Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System, White

Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System, White

Munchkin Nursey Projector & Sound SystemHelp soothe baby to sleep with the voice-activated Nursery Projector & Sound System by Munchkin. With 4 soothing sounds – heartbeat, ocean, white noise and rain, 3 lullabies, 3 Mozart Songs and 3 dreamy images you can provide an ideal sleep environment. The 3 included projections include Soothing Sea, Calming Rainforest and Sleepy Sky. The lens rotates to project images onto the wall or ceiling. The nightlight provides a soft glow ideal for nighttime check-ins and changes.

Main features

  • Helps promote an ideal sleeping environment for baby
  • Mozart songs include Mozart lullaby
  • Helps promote an ideal sleeping environment for baby, Mozart songs include Mozart lullaby, twinkle twinkle, eine kleine nachtmusik, Lullabies include: rock-a-bye, hush little baby, Brahms lullaby, Lens rotates to project images onto the wall or ceiling, Nightlight provides a soft glow ideal for nighttime check-ins and changes

Verified reviews


Great product, see why!

Emilie Maitland, MO

Kids love it!

We’ve had this for awhile now, and it’s grown on me. At first I was not a fan, but now, I couldn’t imagine night time without it.First the cons:The speaker on this sound system is pretty cheap – it’s not the easiest to listen to at higher volumes. However, you probably don’t want it that loud while the baby is sleeping, so it’s not a huge deal.There’s no place to put in a CD. I know, it’s kind of cheap to rate it on its lack of a feature, but if it had a CD tray, this thing would be practically perfect.The pros:The projector can be angled! It sits in a sort of “eye” that can be moved 90 degrees, to place it on a wall, or on the ceiling. My toddler loves to play with it, and wants it on the wall one night, and the ceiling the next.Interchangeable projector slides. There are three slides included, and they’re pretty nice. I don’t get much use out of two of them because my toddler is on a monkey phase, and always asks for monkeys before bed. I know one of the others is an ocean scene. I couldn’t tell you what the third is.The sounds are nice. The heartbeat is, as usual, a little weird sounding, but the lullabies are good, and we usually end up with the rain or the ocean on all night. Since this is right next to my bed, it’s good that the sounds aren’t terribly annoying.The timerThe timer sets for both the projector and the sounds. It can be set for different options, and even set to leave everything on until it’s turned off. I LOVE that feature. We can leave it on all night (for the infant who requires sounds ALL the time to sleep) or we can set it for 15 minutes – just long enough to get the toddler asleep for his nap.The volume control is very sensitive too. I can turn it way down so you can barely hear it a foot away, or loud enough to hear it across the house.I’m very satisfied with this purchase all in all.Edit:I just wanted to edit this review to say we are STILL very happy with this purchase. The toddler was moved into his own room, and this was set on the dresser next to him. He LOVES turning it on and off and changing the sounds every night. And amazingly, the thing gets pushed off the dresser every other day and it STILL WORKS. We have had to turn it upside down, or take the projector disc out and then put it back in, but it hasn’t stopped working yet, and I am AMAZED. This thing has been beaten up by two toddlers, and it’s still kickin. LOVE IT.Edit May 14, 2014:So, it finally died after being dropped off the nightstand one too many times. Alas. I guess the 5000th time was just one time too many. I just bought another one. Still LOVE this sucker.

Tammi Napa, CA

Me and baby give it two thumbs up!

