Munchkin Precision Digital Bottle Warmer, White

Munchkin Precision Digital Bottle Warmer, White

Heat bottles quickly and evenly with the Precision Digital Bottle Warmer by Munchkin. The hassle-free digital memory timer remembers your last setting. You can add or subtract time at the push of a button. The convenient built-in reservoir eliminates the need to measure and can warm several bottles with a single fill. The safe steam warming helps preserve nutrients and is safe for breast milk. Includes a lift-out basket to safely remove bottles or food from warmer when ready and the pop-up handle provides easy access to shorter bottles and jars. The adaptor ring helps warm smaller bottle or jars. Great for use with all leading bottles and jars. 1 year limited warranty.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Built-in reservoir eliminates the need to measure and can warm several bottles with a single fill
  • Safe steam warming helps preserve nutrients and is safe for breast milk
  • Digital memory timer remembers your last setting and time can be adjusted with the push of a button
  • Lift-out basket safely removes bottles or food jars
  • 1 year limited warranty

Verified reviews


Inexpensive and gets the job done fast

I tried many bottle warmers, including the expensive Kiinde Kozii. This is by far the most convenient, fast, and easy to use one. I don’t believe you loose many nutrients by using high temperature. As far as you are careful not to overheat the milk, only a really small amount of milk next to the bottle wall is exposed to high heat. The basket helps removing the bottle without burning your hands. It fits my Tommee Tippee bottles!Regarding most negative reviews:- It is true that you won’t get exactly the same temperature every time, but I think that is because of factors like how long since the last time you used it (how warm the water and heating element still are).- Leaking from the side will only happen if you rock it, then too much water gets from the reservoir into the chamber.- Broken bottles will happen if you use non thermo-resistant bottles.My second choice would be the Munchkin warmer that is very similar to this one but with an analog knob (I also have one of those), but this one is better because of digital controls, bigger reservoir, and a bigger chamber that will fit huge bottles.

Ollie Falls City, NE

Does the job, no frills. Sometimes heats unevenly.

(First, I know anytime you heat a bottle to feed a baby you have to check the temp first.)When heating the same amount of milk consistently, (5 oz every time) this warmer sometimes gets it VERY warm, too warm for baby, and other instances when heated for the exact same amount of time, it will barely have the chill taken off. Not sure if that has to do with the amount of water that is in it at the time. Overall I am satisfied with this warmer. The irregular heating isn’t a big enough concern to return it or buy a new one. I have not used it to heat food jars yet but it does have a handle to make this possible.

Lori West Yellowstone, MT

Does the job

It does a decent job of warming bottles. However, as a few other reviewers have noted, the heating is uneven. One bottle can be perfectly warm but the next, using the same time setting and same number of ounces, can barely have the chill removed or be slightly over heated. It’s not a dealbreaker by any stretch, just doesn’t make a lot of sense. I like the timer and automatic shutoff. If you leave the bottle in the warmer after the timer, though, it will continue to warm so be careful with that.

Katie Hyrum, UT

Versatile and easy!

We bought this after reading several consumer reviews. I love how the water does not need to be refilled before each use, which makes it that much quicker. Also, it’s relatively easy to clean on the inside. Fits all sorts of bottles, including wide ones. I also love the digital timer and auto-shut off. The timer has a nice memory feature so you can automatically use whatever it was set to last. Very convenient for us since almost all of my son’s bottles are the same. One review I read said this got the bottles too hot for breast milk and was therefore not recommended but I didn’t find this to be true. I’m sure you could ruin the BM if you left it on too long (the timer goes up to 10 minutes) but we give our son bottles of breast milk, each of which are 6 oz, most of which comes straight from the fridge, and at 3 minutes 20 seconds, the fridge bottles come out tepid, which is perfect for us. It took us a few tries to figure out how much time was perfect for us, but once we figured out the “ideal” time, this has been so easy to use! Definitely would recommend it.

Betsy Richland, MI

Shuts off

I received this as a shower gift. It shuts off before the timer is finished and won’t go back on for hours even when unplugged and plugged back in. I don’t think that the water tank is a big deal and when it did work, it heated ok. We don’t use it and I wish we could return it.

