Munchkin Ocean Squirts Bath Toys, 4 Pack

Munchkin Ocean Squirts Bath Toys, 4 Pack

Squirting bath toys offer a simple, interactive way to pack big fun into a compact space. With this pack of four ocean-dwelling squirters, you can introduce marine-inspired play and teach your child about ocean creatures, all at the same time. Each brightly-colored bath toy floats, squirts water, and is sized just right for little hands to grasp and squeeze. They’re also durable, so you don’t have to worry about chipping or breaking. See what adventures unfold when you add these ocean friends to your bathtime mix!

Main features

  • Set of 4 ocean dweller bath toys that squirt water and float
  • Includes a seahorse, goldfish, starfish and penguin
  • Perfect size and softness for little hands to hold and squeeze
  • Great for underwater bubbles and bath games
  • 9+ Months

Verified reviews


Grew mold inside

These were very popular with my 6 month old- less to play with in the bath or squirt water out of, and more to gnaw on. However, a few months into having them I noticed that the turtle’s flippers looked darker than the rest of the body, and suspected mold. I cut it open and confirmed that I was right. I would be very careful about any toy that has a small hole in it that gets water inside (including rubber ducks!).

Melissa Advance, NC

Strong smell of plastic. Paint is persived as toxic and no details on packaging regarding plastic contents.

I am not very happy with these toy. Given that they are fun and colorful, I am reluctant to give these to my 5 month son. At this age he pulls everything into his mouth–chewing on green turtle’s head is favorite. However, the toys have very strong plastic smell which did not go away after almost a month out of the bag. The packaging has no mention of BPA free plastic. Paint on these toys is a think layer on top of one color plastic toy. It was a bit sticky when I first received these toys, which made me think that it is not very safe for a baby to lick or chew. Considering the smell and paint, these toys are underused. I wish I did not purchase this set.

Janelle Taylor, MS

Great ‘Quiet Time’ Toys

These are great toys not just for the bath, but whenever you need noiseless toys for a baby (when someone in the house is still sleeping at 6 AM, for example). I got a laugh out of the octupus–he has SIX tentacles!

Winnie Boiling Springs, PA

Strong smell, painted parts are sticky

The smell is really strong and the painted parts of the toys are sticky. It feels like they have been made too long ago and are starting to disintegrate. I will not give this to my baby.

Fern Crest Park, CA

Our son’s favorite bath toys

Our 3 year old has had these squirters since he was a baby and he still demands the crab and turtle for his baths. As a baby I think he liked that they were soft and squishy and colorful. As a toddler he loves filling them with water and squirting them. When my niece visits, she loves the dolphin and octopus and together they have loads of fun squirting each other.They are soft enough that my son can still fill them with water when he can’t with other squirters. It’s just a great, colorful set.

Rita Mexico, MO

Adorable but slightly smaller then expected

These are adorable but were a little smaller then I expected them to be. EIther way, my son loves them and has enjoyed them in the tub!

Ashleigh Sunshine, LA

My son’s friends!

These sea munchkin’s have become my 21 month old son’s friends in the bath! He names them and says "hi" to them. Great products.

Johanna Chaseburg, WI

Great for the first few weeks, then moldy on the inside

My daughter loved these, but I had to throw them away after a month or so. They grew mold on the inside even though we squirted out the water after each bath. I tried to clean them, but you just can’t get the mold out once it is in there. Better off finding bath toys without a hole.

Tanya Portland, MO

Oh these little fellas are so much fun

I purchased these for my 11 months old grand daughter to use in our water table outside, pool and bath. She loved them. They are so colorful and she loved squesing the water out at her cousins. Her older cousins ages 7 to 15 had just as much fun with them as her. They all float and seem to call for you to play with them. They also have a tecture that seemed to please my grand baby as well. I would recommend this to my friends.

Aimee Huntingdon, TN

Bath time is so much fun now

My daughter loves these for bath time or just for chewing on. I love turtles and the first one she picked out of the pack was the turtle. She is my little mini me.

Callie Warner Springs, CA


The bath toys are colorful, quality, playful worthy bath time pals for the tots. They enjoy them, which makes the purchase choice a good one.

Coleen Vevay, IN

Watch for mold

These toys are fun, but it seems no matter how dry you get them, black mold will eventually form inside.

Ronda Stigler, OK

Bathtub toys for infants

My 8 month old granddaughter just loves these at bathtime. They are easy for her to grasp, she likes the squirt action, and the colors are vibrant. They are exactly as shown on the ad, they are a great price, and fast ship. Couldn’t be more pleased.

