Munchkin Pacifier Clip, Colors May Vary

Munchkin Pacifier Clip, Colors May Vary

Munchkin Pacifier ClipKeep your infant’s pacifier germ free and safe with these adorable pacifier clips. These clips come in a variety of stylish designs, and can attach to clothing to keep pacifiers handy and off the ground.

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • Stylish and keeps pacifier handy
  • Clip fits most pacifiers
  • Easy to use
  • BPA free
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: blue or pink in assorted designs

Verified reviews


The Velcrow makes no sense

We use soothies pacifiers so the clip part is what we attach to the rubber handle of the paci, so the other end is the Velcro and I have no clue what you’d attach that to on the baby or in the stroller. it should really have clips on both ends.

Carly Jarreau, LA

Does not work with all pacifiers!

I have tommy tippee pacifiers for my child & this pacifier keeper does not work with those pacifiers because they do not have a ring coming out of them to attach the keeper to. It may work well with others, but is useless for my pacifiers. The MAM clip & Cover pacifer keepr & nipple cover works MUCH better.

Olivia Cottageville, SC

Like the clip. Ridiculous it can’t be ordered by color!

I received one of these clips as a gift and like it very much. I’ve come here to order more, however,I won’t because I can’t order by color. Even being able to order by gender color (boy, girl, neutral) would be helpful. You’ve missed a sale because I clearly am not going to put my son in pink.

Glenna Medical Lake, WA

Munchkin Pacifier Clip

Very cute paci clip! The metal clasp is great and the ribbon is high quality. I would get this again! Although, The velcro that attaches to the pacifier is thick, so it will only work well with pacis with handles!

Lillian Leonore, IL

Use it 24/7

I LOVE this item. I’ve used it everday all day, 24/7 with my 10 week old son since bringing him home from the hospital.The clip never slips & it is easy enough to attach & detach.The only problem is that the velcro is wearing out. From other reviews I have read, it may be from washing it? I wash it by hand using hand or dish soap but I have only done this 2 or three times maybe.I am currently looking to replace the one I have before the velcro completely gives out on it.DEF worth the $$ to not have to be always looking for or replacing or washing a lost or dropped pacifier!

Wilma Chalkyitsik, AK


The clip is a little difficult to undo, but it isn’t too big to fit comfertably on the baby’s clothes, and it holds the pacifier in place.

Hope Ruby, SC

Only clip we’ve tried that actually stays put

We’ve had three of these now and even with regular use over several months, we are very pleased with them. They stay put when we clip them on, even when our kids pull on them. We haven’t had any problems with the velcro that other people commented on.

Mia Zuni, NM