Angel Rockford, IA

Solid product

It does what it says. After using a friends non digital version, I chose this one. It’s better. I was concerned about all the negative reviews with stuff growing and it being difficult to clean. So, I make sure the unit has plenty of water before I use it, as I’m sure running it dry could be a contributing factor. Also, idk if it helps that we have really good city water. I empty it once a day and let it dry out. But, the cleaning instructions are the same as for my coffee pot. So, we are just going to clean it when we do the coffee maker. I can’t foresee any issues. It’s a reasonable device that is very handy.

Ruby Wakarusa, KS

Been Using 2 of These for several months now and no issues to report!

This is a great, simple bottle warmer. We have two (one at our house and one at my mom’s) that are used to warm both formula and breastmilk. It can take several minutes to get a refrigerated bottle completely warm, but the warmer itself is simple to use and gets milk to just the right temperature. You do have to make sure that the water reservoir is filled, but we only have to do this once every few days. Overall, it’s a great device and we’ve encountered no issues with either one.

Socorro Boss, MO

Love the timer!

Purchased this for the Nanny and I and it works as advertised. With the timer and automatic shutoff, it helps prevent milk from spoiling due to over heating. Pretty easy to use and the timer beeping alert is very useful. Only issue I have with the warmer is, if you over fill the water container and it’s not on snug, the water will leak from the side of the container. Overall great product and a must have if you bottle feed!

Allene Sherwood, ND

Easy to use

Received this as a shower gift. It is easy to use, and it takes about 4:30 mins to heat up 5 ounces perfectly. Only downside is that it sometimes leaks water. It has a basket with handle that you can use to lift out the bottle safely and without having to touch the nipple.

Isabella Keystone, NE

digital is essential

bought the dial one, horrible! The digital timer is the way to go! It even remembers the time so you dont have to reset it each time. It does get a little mildew-y though, need to clean all the time

Nanette Cambridge, ME

Mixed Feelings

First off, I would like to say that this is bottle warmer number 3 in our family. All purchased for the kitchen for our one and only child who us just now approaching 6 months. The others we tried were the Cuisinart & Philips Avent.Pros:- the water reservoir lasts several heatings, depending on how long the bottle must be heated for- it’s easy to one-handedly turn the warmer on & start the warming process- easy to clean (just let it sit in some white vinegar for a few minutes & rinse / dry)- there is a basket included to remove the very warm bottleCons:- the nipple, ring, & bottle cap get very very hot every time when you heat it longer than a minute or so- sometimes (but not always) the warmer leaks…sometimes a lot!- the timer resets once in a blue moon without rhyme or reason- bottles usually have a lot of condensation on them so must be wiped with a towel (not a deal breaker, but inconvenient with a hungry, crying little one!)All in all, this is the best warmer I’ve used to date and for the reasons stated above, I would recommend it.

Gabriela Millstadt, IL

Worst bottle warmer ever.

HATE this warmer! It broke after 3 months. The nob came off and would no longer turn correctly. I hate that the water disappears after 2 bottles and you constantly have to fill up w/ water. If you do not it starts to smell and turns everything black. At 2 am, I am not thinking about water levels and it becomes more of pain than a help. Would not recommend this bottle warmer.

Crystal Hitchcock, TX

Timer never worked

I wanted this to work for us, but it didn’t. According to the guide, I wanted to heat our bottles for 3 minutes and 30 seconds, but it would always shut off when there was over a minute left. Then it wouldn’t turn on. Sometimes when I unplugged it and plugged it back on, I could reheat it but other times I couldn’t get the power back on. It makes you wait a couple minutes before you can use it again. So I tried heating the bottle for 4:30, but it would still shut off early still. Only when I tried heating a bottle for a minute, it wouldn’t shut off early, but when do you need to reheat a bottle for a minute?I read a review saying to not fill it with so much water, so I tried barely putting any water in there and it would still shut off early. I tried calling the manufacturer 3 times and each time there wasn’t a rep available, so I ended up emailing them and they offered an exchange, but the reply came a little too late, I already returned the product.

Jordan Blanchard, ID