Where to start? It plugs is, nice cause I hate battery changes! It’s white and compact. There is a volume control dial. It has 6 music and nature buttons with the Mozart and Lullabies having three options with each button. I use the Ocean button. It has a timer option for 15, 30, 60 or continuous and a switch for an option to restart with noise detection. SO when she waked up and cries, it starts to soothe her back to sleep. The slides for the motion screen can be removed and stored in little shelves in the back. There is an ocean scene, and forest/jungle scene, and another animal scene. We use the forest/jungle scene. I enjoy watching the friendly characters glide across the ceiling when I feed her a bottle for nap or bedtime. The buttons and adjustment dials are located on the top in easy to reach areas. I actually have it on the floor so I can use my toes to turn the sound and mobile option when I walk in. There is a blue nightlight that emits light from a ring around the bottom if it is turned on, not too bright or jarring. My husband does not like how the button that says “nightlight” emits the same blue hue all the time and thinks it is too bright for nighttime. I like it because I can check in on her with the soft light, I can see her just enough. I have had it for four months and use it ALL the time and there are no issues with the mechanics or machine in any way.I would recommend this to anyone.

Sondra Custer, WI

edited review

Bought this to help our new baby girl sleep and it has been a God send! Noticed a huge improvement the first night of use. I use “white noise” and keep it loud enough to drown out the noise from our 5 year old in the next room. It also has a neat nightlight and light projection that will come in handy when she gets a little older.^That was the original review. Unfortunately I had to change it from 5 stars to 1. First of all, when I bought this the picture projection never spun. I didn’t even realize it was supposed to until I bought another one of these for a friend. So it was messed up from the beginning. Then after just a few weeks the projection stopped working. Wasn’t a huge deal because I mostly used it for the white noise. Now, after only using this for about 4 months it keeps shorting out and the noise keeps shutting off! I liked this product because it didn’t have a timer that shut off automatically and I was able to keep it running all night. Granted I did run it for 12 hours every night for 4 months, but I still think it should have lasted longer.

Lacey Chandler Heights, AZ


I have tried EVERY projector sound machine out there and even some ipod apps, cd’s… everything you can think of. The walls in our home are paper thin and we enjoy being loud and having the tv loud and most definitely enjoying not waking the sleeping babies. All other projectors have either come broken, broke within months, days or weeks, or have just been plain too expensive! This was a little pricey for us but it has been used at least 15hrs a DAY with the projector and sound running together and I have yet to be disappointed! With baby number 2 on the way and his bedroom wall backing up to the tv I will AGAIN be buying this since I seem to have “light sleepers” on my hands.

Francis Hartley, IA

Unclear about power source

Maybe I’m using the review section incorrectly. I do NOT have experience with this projector/white noise maker – However, one feature that I think is important is whether it is battery powered or not (or whether you have an option of using batteries or plug in.) We’ve used a battery powered sound generator and want to make sure the next one we get can do both batteries or plug in. I ASSUME this is battery powered, but can’t figure it out — even from the Munchkin site.

Lana Anmoore, WV

Great must have baby item! Worth its weight in gold!

This sound machine is awesome…and the projector is a total bonus. I have been using the sound machine for my 10month old for the last 6 months, every night, all night, no problems.The lighted night light button on the top that is always on is actually nice, it gives off just enough light so if we need to go in her room at night we can find our way around without turning any lights on. If you find its too bright, you can just set something on it to cover it up.The projector came in handy recently when baby started refusing to go to sleep after she learned how to stand and cruise around the crib. I just turn the projector on and she will watch it silently until she goes to sleep. I realize all babies are different, but this thing is so cheap and will most certianly come in handy at some point. I am considering ordering another for back-up! My friends 10 yr old daughter was even checking it out and asked for one! I think this will get many years of use out of us!

Dana Leopold, MO

I don’t love it

I bought this as I really liked the idea of the timer/ voice activation and projection combination. Genius putting those together.As it happens I leave the sound on all night rather than use the timer/activation. I also have yet to use the projection as the couple of times I’ve tried it, it upset my baby more than soothed him. I’ll try it again.I don’t love the overall quality of this product. The sound isn’t great and the light illuminating the nightlight button (not the nightlight itself) has stopped working.Also, with the comments on how well this travels, I assumed it could run off batteries (my bad for not double checking) but it doesn’t. And I find it bulky for traveling, but don’t have an alternative.

