Munchkin Precision Fit 24″ Gate, White

Munchkin Precision Fit 24″ Gate, White

Protect little ones all around the home with the Precision Fit 24″ Gate by Munchkin. The wood and plastic design features high impact molded plastic locking arms to minimize bowing and reinforced hinge points, providing greater strength and a sturdier fit.  The tighter 1/4″ increment adjustments enable a safer, more customized fit.  Non-marking bumpers keep walls and doors scuff free. Ideal for little ones 6-24 months. Not for use at top of stairs. Pressure mounted, fits openings 26″- 42″ wide, 24″ tall.

Main features

  • Wood, Plastic
  • Imported
  • High impact molded plastic locking arms to minimize bowing and reinforced hinge points
  • Tighter 1/4″ increment adjustments enable a safer, more customized fit
  • Non marking bumpers keep walls and doors scuff free
  • Ideal for little ones 6 24 months
  • Pressure mounted, fits openings 26″ 42″ wide, 24″ tall

Verified reviews


reliable, sturdy, keeps babies and other living things out or inside

I used to have a baby gate that would always fall down. It was scary!I use baby gates as separates for dogs and kids alike.Munchkin’s Gate is sturdy and reliable, which is exactly what one would want from a gate. I’ve had no problems thus far (~6 months of use).

Millie Mankato, MN

A lot of room for improvement!

I have a 21 month old toddler and have had this gate up for a few months. It has served its purpose but I would not buy another one of these. I will upload some pictures to show you it is not as advertised as well.The gate does stay mounted between a small doorway I have and also move it to a larger doorway sometimes. Every time I seem to pinch my finger in the gate closure and also have to readjust the sides and line it up. Once it is secure, I would not trust too much tug or pull on it. It will fall down. I keep it in a doorway that is not a heavy traffic area so it has been fine for me.I kept the outside covering and it clearly shows the gates with a white bar across it, or maybe a very light gray. Mine is a very dark gray. The Amazon sticker also has white written on it. Unless they are referring to the cheap mesh plastic, it is not all white so be prepared. Also in the picture it clearly shows the top bar coming across the top, covering the two side bars. Not the case. The two side bars are in between the top bar and are exposed with an unfinished wood that can cause splinters. The worse, under the locking area is a wood piece that sticks out. It is not shown in the photo. Mine sticks out rather far and just barely tugging it, it pulls further. It is very sharp.If you have a young child I would not recommend this gate because of the poor quality but also the exposed wood that can splinter and also the sharp pieces that are exposed. I would go with a higher quality gate. I bought another gate by a different brand for another purpose but it was $14 something and made a lot better than this gate. I used it outside on my deck and it did not have any sharp pieces and was not flimsy. It was theNorth States Supergate Top-Notch Gate.Again, this gate is marketed for 6 months to 24. I have used it for the last few and my daughter just turned 21 months. If she was under one year and learning to stand up and walk, I would not have this up at all, does not do a good enough job. Munchkin is a good name, I own a lot of their stuff but when it comes to gates, they need to work on improving them.I will be uploading pictures to the photo gallery so you can see the gate.

Callie Sandgap, KY

Average – with one major issue in our case

Since we have high baseboard moldings, one kitchen area that we thought would be perfect for this since it does not have doors and is less than 42″ wide can not be used with this type of gate after all. The reason is that there is no adjustment possibility on the rubber bumpers that are keeping the gate in place. I have seen gates have screw-ins attached to the rubber bumpers, to address this problem. Other than this, the gate really feels light – and that’s an advantage if your baby happens to pull it down on him/herself. It’s nice that you have good visibility with this type of grill. I would not use this gate for dogs or animals that have the habit of jumping over low gates unless you add additional reinforcements from a hardware store.

Audra Arkansaw, WI

More of the Same

There is nothing going on with this baby gate that isn’t already on the market with the slew of similar looking baby gates by various other companies. Building a better pressure mounted baby gate is like building a better mouse trap, if someone had figured out how to do it, it would probably have been done by now.The pros for this baby gate are pretty much the same as the pros for any baby gate of this type. I like the height, 24″ is tall enough to trap a baby or pet into a space, but it’s short enough for someone short (I’m just under 5′) to easily walk over. It’s very light and easily portable, great for visiting relatives with a little one when they are just starting to be mobile. The easily expanding sides make it convenient if you want to use the gate on multiple doorways, and because it is a pressure lock, it doesn’t require any hardware instillation.The cons for this gate are also somewhat universal. You have to know the doorway notch size exactly. If you are one notch off either way, the gate will either not be sturdy or will not latch closed. This can be a bit frustrating if you are trying to get the gate set up quickly. The best solution I have come up with for this is to mark your most frequently used settings with a marker. Believe me when I tell you that this will make you life much easier. The only other issue I have with the gate is the bottom bracket. It has bent a couple of times, although I’m not sure if it’s due to craftsmanship or my initial clumsiness with the gate, but I have been able to easily bend it back. I am just worried what if I keep having this issue I will eventually bend the metal until it breaks.

