Munchkin Mighty Grip Trainer Cup 2-Pack, 8 oz, Colors Vary

Munchkin Mighty Grip Trainer Cup 2-Pack, 8 oz, Colors Vary

Munchkin Mighty Grip Trainer Cup Munchkin Mighty Grip Trainer Cup keeps drinks fresh and cool for a long time. Besides, it?s a step closer to an actual cup so baby will be delighted to drink out of it. Its valve is easy to clean and hygienic. Baby can easily toss it around without spilling or making a mess. Why You?ll Love It: Helps baby’s transition from bottles to cups. Age: 6 months and up FeaturesInsulated for cooler, fresher drinks Easy-to-clean, spill-proof valve Dishwasher-safe in top rack BPA-free Handles designed for kids Spout is leak-free

Main features

  • Soft silicone spout
  • Easy to grip handles
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • BPA free
  • 6 months and up

Verified reviews


Didn’t work for us – far too hard to suck

We have tried this a number of times with our little one, from about 8 months. She is now 17 months, and still can’t use this. She gets a little out, but then gets frustrated. I have tried drinking from it myself and have to suck really hard and sort of bite the nipple to get it to flow adequately. It seems like it is great as far as being spill-proof and could withstand a lot of throwing, but what’s the point if it’s too hard to suck on? What a waste of time.Editted:At 24 months old my daughter was able to use it succesfully, however it didn’t last long since she chewed the end such that it broke and was no longer safe to use. I have not seen replacement sippy tops for this, so that’s the end of this cup.

Catalina Nanuet, NY

Only one real positive about this cup

…and that’s that it’s BPA-free. Other than that, it was a big disappointment for us. We were looking for some new sippy cups for our toddler, and I ordered this one on a whim. I wish I hadn’t. It leaks easily when turned over, it doesn’t have a lid to cover the spout, the handles are spaced so that my toddler pinched her hands grabbing the bottom of the handles, and it’s a pain to get the spout off and back on for cleaning.I would’ve given it just one star, but I did like the fact that it was BPA-free.I like other Munchkin products, but not this sippy cup. We went back to our Born Free sippy cups. They work much better.

Antoinette Luray, MO

MUCH better than the new click lock trainer cups

Disclaimer: I LOVE the click lock line, in general, just not the trainer cups.This product is the pre-cursor to the click lock line. The new click lock trainers have a different spout/valve and it’s awful. It’s really hard for baby to get anything out, because they have to bite the spout to do so. This cup doesn’t have that issue. They do have to suck harder than they do a bottle, but both of my little ones have used this cup and they both figured it out really quickly.

Brianna Polacca, AZ

My son loves this cup

We were given several different types of sippy cups. When my son was ready to drink from a cup we tested them all. This was his favorite one and could really drink from this cup without trying too hard or getting frustrated. Now that he is teething he does chew at the tip. But it hasn’t broken yet. I think these cups will last.

Toni Susanville, CA

good, but not the best

We’ve been sticking with the Playtex sippy cup for the most part. The Munchkin is good – it’s seems easy enough to use and easily accepted – in fact it’s the only one they use at my daughter’s daycare. My complaints are that (1) the nipple is difficult to center just right, and (2) my daughter loves making a big puddle on the table by turning it upside down and squishing the nipple on the table. It might be good for a first sippy cup because of the soft nipple but once your child becomes more sophisticated, I’d go with Playtex.

Augusta Odon, IN

Leaks, hard to drink from

We gave our seven month old water in this sippy cup, and it was a complete disaster. The lid is part silicone and part plastic, and the silicone pulls away from the plastic part and lets water stream out. Additionally, after about twenty minutes, we realized that our son wasn’t actually drinking any water, despite having it inverted. I took it away and tried it myself and was hardly able to get any water out. You have to chomp down on the spout and suck at the same time – hardly intuitive and probably creating bad habits. And after reading the other reviews on this site, the last thing I want my son to do is chomp down on this cup since apparently pieces can come off and become choking hazards. This is going straight into the trash.

