Munchkin Safe Step Gate with TripGuard

Munchkin Safe Step Gate with TripGuard

Make your home safer for both you and your little ones with the Safe Step Gate with TripGuard – featuring the next generation in baby gate technology. With a patent-pending floor bar design that’s 50% lower than the standard safety gate, the chance of tripping is minimized as your family passes through. The dual-locking handle is easy for adults, but difficult for small children to operate, and a third lock at the base provides added safety, allowing you to control which way it opens. Ideal for use in doorways, stairways, and halls, this innovative child gate stands 30″ tall and fits openings 29.5″-35″ wide, and can be extended up to a 54-inch width with additional gate extensions (sold separately).

Main features

  • Fits openings 29.5″- 35″ wide, 30″ tall
  • Patent-pending TripGuard technology reduces trip hazard through 50% slimmer floor bar
  • Double-locking system on handle is easy for an adult, but difficult for a child to use – opens in direction you choose with third lock at base
  • Gate locks shut with just a simple push
  • Extra-wide 21.25” walkthrough allows for easy in and out access

Verified reviews


Nice Product

This is a really nice product, we like it. Pretty simple installation as well. Easy in and out access too for adults. Overall we’re satisfied with it.

Ramona Mount Hope, WI

Sturdy Gate!

This gate is wonderful… however it’s not only baby proof it’s senior proof too. lol My father could not figure out how to open or close the darn gate… so I would have to check behind him to make sure he had close it so my son wouldn’t try to escape. It is very sturdy and easy to install. We had one other gate that is made of plastic that my son could easy pull down… most of the time on top of himself. However this gate stays put once it is installed… it also can be easy moved to another room just don’t put up the permanent wall mounts up.

Julia Ithaca, NY

Tested it with and without extension, worked perfectly, love it!

With a grandchild just starting to crawl, we are busily baby proofing our home so we were eager to test this gate. Listed below are details about safety features, ease of use and installation, appearance, etc.We used it with and without the extensions, on various doors in our house, so I could compare how easy it was to use in different areas. It worked perfectly on each of 3 doors we tested. We are leaving it up to see how it holds up with frequent use so I’ll provide updates – if needed.Please note: we did not use the permanent installation option, with the enclosed screws and hardware, but used the non-permanent mount system. As our grandchild gets older, we can take this down without any holes remaining in our wall from screws, etc.Ease of installation without the extension: all directions shown through illustrations alone. There are no words. However, there is both an 800 number as well as a website for further help, if needed. I checked out both and will give info about those later.This gate does not use a tension or spring mount so it takes a bit longer to put in place than those…but really, no big deal. We used the enclosed wrench to tighten the bolts and end pieces for the gate – and that was that. Once in place,it doesn’t get knocked off the wall,and opens quickly and easily. This is a major plus to use. Entering and leaving a room through a balky gate is frustrating.Ease of use: We have normal strength, nothing special, and find it a snap to open this gate. To do so, you have to simply press a button, squeezing on both sides of the gate, easily accomplished with only one hand. Then you gently push down on the handle and the gate simply swings open. It all happens quickly. A baby or even toddler should not be able to open the gate, though, because of the 2 step process and squeezing the required button – while simple for the average adult – should be tricky for a baby or toddler. When the grandchild isn’t around, we leave the gate open. It stays firmly in place on the wall.Okay, now for ease of installation with the extension- this was a bit trickier and I wish the instructions were clearer about having to remove some end pieces from the in order to add the rest of the hardware and put the gate in place. We did figure it out, though. Again, we found the gate easy to open and are continuing to test it.Appearance and safety: I have a black and white kitchen so the white gate blends in nicely. It has nice lines and should blend with a variety of room styles. Can’t imagine a baby or even toddler opening this easily. And the lower threshold has prevented us from tripping – at least, so far, compared to other baby gates we’ve had. Nice feature!Some reviewers indicated that this gate opened easier in one direction than another. Maybe we were lucky but we haven’t had that issue. We can open it quickly in either direction.There is an optional lock at the bottom of the gate. I think this is to ensure the gate opens in only one direction (not really sure). We aren’t using this option.We didn’t use this on doorways larger than 35″.Here’s some info on 800 number and websites (2 included in the instruction brochure) if you need extra help installing the gate. I called the number and looked at the info on the website. If I’d had problems with installation (and I didn’t) they would have been helpful. There is an online video which is very informative but the person answering the phone was willing to help as well. The website was a tiny bit quicker.We are very pleased with this gate. Please feel free to ask any questions if you need more info, using the comments section below and I’ll try to provide more details.