Ladonna Pelkie, MI

Baby got more excited at projection rather than calm!

I wanted to love it, but this doesn’t quite serve my purpose. When my baby was younger, he tended to cry when I played the projection. And now he is bit older, he gets excited watching it! That kinda defeats its purpose of calming the baby….

Elda Oacoma, SD

Not great….spend your money on something better.

We bought this for my infant son to help with sleep because he is such a light sleeper. The sound at low volume is unusable, it makes this odd sound as if it a broken. The music settings sound terrible and quite tinny. We only use it for while noise because every other one sounds terrible. I liked the projector setting, but it broke within 2 months and no longer spins the image anymore. I will be investing in a better white noise machine for my son. I only gave it two stars because we do use it daily, but I wouldn’t buy it again.

Maura Hiwasse, AR


First, I will say I *hate* noise machines. I got one of these projectors because I wanted a mobile for my baby but did not want to take the risk of having one in her crib. I was planning on telling the babysitter not to use the noise machine aspect because I didn’t want my baby “needing” white noise to fall asleep. But aside from that, an article in the online journal Pediatrics came out today concluding that “ISMs [infant sleep machines] are capable of producing output sound pressure levels that may be damaging to infant hearing and auditory development. ” You can read the abstract at […]. Babies can hear noises way beyond what adults can hear, and as we age and are exposed to more and more noise our hearing dulls. Nor do i know whether this machine reaches potentially damaging volumes. But I just felt the need to caution other parents about a potential issue.

Jillian Coleharbor, ND

Affordable white noise machine

I recently purchased this for my 9 month old daughter. We have been using the sleep sheep, but I didn’t like how it turned off after 40 minutes and wanted something that would play continuously.So far, this product has been great. You can set a timer or have the sound play all night. We use the ocean sound the most. Wish there was a bigger selection of melodies but for the price paid, I’m happy with the purchase.

Beth Bryantville, MA

Not just for infants!

I started using the nursery projector in my kids room 2 nights ago, and bedtime has been great! You can choose from the three scenes and pair them with different sounds. I love that the cartidges store in the back of the unit. The colors are vibrant on the wall and are almost hypnotic. It is very relaxing to watch. You can adjust the volume, and I love the fact that this can be voice activated! My kids are 2 and 4, so this isn’t just a product for babies!

Norma Summerfield, OH

Wish I’d gotten it sooner!

My daughter is almost 1 and sometimes has trouble winding down to go to sleep. The projector plus lullaby music setting are perfect to keep her distracted long enough to calm down and fall asleep on her own. The voice activation feature is awesome, although I haven’t used it yet (if the baby wakes up and cries the music/projector will turn on for a preset amount of time to help get baby back to sleep), but I’m excited about it. It is very small and would be easily portable for travel. I’m sorry I didn’t get it a long time ago! My 4 year old son likes it too!

Imelda Lambert, MS

A must have–until it breaks 5 months later 🙁

Update: We loved this product until the projector stopped working! I was hoping it would last more than 5 months 🙁 I read the reviews and thought it was just a fluke when other people said the projector broke. Not a fluke. UGH!My husband and I are very pleased with this product and our baby LOVES it! The voice activation is very sensitive so we just leave it on all the time at night because otherwise it turns off when we have the timer set and then turns back on in just a few seconds (I think it picks up the sound of the fan we have in his room). Great product!

Ellen Hamilton, IN

This little machine does sooooo much!

We love this little sound machine! What sold us was that it was a nightlight, sound machine and projector all in one, and all on a timer. Our baby really does enjoy the projector, and I must say it projects way better than I expected. I like that that the projector rotates so that you can select where it projects, the wall or ceiling. The nightlight is the perfect soft glow. The reason I’m giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is that I wish the lullabies would cycle rather than playing the same tune over and over. You can select different tunes, but you have to manually push the button.

