Munchkin Mighty Grip Trainer Cup, 8 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Munchkin Mighty Grip Trainer Cup, 8 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Munchkin® Mighty Grip® Trainer Cup. 6+ months. Easy to sip, grip & clean! Silicone. BPA free. Spill-proof. Leak-proof. 100% guarantee.

Main features

  • Soft silicone spout
  • Easy-to-grip handles
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • BPA free
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: blue, green and purple

Verified reviews



I have several other munchkin products that I like, so was happy to find these sippy cups. I liked the design, the colors, the no spill cup/spout, and the two handles were perfect for little one’s hands. This is where anything decent about these ends. My daughter figured out that it was something to drink from, but has been completely unable to figure out how to get liquids out. At first I thought it must be because she is new at this. Then I tried it. Are you kidding me? The liquids will only come out if you are able to simultaneously bite down on the spout and then suck. Once you can figure that out and get a flow going, the spout and silicone top starts to collapse from the suction.To be fair, I thought maybe it’s just me. I handed one to my husband and asked him to use it. It took him several minutes to figure out how to get any liquid out to drink it, and even then he had a hard time maintaining the coordination needed to drink. If two adults experienced in drinking liquids for 35+ years from various drinking objects, how do you expect an infant just transitioning from bottle to cup?Save your money and get something else!

Gracie Colwell, IA

This is a great sippy cup!

I love this sippy cup for my 10 month old son. We first introduced it to him at 6 months. I have tried numerous sippy cups, this one is the only one that seems to work for him. It is great to train him off of the bottle. I love the fact that it does not leak. SOMETIMES the hole at the oppisite end of the nipple will get pressed on my son’s nose, and a few drips will come out, but other then that, the seal is great. It has gone thru the dishwasher for 5 months now, and no leakage problems.It is easy for him to grip and have some independence to drink when he’s thirsty. It is an awesome transition from bottle to sippy cup. I can just put some formula in there for him, and he can drink it as he pleases.I love this sippy cup, I recommend it to anyone looking for a good, in-expensive product. I purchased mine at Target for under $2.

Dee Sunflower, AL

Sippy cup

Cute cup, my son liked this cup, however it didn’t work out for too long; he bit the nipple pretty fast.

Monika Red Feather Lakes, CO

Not a Good Bottle to Sippy Cup Transitioner

I bought this cup for my 9 month old to help him transition from a bottle to a cup. He would appear to be sucking on the spout, but losing interest very quickly and the liquid wasn’t going down. I decided to try it for myself and realized that you have to bite the spout while you sucked. This proved to be too difficult for a baby just transitioning from a bottle (which you do not need to bite). I’ve put this cup away for later use, when he is a bit older and used to drinking from a spout as opposed to a nipple.

Marietta Mc Dougal, AR

Not exactly what I ordered…

I do like this brand/ type of cup, but I didn’t receive the color I ordered. Not that big a deal…but…

Beryl Emporia, VA

Great sippy cup to ease transition from bottles!

My daughter was very good at seamlessly transition from nursing to bottles on any given day and was happy to drink water out of several different sippy cup types including Camelbak bottles with the bite valve. As a result, we didn’t give much thought to the transition to sippy cups for milk only. We thought she’d be fine drinking her milk out of any of the cups (and made mistake of not introducing milk in sippy cups occasionally before making the switch). We went cold turkey on bottles to sippy cups when she was 13-months. This didn’t go over well until we realized she was willing to drink milk out of these cups. I think they are more similar to bottle nipples, which is why she likes them. I highly recommend for anyone else experiencing difficulty making the bottle to sippy only for milk transition.When tipped upside down, these don’t spill, which is great. However, you do have to make sure the plastic spout top is completely in line, or milk will leak. Also, make sure no liquids are on the inside tread, or that will leak out when tipped. My daughter does chew on the top a bit, which we try to prevent, and hasn’t yet bitten through in about four weeks of using two cups, twice per day. Hopefully that won’t happen.

Melva Bismarck, MO

Its good but…

I like this cup and my 9 month old likes it too. Unfortunately he learned that if you pull the silicone nipple while its tipped upside down, it will leak terribly. One super nice feature is that it transitions perfectly from bottle to sippy cup. The handle makes it easy for baby too. If you don’t mind your baby getting super soaked once they figure out how (and they will) then you will love this cup. I only put water in it so its no big deal. But for the juice lovers out there this will end up a sticky mess.

Winnie New Bloomington, OH

Great to start but…

To start with I loved these cups – my daughter went from bottle to these without missing a beat. But then she realized it was fun to stick her fingers in the spout and air hole as well as biting them. She destructed one every 2 weeks. This would have been OK if you could buy replacement spouts as Its most likely a phase but I can’t find them ANYWHERE so I had to buy entire replacement bottles. I now have six bottles but just the one spout.I’ve now decided to try the Nuby ones as they seem more sturdy for the spout overall and you can buy replacement spouts – a lot less cost and waste.

Lula Mount Zion, GA

Best Cup Ever!!

Does not leak. Great soft tip. My 7mo old holds it. Baby must chew tip to get liquid not suck ( I tried it). Durable. Dishwasher safe!!

Hilary Gowen City, PA

Great Sippy!

Bought many sippy’s and this one is our second favorite. Easy to clean and great on the go cup! Smaller in size but holds a decent amount the drink and the color is cute too.

Leonor Cheney, WA

It’s okay

This cup is okay. I like the silicone material of the spout, but it leaks around the cap. Also, the lid is awkward to unscrew once you have it on tight.

Melisa Hollywood, FL


My baby had a lot of trouble getting anything out of the cup. I ended up breaking a small piece off just so she could drink out of it. I sure does no leak.

Shanna Saint Benedict, PA