Munchkin Portable Diaper Caddy, Colors May Vary

Munchkin Portable Diaper Caddy, Colors May Vary

Portable diaper caddy helps in keeps diapering essentials organized and handy. It consists of Large and small pockets to organize lotions, ointments, wipes and more. This holds up to 15 to 24 diapers. It has a durable outer material with easy wipe interior. The stylish designs look great in every room.

Main features

  • Keeps diapering essentials organized and handy
  • Large and small pockets organize lotions, ointments, wipes and more
  • Holds up to 15 to 24 diapers
  • Durable outer material with easy wipe interior
  • Stylish designs look great in every room

Verified reviews


Found it for half the price at Babies R Us!

I had this item on my registry and was very excited to receive it – however I was saddened to see that I did not receive the item in the first picture (the dark blue with floral trim) Instead, I received a light blue version (which is also pictured) As you can see, the handle is different on the first, what I thought I was getting, to the second, what I got. It will definitely do its job, don’t get me wrong – however, I was in my local Babies R Us today and saw the exact item I received listed at full price for $12.99! It looks like the dark blue version is more “deluxe” but I could be wrong. Either way, I’ll be returning the gift here and buying at BRU – this is the first time that Amazon has not had the best price for an item… Bummer!

Miriam Amma, WV

Got the wrong color, puke green

If I had received the color I wanted (dark blue) then I would be giving this 5 stars, as the picture for this product on the main page is the dark blue one I THOUGHT I would be getting. The color I received was a puke-pastel green, but it gets the job done. It is very roomy and can hold quite a few diapers, package of wipes, and has quite a pockets of different sizes for rash cream, burp cloth, etc. I bought two of these, one for the bedroom and one for the livingroom, so we can do a diaper change without walking all over the house or going to the baby’s room every time. I haven’t tried washing it yet so I don’t know how it would hold up there, or if it’s surface clean only. It seems like it would be able to go in the wash though. I wish they had these with our firstborn. I would definitely recommend this as a shower gift. If I had gotten the color I wanted I would be giving it 5 stars.

Ruth Tulsa, OK

Handy caddy for more than just diapers, wish could choose colors!

Great not only for keeping diapers essential, but also for post-partum mothers to cart around the things you need – I use mine to cart things around the house that I"m always looking for – especially when I need to carry baby at the same time. Very useful for carrying little extras that I need – water, snack,cell phone, baby’s vitamins, extra burp cloth etc. I can carry my tablet in it up and down as well – just simplifies life and makes it easy to bring everything I need together in one shot. I have 2 of them, and ordered another for a friend. Highly recommended. Would be 5 stars if I could choose the color!

Hattie Notus, ID

Waste of money

This is not expensive caddy. Maybe thats why i purchased it. But i hated it. It doesnt look like the pic. It doesnt stay in shape. Saggy ugly messy looking one. Pockets are big so when you put stuffs it goes to whichever side is heavy. Anyway i hated it used it 2 weeks until my next caddy arrives( jj cole diaper and wipes caddy).

Tabitha Sawyerville, IL

This caddy is sooo handy!

I bought two of these and have them in two different locations in my house where I set up a diaper changing area. They are so handy for storing lots of diapers, creams, hand sanitizers, burp cloths, etc. Basically everything you need. Plus, they are cute! They keep me organized and efficient!

Ora Compton, CA

perfect for extra changing room

besides the actual changing station, i have this in my play room and it’s perfect. It holds everything I need so i don’t have to treck up and down the stairs.

Gay Fredericksburg, IA

Way too small…and colors VARY

I was looking for a second diaper caddy for my youngest baby. When they say colors may vary, they’re not kidding. Mine showed up baby pink/brown! It is too soft to hold its shape while open, and you can’t really fit diapers and wipes without stacking them on top of each other in the "big" pocket. I returned the product and will spend the money on another JJ Cole diaper caddy…I now see that the $30 is worth it for my needs.

Eva Fidelity, IL

Does the job – Could be better

Babies have lots of stuff and instead of just leaving stuff every where this bag does a good job holding a good amount of stuff. My complaint is that the bag has no structure so its always falling over and squishing diapers if I do not have it filled to capacity. I do like the side pockets for the diaper creams and other random accessories. This would be much better with more support.

Samantha Trapper Creek, AK

Excellent product

Wish I had this for my first baby ( git it for my third), it makes diaper changing a lot easier. I am able to store the diapers downstairs so I don’t have to go up each time and it looks neat.

Stefanie Boca Grande, FL

Well Designed

This is an excellent diaper caddy. I got it for a friend’s baby shower gift. The strap is comfortable, it carries a good number of diapers and has plenty of pockets for lotion, wipes, and all the other necessities! Plus the design is aesthetically pleasing.

Karla Platte, SD

Spare changing station

I keep this caddy in my living room filled with my diaper changing essentials. It keeps me from going upstairs every diaper change and prevents me from using my stash in my diaper bag.

Nettie Coyanosa, TX

great item, wish you could choose color

We received a pink one- for our twin boys. I’m not trying to reinforce any gender stereotypes, but we just hate pink. We returned it and bought it elsewhere so we could get a blue and green one.

Arlene Voss, TX

so handy

I am so glad I got this, I don’t have a changing table. I love this item it is so useful and sturdy!

Ava Laveen, AZ

Does the job

I used this for a diaper changing station in our living room so I didn’t have to walk all the way to each of the kids rooms to change their diapers.

Laverne Gladstone, IL

portable diaper caddy

i got the light blue one. I love it for next to my bed. I use it for my newborn – fits size 1 diapers perfect.

Blanca Aberdeen, ID

Couldn’t live without!

This diaper caddy is G-R-E-A-T!PROS:-6 small pockets, great for diaper cream, nipple cream, and hand sanitizer, etc.-2 large pockets…great for changing pad and/or, wipes-Large center storage area for diapers/wipes-Great pattern…my daughter loves to look at it-Canvas material, so it’s washable-Soft-sided, so it is great for travelCONS:hmmm…NONE!I would definitely buy this again, and have given it as a gift to new moms!

Bettye Hillsboro, ND

I found a listing with a cheaper price!

I found a better price for this caddy bag! Same bag but in light blue or light green! This Amazon listing has it for cheaper! Munchkin Portable Diaper CaddyI love the color, look, and the feel of the bag. It’s a medium sized bag with plenty of storage space. It has six small pockets (great for creams, hand sanitizer, baby powder, etc). Two large pockets (great for changing pads and wipes), and a large storage area in the center (for diapers/wipes). Makes changing diapers a snap! All your tools are in one spot so you can get the job done quickly!

Jayne Hunnewell, MO


We both LOVE this diaper caddy. My daughter thinks pulling the diapers out of the pocket is playtime! I would definitely purchase this as a gift for new moms!

Toni West Manchester, OH


I bought this caddy to carry baby needs from room to room. It’s great, compact, lightweight. It has multiple pockets and multiple uses. It goes beyond just diaper caddy.

Erica Gentry, AR