Britney Brownsville, OR

Awesome noise machine

We recently moved to a house where the second floor opens to below–so sound really travels upstairs–an issue we didn’t have at the other house. This has made our son’s sleep noticeably lighter. Our current baby monitor has a couple sounds you can play–but it stops after 15 minutes or so. We bought this hoping it would help drown out the sounds and let him sleep better–since he goes to bed a good 3-4 hours before we do, it was essential the noises from downstairs (TV, dishes, talking if people are over) be drowned out.I love that this machine has a setting on it so if the child stirs in the middle of the night (or nap–whatever), it will turn on. I did notice just last night he woke up asking for daddy…and that was it–no other sounds and he went back to bed. You can also adjust how long the sound runs for, up to 60 minutes.I did wish the projector spinned or something–the image just sits on the wall–but he does like to look at it. It does make the room quite bright, though!Overall–I would recommend this for anyone who wants something to help create some white noise. I would even recommend this for adults who need that background noise to sleep. The cost is excellent for the product.EDITED TO ADD: I just figured out that the projected images DO spin–you have to lock the cartridge into place. Silly me just figured this out! =)

Malinda Hoboken, NJ

Just what I was looking for

We have the precious planets mobile from Fisher Price, which we’ve continued to use with my son because it converted from mobile to projector, and it has been a godsend for bedtime, or when my son wakes up in the morning and decides he wants some music while he waits patiently in his crib. We are now expecting a second child (my son will be 19 months when the baby is born), and were looking for ways to ease his transition out of the crib into his new room. This sound system/projector is great. First – it plugs in (huge plus over the mobile, and having issues when we forgot to charge the batteries). Second, it has a variety of projection sceens and music and sounds (more than my mobile, although I wish that instead of playing one song over and over it would play a medly, but that doesn’t seem to bother my son). It is super easy to use. And I love that I can rotate it, so that it actually sits accross the room from my sons bed, but I can still project it right over the bed. Plus, it has volume control and a timer, which both have come in handy (volume depending on whether we have fans going, and an extended timer for those times when I know 15 minutes won’t be enough for my son). We’ve been using it about a month so far, and he loves it. Just what I was looking for – and the price was reasonable (especially compared to what we paid for the mobile). I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a nice way for their kids to fall asleep on their own.

Marie Lake Toxaway, NC

Worth every penny

Amazing product. The projections are very cute and you have three choices. THe white noise works great for my son to stay asleep. It also has the voice activation feature which will turn sound again when the baby makes noise.

Edith Bruce, WI

This machine should be given out at hospitals

This machine has been near miraculous in our household. The white noise can be turned up very loud if needed or you can softly play Mozart. At nap time, if baby isn’t quite ready to go to sleep, I put on the projection and he looks at it before nodding off. We’ve used it day and night for 3 months and have no problems. We take it with us when we travel or little one goes to a baby sitter. I will be buying this for every baby shower I ever attend.

Denise Honeoye, NY

Haven’t used it much yet

We haven’t really used it but we have set it up. I think its really pretty cool. The price was right too!

Kaitlyn Skippers, VA


This sound machine is great. The sound activation when my son would fuss or cry worked well well but we now keep it on the whole time he sleeps to block out other noise. It is small enough to be portable too. We took it in our camper when we went camping.

Mina North Star, MI


I purchased this item a month ago. I loved all the features, the different slides, the variety of music. It has helped my little one fall asleep for a month straight, and my older son loves the projector. However, after only a month of use, the projector has stopped working. The light turns on but it doesn’t spin. Very disappointed, as I really liked this machine. I’ve also noticed that sometimes the sound won’t turn off, or if you can get it to turn it off, the sound and projector will turn back on by themselves (usually scaring me as it will blast over the baby monitor). Very strange. I’m returning it and getting a Homedics machine.