Marisa Prairie Lea, TX

Hard to open, but otherwise SUPER!

This took less than 15 minutes to mount in our doorway. We did not use the wall anchors and hardware, just the tension mount since we weren’t sure if the puppy could squeeze through the openings (she can with our other, similar gate; she cannot with this gate!).It is definitely easy to adjust, and I don’t trip over the bottom plate. What I do have issue with is actually opening the gate. It
• does
• swing both ways, but it seems to favor one way, and it takes a lot of pressure. I will say that my wrists and hands aren’t the strongest, but I
• am
• a grown woman, and I feel like I have to use both hands more often than not. Now, if you’re got toddlers or younger children that you’re trying to prevent from opening the gate, this may not bother you. For me, it’s an issue because this gates off the kitchen, so I have to carry laundry through there to get to the laundry room and using both hands means I have to put everything down and pick it back up before the puppy bolts out. :-)Overall, I like the spacing of the bars, the ease of installation, and that the gate will swing in either direction. I do not like the amount of pressure required to release the door.

Doris Grantsdale, MT

One of the Best Baby Gates Our Family of Seven Tried

We have five kids and our eldest is five years old. Suffice it to say, we’ve “done the rounds” as far as babyproofing equipment goes and we’ve often been burned by poorly designed cut-rate crap from department stores and (especially) Babies R Us. We currently have four different baby gates in our house, and we’ve thrown out several more.I also had high expectations for this gate because theMunchkin Loftis my favorite baby gate period, even though this Munchkin Safe Step Gate is about half the price.So how did this gate fare? Very well, though I wasn’t completely blown away.At this point, I judge baby gates by three factors. First, how well does it stay in place? Second, can it keep my (surprisingly cleaver) kids from opening it? Third, how well did they think through the design and how well it fits in my home’s entryways.This gate does pretty well on all accounts.As far as staying in place, it’s a pressure mounted gate, which is inherently prone to slippage as the kids try to tear it down or when swinging the gate shut repeatedly over time. HOWEVER, this gate helps prevent the problem with little extras. First, it comes with a sort of wrench for pressure adjustment, which helps you crank it pretty tight. Second, it comes with small plastic keepers to help keep the stoppers in place on the wall. Second and a half, it comes with not only drywall anchors and screws for the keepers (like most pressure mounted gates), but also double-sided sticky tape so you don’t have to break out the drill to install the keepers in a less critical spot (use the drywall anchors if you’re guarding the top of the stairs).As far as keeping the kids from opening it, the latch mechanism is pretty well designed. Some gates have such a poor mechanism that kids can shake the gate and get it to pop open, but I trust this one to stay shut. It opens by an adult-sized hand reaching around the top of the gate, squeezing two buttons, then pressing a latch mechanism down. Kids would have a tough go of operating the latch mechanism because their hands are physically too small to operate it.As far as how well it fits in our entryways, the answer is decently. The “TripGuard” feature is nothing to sneeze at. Other pressure mounted gates do have a 1/2″ bar across the floor that you will sometimes trip on, but the bar across the floor is low profile enough that it’s not a major problem with this gate. The stoppers are adjustable up to maybe four inches and it comes with one extension to make it fit a wider space. I wish it had a second extension so it would fit our kitchen walkway, but I guess you can’t expect perfection at this price point.Very good gate overall, especially at this price point.

Malinda Clinton, PA


We have gone through 5 baby gates having this exact problem of short ones having to be raised up as we have an American Bulldog and a Rottweiler. 3 of the gates we’ve had are death traps. We did get one that was tall enough but it was a screen you pulled out and it was way to flimsy. We even got taller ones and without the extension it was not wide enough and with the extension it was to wide. This worked perfectly for us and now we can stop wasting our money on useless gates. It was easy to put together and yes, we do have it off the ground, but not high enough where we can’t use it to keep our baby from going down the stairs or getting stuck underneath.

Amalia Nunn, CO

easy set up

Best feature for this gate is the lowered bar at the bottom, to help prevent tripping. On our previous gate, the bar was rather high and cause numerous missteps. The gate is easy to assemble. However, like our previous gate, the 4 bolts that hold the gate in place, are not attached to the gate, the simply slide in and out. This, like other gates, can make it a bit of challenge when first trying to secure the gate in place, as they can fall out of the gate.

Lilia Lakewood, OH