Munchkin Reversible Strap Covers, Colors May Vary

Munchkin Reversible Strap Covers, Colors May Vary

Protect and easily carry standard and dual strollers with the Standard & Dual Stroller Travel Bag by J.L. Childress. The bag features zippered top opening, pocket, carry handles with padded hand protector and an adjustable & detachable shoulder strap with shoulder pad for comfort. Heavy-duty, easy care fabric is water-resistant for maximum protection. Includes ID pocket with ID card. Fits Peg Perego, Phil & Ted’s, Quinny Buzz, Bob Single Jogging Strollers, Graco Duo Glider, Metrolite and Snug Rider, Bugaboo, Joovy, Chicco, Combi and Combi Twin, Maclaren and Maclaren Twin & more. The bag can also be used as a storage bag for beach chairs, high chair, sports equipment, toys, camping gear and more. Approximately 42’H x 21’W x 13′ D.Soft and stylish plush fabric protects baby from abrasive strapsFor car seat and stroller useShips in assorted colors

Main features

  • Soft and stylish plush fabric protects baby from abrasive straps
  • For car seat and stroller use
  • Colors may vary, you may receive ether of the following: tan, black, green and pink

Verified reviews


These do the job

These do the job they are intended to do. They keep the strap from cutting into babies neck on rough roads. I put them with the fleece side out. I received the khaki ones. They won’t keep babies head from bobbing around though as they aren’t that thick so remember you may still need to use some other support for that.

Carmen Van Vleck, TX

Lucky Me

I was worried we would receive the pink or green strap covers but got lucky and opened the box to find the cute brown ones displayed on the Amazon page. Very soft and a total steal for $3.99.I want to give this SELLER 1 star for not allowing a color option. I would have sent these back with the free Amazon returns until I got what I wanted. It’s my money, I should get the product I want. I can’t dock stars for the product just because the seller is a moron. The product itself is wonderful and worth every cent.

Leticia Findlay, IL

Soft and Cuddlely

Love the fact that these are cheap and reversible. Nice and soft for babies sensitive neck and cubby cheeks. I have 3 sets and use them on everything with straps (even around the leg area, depending on the product).

Ester Queen Creek, AZ


I received the brown/white strap covers, and they look really nice. They are super soft and keep the strap from rubbing on my daughter’s neck. They are a good deal because I have seen straps like this at local stores that are three times the price. I am thinking of buying another pair so I can keep one on the car seat and one on the stroller.

Madeleine Riverside, IL

Simple no frills gets the job done.

Simple solution to an obvious problem. These wraps have two textures depending on which direction they are wrapped to provide optimal comfort. We just did a 2000 mile road trip with our <3 month old and he did fine in the car with these covers with no nasty red rub marks on the neck. We tried a pair from target that had little animals on them that were annoying and got in the way.

Janie Old Monroe, MO

Very thin, Not recommended

Pros- NoneCons-It is really a very thin strap. I got green color and it is so YUCK!!!. it was that birght shiny green color. They are so thin that they slide down. I returned them the very next day.JUST DONT BUY IT.

Georgina Mayville, MI

so cute

cute and super soft – plus they’re reversible! I got green on one side and green with white stripes on the other.

Lashonda Sutherland, VA

Perfect, works like it should

I got the green ones like other posters, and I love them. Don’t know what all the fuss was about. These are soft and snuggly against by son’s face, and do the job they’re intended to do. They wash up really well, too.

Jill Dewart, PA

So soft, and LIME green. Perfect!

I bought these and I also bought the JJ Cole reversibles. I must say these are softer than the JJ Coles. They are also thinner widthwise, which I think is a plus. However, they are also thinner plush-wise, which some parents may think makes them safer to use as they won’t add any unsafe cushion to the seatbelt. I don’t mind, and actually hoped to get, the lime green. It matches the Instep Bike Trailer I bought them for. The velcro is very sturdy (also a plus over the JJ Cole as the velcro on those is a little flimsy). The inside is a plush pile like a newborn teddy bear toy, and the other side is a silky satiny shiny short-hair fur. I love them.

Erika Castleton, VT