Karen Hackensack, MN

Both kids grew up on these cups! But HOLES HAD TO BE ENLARGED

I can’t say enough good things about these cups. They are SO great. Reasons are:1) They have soft nipples which makes them super easy to clean inside and out with just my fingers2) They are great ergonomically for my kids and they took to self feeding milk with them right away3) They do NOT leak easily at all if screwed on properly4) They hold just enough for 1 feeding for even my 1.5 yr old who drinks 8 oz each sittingThat said, only thing I’ve had to rig were the holes on the nipple. The way they come, barely any liquid gets through even with vigorous sucking (I tried it myself). I had to cut away HALF OF 1 (ONLY 1 or else it’ll be a disaster) little corner on BOTH the nipple and the relief hole. 1 little corner meaning HALF of 1 triangle-shaped piece as the holes are slit with a "+" sign. You’ll know when you see it.

Bernadette Cardinal, VA

Doesn’t leak! Love this cup

My little girl loves trying to use this cup. I say trying because she is breastfed and hasn’t even learned to use a bottle yet. She loves the colors and likes to see the liquid inside this cup. The handles are perfect for her little hands to grab and the sippy nipple is soft enough for her to use. She is still learning but this product is so great we might skip bottles all together and graduate to these after the breast!!

Kathi Jesup, GA

Best sippy cup

We tried a few different cups before getting these for our daughter about 2.5 years ago. They were the first cup not to leak! They were easy to clean and she loved them. Looking forward to our son using them next month!

Corinne Hiwassee, VA

Only cup my daughter will use

My daughter has become dependant on these cups. She will drink other fluids from any other cup but for her milk or smoothie she will cry if not out of this cup. I can not find these in the store any more so thank goodness I can find them here. She is 20 months so I don’t want to be too harsh with her right now & tell her to learn how cope with changes life throws at you. For now I will apease her & let her be a baby for a bit longer. I gave it four stars because lining up the nipple can be a pain but I have mastered it & I can not find replacement nipples hence why I have to keep hunting down new cups. Also liquid will pool at the top & will splatter when the cup is dropped but they make my little girl happy.

Crystal Greenwich, UT

Love these

These work perfectly for our toddler, they are easy to grip. They are simple to clean too, they fit in the dishwasher nicely.

Edythe Hensonville, NY

Great sippy cup to ease transition from bottles!

My daughter was very good at seamlessly transition from nursing to bottles on any given day and was happy to drink water out of several different sippy cup types including Camelbak bottles with the bite valve. As a result, we didn’t give much thought to the transition to sippy cups for milk only. We thought she’d be fine drinking her milk out of any of the cups (and made mistake of not introducing milk in sippy cups occasionally before making the switch). We went cold turkey on bottles to sippy cups when she was 13-months. This didn’t go over well until we realized she was willing to drink milk out of these cups. I think they are more similar to bottle nipples, which is why she likes them. I highly recommend for anyone else experiencing difficulty making the bottle to sippy only for milk transition.When tipped upside down, these don’t spill, which is great. However, you do have to make sure the plastic spout top is completely in line, or milk will leak. Also, make sure no liquids are on the inside tread, or that will leak out when tipped. My daughter does chew on the top a bit, which we try to prevent, and hasn’t yet bitten through in about four weeks of using two cups, twice per day. Hopefully that won’t happen.

Christian Conklin, NY

Fun colors, easy to use

This was a great first sippy cup for my little guy. We cycled through quite a few, actually, before finding one that he would use. The nozzle is soft and easy to drink from while still being (relatively) spill proof (we’ll get to that later). The handles are easy to grip. And it’s dishwasher safe! There aren’t a lot of edges and bits for gunk to get stuck in, which is nice.The only reason why I’m docking a star is because after repeated use and a fair bit of chewing, the nozzle starts to fall apart. One of the cups started leaking, and of course, this makes me worry a bit about the little pieces of plastic that are probably coming off. And once the nozzle was nice and soft, little kiddo figured out how to squish it against his tray and make a personal splash pool. That’s when we transitioned to straw cups!

