Munchkin Pelican Rinser

Munchkin Pelican Rinser

Munchkin Pelican Rinser This friendly, large capacity bath pitcher scoops up water in the mouth and helps you gently rinse shampoo out of hair. The small footprint is sized to sit on most tub ledges so it will always be close at hand. Helps make bath time a little easier.

Main features

  • Large capacity bath pitcher helps rinse shampoo from hair
  • Convenient size fits most tub ledges
  • Pelican rinser makes bathtime fun and easy
  • Easy grip handle lets mom hold on tight
  • Ideal for babies of all ages

Verified reviews


Great product

My son loves using this. It works well and is easy to use. The only drawback, like someone else said, is its very difficult to keep the inside clean. We turn ours upside down and put it on the edge of the tub but it still got moldy after about a year. For the price, its a great product. Im buying a new one to replace ours instead of going with a different product.

Doris Davenport, NY

Moldy Feet – Requires a lot more work than necessary

It’s obnoxious. I do everything in my power to get all the water out when drying, but it still gets mold in the "feet" of the pelican. It’s a bit frustrating and it doesn’t come out in a very smooth stream.Technically it does rinse because water comes out, but it shouldn’t be so difficult to maintain.

Jacklyn Summit, NJ

Cute and functional for the bathroom

I really like having a rinser to rinse my toddler’s hair. It holds a large amount of water and it has a cute design.

Rena Anatone, WA

Cute but high maintenance

I bought this because it’s so much cuter than a rinse cup & my daughter seemed to like it…BUT…I had to spend too much time cleaning it weekly. Not sure if others have noticed but it does get moldy in the cracks & is extremely difficult to clean because of the shape. I threw it away & started using a plastic cup & guess what??? my daughter plays with that as well!!Too expensive & difficult to clean so not worth the money.

Abby Clayhole, KY

Cute but not very functional

I fell in love with this little rinser because our nursery was beach themed. At first, we just used a small squirt bottle for baby when she started having full immersion baths. But as she grew, we were having to refill the bottle just to rinse her off. So we finally got this off our registry because it was bigger than the squirt bottle and cuter than a plain cup. It was the perfect size when it arrived, but all the water rushed out the first time we poured it over her. There was no good way to see how close the water level was to the lip edge in order to control a slower pour. Even after we figured out how to control the speed of the pour, the rounded pelican mouth prevents controlling the volume of water poured. if it had just a slight point, it would be much easier to aim. Since we spent the money on it, we use it to rinse her back and we’ll try to rinse her head with it again once she gets a little older. But so far this is ending up to be a major inconvenience and disappointment. Also, I have NOT noticed any scum/mold like some other reviewers.

Katelyn Richland, IN

Given as a gift

We gave this as part of a baby shower present & the girl loved it. Not sure how well it worked after the baby was born but it looked super cute as she was holding it up during the shower! It gets lots of compliments that’s for sure!

Jimmie Huger, SC

Darling pelican is a fun way to rinse!

We had SO many toddler toys after babysitting our first grandson for our second to play with, we thought adding to the collection of bath toys would be a good idea for #2’s first birthday. We’re lucky that both of our “munchkins” thoroughly enjoy bathtime, and not only is this darling pelican great for rinsing, it’s also perfect for storing some of his little bath squirters! Sometimes it’s a little scary when a baby graduates – in our case, from the confined space of the kitchen sink! -to an adult bathtub, which must feel like an ocean to them! Colorful, fun bath toys are a good way to ease the transition. I sometimes bathe both boys together when I’m short on time, and even Big Brother enjoys the new assortment of toys. Happy grandkids = happy grandma! Great purchase.

Esmeralda Batesville, MS

I wish it poured better

The water stream coming from his mouth doesn’t travel horizontally very much, it makes it difficult to aim the stream of water away from my baby’s eyes. It’s not very useful for watering my plants, either. Looks great on the bathtub shelf tho!

Latasha Atwood, IL

Love it!

We love this rinser! It holds a good amount of water and is lightweight. My 2 year old daughter likes to take it and dump the water over her head. A great buy!

Hollie Laurens, IA

Cute and practical

So truthfully a large plastic cup is just fine for rinsing soap out of hair, but what are baby showers for if not to get ridiculously adorable items you wouldn’t otherwise justify spending money on? We got this as a shower gift and I love it.Pros:Hole on top makes it easy to fill.Holds a decent enough amount of water to rinse baby’s hair but not so much that it’s heavy.Sturdy plastic means it doesn’t bow with pressure (like a plastic drinking cup might).Cute, I could see this transitioning into a toy when my daughter is older.Cons:Not easy to clean out. Pelican’s mouth isn’t wide enough to get your hand in super easily and it’s shape means there are some little cracks that you can’t reach. I haven’t had the build up others have mentioned, but I’d suggest maybe turning it upside down to drain after use and a bottle brush?

Jeannette Mosca, CO

So cute. Gotta have it

I love this. It’s fun and will last a long time. Will become a tradition with bathtime.

Patrica Manderson, SD