Munchkin Safe View Mirror

Munchkin Safe View Mirror

Now when you drive, you can see what your baby is doing at all times with a glance at your rear view baby mirror. This Safe View Mirror has an extra wide mirror that rotates a full 360 degrees and telescopes down from the base to put the mirror in the perfect viewing position. It attaches in only 10 seconds and it even flips up and out of the way when not in use. So no more turning around to see your baby while you drive. One look in the mirror and you’ll see it all safely.

Main features

  • Extra wide mirror that rotates and telescopes to view baby at any angle
  • Flips out of the way when not in use
  • Super easy 10 second attachment

Verified reviews


Works fine for a $5 plastic mirror

Wanting to see and interact with my child while driving, I tried several mirrors like this. Of them all, this one worked best. Is it distorted? Yes, especially near the edges. Can I see things my child holds up to show me? Not at all but then I am supposed to be driving the car, not looking at her pictures or books. When I center her image in the mirror, she is surprisingly clear for a little plastic mirror. Can I meet her eyes and acknowledge her while talking to her, see her smile and nod to my comments? Yes. And that’s the main thing for me – that we are enjoying each other’s company in the car, interacting with each other as much as we safely can from two different rows of seats.In short, if mine broke, I’d buy another one.

Flossie Pittsfield, IL

Cheap mirror, but I can tell what my child is doing.

It’s good for making sure my child isn’t doing anything bad or devious in the back seat, but the mirror isn’t very good, and isn’t very clear. It attaches well to my rear view mirror though, and I haven’t had any problems with it falling off.

Celia Chester, NE

Like carnival funhouse glass/mirror

PROS: Good priceCONS: The glass is like plastic and not really glass. It reminds me of the type of warped mirror you find in a carnival funhouse. You can sort of see your child but definitely not clearly. It is basically useless.Would I recommend it? Absolutely not. Try one that adjusts to the head rest and angle your rear view to see your child while you drive.

Jaime Primghar, IA

horrible mirror gives headaches

The design for this mirror is good, it’s flexible and helps view little ones facing forward in their carseat. It attaches by velcro to the back of your rearview mirror, which works out fine. But the problem is the mirror, it’s not really a mirror at all but a mirror-like piece of paper. It warps along the edges from the get-go and causes a very distorted image. It literally gives me a headache to look at and it’s hard to tell what’s going on in the periphery. I’m going to buy a better product with a real mirror.

Carey Altamont, KS

wish the mirror image was crisper

Mirror is easy to “install” and is great to adjust. I only wish the image was crisper. When the car is not moving, it’s perfect. Once the vibrations from the car get to the mirror, it makes it hard to see any sort of detail.

Phoebe Sherman Mills, ME

like it

it’s a good invest due to check all the time when you’re driving if your baby is OK, sleep or need something

Gale Galt, MO

Small mirror

Small mirror ,if you have a fan or big car it is difficult to see I say it is 1inch wide and 2’5 inches long.have good Velcro part which really holds a piece.

Veronica Springbrook, IA

no way

the image is warped and blurry, makes me nauseated to look back in the mirror. also terrible suction. I wouldn’t buy it again.

Jacklyn Garrattsville, NY


This is about what I expected for 5 dollars. It is easy to install but it is also flimsy so you have constantly readjust it as normal bumps from driving will cause it to move. The mirror surface also distorts the image it reflects so I only have a vague idea of what my son is doing in the back seat. If anything were different about this product, I really wish the mirror were more clear.

Viola Waukegan, IL

So disappointing

I saw the bad reviews, but I love Munchkin products usually, so I decided to buy this anyway.The mirror itself is terrible. You can barely see a thing.The attachment mechanism is ridiculous. It is inconvenient, and attaching the mirror to the back of the rear view mirror is useless. All I could see was the headrest of the passenger seat.

Joanna Gwinner, ND