Merle Bellevue, ID

My baby loves these, and replacement spouts are available

I started using these when my baby was a little over 1 year old, and this is her favorite sippy cup because it is easy to drink from. My daughter does not like sippy cups with a hard spout because they are harder to suck. I like them because they do not leak, look nice, come in an 8 oz. size with handles, and a larger 10 oz. size without handles (with a spout or a straw). The pieces are interchangeable between the different sizes, except that the straw, which only fits the 10 oz. bottle because it is long.The only caveat is that in 6 months, she has managed to rip the hole in two of the silicone spouts. That said, the silicone valve that comes with hard spout cups can also rip. I ordered replacement soft spouts at $1.50 each by simply calling the manufacturer Munchkin. Their online web store has not functioned in a week, and it incorrectly says that the spouts are on back order, so it is better to call their toll-free number.Overall, I am very happy with this product.

Cassandra Zahl, ND


My daughter has used this for 3 months and loves it, very easy for her to hold. Cup has never leaked and is easy to clean. we have 3 of them and have tried other but these seem to be the best

Tami Walsh, CO

Daughters Favorite Sippy Cup

This one gets used every night. We are considering getting a few more of these and hopefully some replacement spouts.Pros:daughters loves it!handles make it easy to holdits easy to cleanmostly spill proofCons:the spout is actually very difficult to drink out of unless you bite down on it and suck at the same time. Therefore, I tore the top a bit to make it flow better for my daughter.great beginner cupchewing happens – i saw that someone else had an issue with their child swallowing the spout shreds. I will be keeping an eye on this to see if it becomes an issue with my younger daughter (she is 7 months and starting to really enjoy cups).My daughter prefers to drink out of daddy’s water bottle.

Marcella Watson, OK

work great

when then tip over or get left in the carseat face down they don’t drip, its great. I would highly recommend these to a baby transitioning to a sippy cup, as they have to bite the nipple to get water.

Nadia Woodville, TX

Awesome cup, but not for kiddos with teeth

I love these cups as trainer cups to transition from a bottle; however once the kiddo starts getting a lot of teeth…take it away! My son and daughter both started chewing right through the spout once their chompers emerged. Otherwise great quality, easy to wash, Simple design with no stopper to keep up with.

Gabriela Thorn Hill, TN


i dono why ppl are complaining about this cup. its my only cup that doents leak when closed properly. my 18 month old loves it. and she also chews on it a little but doesnt leak too much and she usually loves squeezing the top to see it pour but this cup she stopped doing it bec it only dripped very little. i have this for over a month and im using it few times a day.the cup is still in great condition and easy to clean.if u know how to use this cup it has a quick flow and easy to suck u just have to put it deep in ur mouth,( even i drink from it sometimes)

Ida Goldenrod, FL

Love these cups!

These are great beginner cups. I’ve tried different cups with my son and he loves these cups the best. They have a soft top that is a great trasition between bottle and cup. The handles make it easy to pick up.

Marguerite Visalia, CA

Great sippy cup for beginners!

This sippy cup is wonderful. The spout is very soft, and it’s the oly one our son would use… others by Munchkin are harder and not as easy to get liquids out of. My one year old loves using this sippy cup. And I love that it’s dishwasher safe.Item arrived within one day of ordering, with normal shipping (did not pay extra for fast shipping), which was a great suprise! Thank you Amazon!

Casey Moscow, KS

Leaked even when carefully sealed

This cup was kind of a pain to assemble–you have to fold the nipple in half to squeeze it into place, and then run your thumb around the bottom of the lid to make sure it’s sealed, and it still leaks. Maybe ours was just defective, but it seemed to leak out the valve hole. I ended up tossing it after just a couple of weeks of cleaning up the floor after every use (we never had this problem to this extent with Nuby cups, or even Take & Toss cheap cups).

Kristin Crossnore, NC

work well

My daughter likes the Munchkin cups. They are easy to hold and for the first few weeks they are actually leak proof. What else can I ask for?

Elsie Schuyler, NE