Francisca Mapleville, RI

Works, but not perfect

I had intended to put this gate at the bottom of a staircase, to prevent crawling up the stairs. When it arrived (in an enormous box!), I decided it wasn’t quite robust enough for that use. (I notice that one of the pictures shows it there, but I didn’t want to chance it.)The gate is really easy to install, and the latching arm worked well enough. We ended up installing it in the area between the kitchen and the mudroom (too many things for little ones to get into — nothing deadly, just messy!). The wide trim in that area meant the gate fits snugly.The gate is fine, but a relatively cheap quality. It works well for my purposes of a room-to-room barrier on the same level, but I’m looking for something a little different for my stairs.

Helga Mouthcard, KY

Great for its price, not a long-term-use item as more sturdy gates can be.

It is a good short-term-use item. More of a deterrent than an absolute barrier, because my normal-sized but tenacious 1.5-year-old can push and push and push and dislodge it.

Cynthia Shady Grove, PA

Basic gate for 6 month to 24 month aged children

When I got this I was pretty disappointed right off the bat. The wood frame is cheap feeling and the plastic webbing is even cheaper feeling. I’ve had six packs of drinks held by thicker, sturdier plastic.It’s fairly easy to use, however, and serves a basic function of a flexible barrier, which I’d trust with crawling kids and young toddlers. I have a baby daughter who will be crawling soon, and I have family who bring dogs over on occasion and I have wanted to allow the dogs in the house, but not in the whole house. I’d trust this a lot more with my daughter than with anything but the smallest sorts of dogs.It’s really more of a deterrent than a barrier for anyone or anything that wants to get by. But sometimes a deterrent is enough, certainly enough for crawling babies.As far as length, it opens to 40″. The description says 42″, but that is totally extended, which leaves a wide gap between the two sections, where the webbing doesn’t cover.So, this is a functional gate, not necessarily a good one. But, for the price it might be just enough.

Gwen Core, WV

Basic Inexpensive Gate

We were looking for a cheap gate that would keep our son contained before we moved. (We didn’t want to invest in a gate that may not fit in the new house, and didn’t want to put any more holes in the walls.) I wish we would have spent just a few extra bucks to get something that would be less of a pain. The design is very simple, which is a plus, but there is no way to "lock" the positioning pin so that it "remembers" the width. We’re always installing the gate in the same location, so a width-locking feature would have been nice to have. I’ve seen that other gates of this similar style, have that feature. Also, the upper and lower tracks sometimes get mis-aligned, making the gate be out of square. This will cause one of the top corners to be loose (not enough tension to keep it tight to the wall). I feel like my son could pull the gate down when it’s like this. To fix it, I just pull the gate open and closed a few time to get the pieces to sit better in the tracks.

Katherine Hartselle, AL

Great price!

I purchased this for my dog. I find that if I lean this on my patio screen door, my puppy won’t claw at the screen. Really great price for a good product.

Latonya Vernon, IN

Does the job.

I originally bought this, to block the kitchen area off when my granddaughter was visiting. Turns out, my stove doesn’t get hot on the outside, so I’ve never even used it! It seemed well constructed though and easy to use. For anyone needing to block off an entrance, I would recommend it.

Carla Grover, SC

Does what it’s supposed to do

There is nothing exciting or special about this gate. It is exactly what I expected and does what it is supposed to. No bells and whistles here. I’m sure it’s the exact same baby gate my mom used with me as a tot. You can’t beat the price and would buy again as it serves it’s purpose.

Amparo Bethlehem, CT

Poor Quality

The second time or so that I used this gate, the bracket that holds the locking arm in place while locked fell off. The gate can still be used without the bracket, luckily. The gate is very lightweight but also feels flimsy like it won’t hold together for very long. If you are gentle with it, it will probably get the job done just fine, but if you stress it or handle it a bit rough, I can see it falling apart easily. I would pay more to get better quality, personally.

Carissa Clear Creek, WV