Letha Tyringham, MA

helps my one year old sleep longer

We live in a new subdivision where there is lots of construction noise, this machine drowns it out nicely. We use the ‘white noise’ setting and it’s plenty loud enough. The projector is a bonus, we only use it for play though because my daughter loves it so much she won’t go to sleep when it’s on 🙂

Blanche Dundee, MS


I loved this at first. We were given this for my son when he was two months old. He is nine months old now, and we’ve used it every day: overnight and for naps. This is a mixed review, though.First of all, I thought the projector part was going to be really lame, but all we wanted the noise machine part, so I didn’t care. But I really loved the projector! The first time I used it, it was like magic. My son and I were cuddling on the bed, and he was transfixed with the colors. He really enjoyed it, which was so fun and a really special memory for me. I don’t often use it now, though, as it is too engaging for my son when he’s trying to sleep.Don’t get this for the lullabies and Mozart settings. It plays the same bit of music over and over and gets really annoying for me.The other ‘white noise’ settings are okay. The ocean, rain, and heartbeat ones are all just variations on the white noise setting. I don’t think they could possibly be actual recordings. But they’re alright. We really only use the white noise setting anyhow.I thought I would love the timer function, but I’ve only used it twice (just after we got it), and never will again, most likely. I had the projector and white noise going while my son was still sleeping in our room. The timer doesn’t fade out at all, it just cuts off both the sound and the light. So both times I used it, it jarred both me and my baby awake when it turned off! It’d be perfect if only it faded out. But really, I’d likely not use it even if it did, since we use the white noise to drown out loud neighbors, and so need it at night and in the mornings.Oh, and the nightlight really isn’t very functional for us. we don’t use that either.Finally: the quirky part. Just this week the thing started turning on (projector and music) randomly. Usually in response to being moved, or when there’s a loud sound in the room. It doesn’t seem to turn off randomly, so it’s not too annoying. It switches on when my baby cries, which is funny, and actually has surprised him so much he stopped crying, so that’s good, I guess. If it randomly turned off, I wouldn’t be able to use it anymore, so hopefully that doesn’t develop.Overall, I like this, but it isn’t the greatest. Since it was given to me, I can’t really say value-wise if it was worth it, but since it’s served my purpose for it, and then some extra with the projector, I’d guess so. If it breaks, I’d probably look around for other options, but could see myself buying this one again if I didn’t find anything I thought’d be better.

Rosanna Slater, CO

This is my second one. I made the mistake …

This is my second one. I made the mistake of leaving the first one in the US when we moved overseas and my 2 year old couldn’t live without it.

Melva Three Rivers, CA

Good Projector

For this price i Consider that is a good product because the sound is not the better but is OK.the projector quality is all you can wait for this product type.the good is the voice activation feature and the light is great for the baby room. is a good stuff for the longs night wen your baby cannot sleep.

Angie Stockton, KS

Good for the price

I initially bought this as a night light and sound machine. I didn’t really care about the projector but it turns it my son loves it and I am glad I purchased this. The nightlight and sounds work great. My favorite thing about it is the volume control, there are lots of options and I can adjust with the amount of sounds in the house. The projector is great but mine also already seems to be having problems. It works but stopped moving. So a little disappointing but not enough for me to return.

Norma Deloit, IA

Projector quit working after 6 months

I loved this sound machine in the beggining. But after 6 months the projector quit working. Now i can only use the sound. The timer and sound activating system works most of the time, sometimes the timer doesn’t work well.

Deena Touchet, WA

Love it!

I love this, I just received it in the mail today and although our daughter is not here yet so I don’t know how she will like it, I decided to play with it and get it all set up in her nursery.The music is great and it goes up really loud but obviously to sooth a baby it does not need to be that loud but it is nice to have the option of turning the volume up and down! I also love the fact that the projector is able to move, from her shelf it can be tilted to project the images above her crib which is great!The night light really is not that bright I noticed though but that is literally the only thing I would say could be improved with this product.I think this product will be put to great use in her nursery and I can’t wait for her to arrive so we can use it!

Nadine Ellsworth, PA