and they are easy to hold. The straw is a bit difficult to get back in if you wash it, but I found just spinning it around a few times usually does the trick. Highly recommended!!

Sharon Hampshire, IL

Only one that works for my son

My son was having a hard time with the concept of tipping up a sippee to get the liqiud so I bought one of just about every sippee cup with a straw on amazon and tried them all myself. I did not like the ones you have to bite and some you had to suck so hard that for learning to drink from a straw was impractical. The ones i did like were the Playtex with the handles and these. Problem with the playtex was they often leaked from where the top and bottom connected unless you lined it up perfect which takes time most moms dont have. These have not leaked, my son can easily drink from and hold. It took all of a day for him to figure it out after months of trying to teach him to tip up a cup he is finally drinking from sippee. Now have a bunch of these. 🙂

Mary Palomar Mountain, CA