Katrina Hazel Park, MI

Fun bath toys, easy to handle and safe to suck on

Our little grandson loves these small, easy to grasp toys in the tub. They don’t squirt all that well, but he doesn’t care and loves holding and sucking on them anyway! Cute and durable, and for more than just the bath.

Monika Narka, KS

Great toys

nothing fancy just five sea animals that your kids may love. It helps to have a toy to make bath time fun and also give them something to do while you bath them. its a decent price and quality.

Laura Danville, KY

Well used!

Colorful. My daughter plays with these almost every evening in the bath! Helps her to identify her marine creatures.

Betty Knox, IN

Good tub toys!

My daughter has fun with these in the tub. Pretty simple squirties. They are good size and dont take up much room in the toy bucket.

Vicki Tarzana, CA


Super cute and fun for bath AND pool! My baby will chew on these little guys and he loves it when I squirt him with them!

Rene Fulda, MN

Fun Entertainment

Some times the most simple toy it’s the most amazing and interesting for your boy .. mine it’s over 6 months now and this it’s fun so much fun that amaze me at the bath time. They are soft, easy to clean, small easy to keep close, he’s fav one it’s the crab.

Leann Pittston, PA

A big hit in the baby’s bath

My grand daughter loves these. I bought both packages so we’d have all the sea creatures. Our girl loves to sit in the tub and play with all of them. She grabs them and chews on them. They keep her entertained for a long time.

Lucia English, IN

One of Our Son’s Favorite Toys – For a While at Least

When we first bought this toy our son really enjoyed playing with it – in and outside of the bathtub. We introduced him to one of the five figurines at a time, since we knew that he will get eventually bored with them. The figurines are small and fun to hold and look at. They are quality made and have lasted for as long as our interest in them. He still plays occasionally with them, but has now graduated to some more “sophisticated” bath toys.

Hallie Florence, AZ

Great bath toys.

My tods are a year apart so I sometimes bathe them together. Their favorite feature is the ability to shoot water at each other. They find it extremely amusing and it makes bath time much more fun. I’ve owned these for awhile and the rubber seems very durable. Some cheaper bath toys I have owned in the past would degrade after several uses–not these!

Latoya Graham, AL

Great bath toys

My child loves these. The dolphin ended up splitting open too much to squirt water anymore but the others work fine. Bright colors and my child enjoys identifying each critter by name.

Rose Epps, LA

Fun Tub Toys – Great for Babies

We bought these little guys and I love to squirt my son with these at bath-time. They’re colorful, durable, and fun. Half the time he’s gnawing on them; it’s easy to wash his hair while he’s occupied.

Caryn Madison, SD

Horrible smell

Smells carcinogenic – really concerning. Sorry I purchased these, have not even unwrapped some of them due to this issue. However, they work well for the intended purpose.

Serena Guaynabo, PR

Good Bath Toy

These make baby happy so momma’s happy. My 8 month old likes to chew on them in the bath and LOVES that they squirt. It makes bathing quick and easy when he’s happily occupied.

Angelina Dry Creek, LA

Nice Bath Toys

My little one loves these bath toys. They’re cute and very colorful. He hasn’t figured out how to squirt water out of them yet, but loves it when we squirt him. As with any toy with water, I’m sure these will grow mold or mildew if water just sits in them. We haven’t had this issue but I make sure to squeeze the toys after the bath to get any water out of them. I’m assuming, since it’s not stated anywhere, that these are not BPA free. I wish they were as my little one loves to chew on these. If they were BPA free, I would give these 5 stars.

Maritza Derby, NY

Fun to Squirt!

These squirt toys are adorable. I originally bought them for the beach, but have since moved them to the bathtub. My 14 month old loves them. They hold quite a bit of water and can have a powerful squirt, so beware once your little one gets the hang of squeezing them.I’ve seen some reviews complaining about "mold". I fill mine with a little bathroom cleaner each time I clean the bathroom and rinse them out. So far, I haven’t had a problem, but that’s the nature of bath toys that you can’t reach to clean. They’re not expensive so just replace them if it becomes a problem.

Annie Oldwick, NJ

Entertaining but not safe

My son loves them, but you can’t get all the water out, especially in the octopus, so there will be mold growing, and we’ll have to throw them out.

Grace Falls Village, CT

Love these!

These are great bath toys and fit nicely in my sons mouth as teethers as well. He thinks these are great! Be sure to squeeze out any excess water after each bath.

Melanie Cassville, PA