Munchkin Safety Toddler Bed Rail, White/Blue

Munchkin Safety Toddler Bed Rail, White/Blue

1440614416 Features: -Bed Rail. -Built-in nightlight on the rail. -4 pockets to store favorite books, toys and electronics. -Folds down for easy access and bed-making. -Designed for you and your child’s convenience, comfort and safety. -Bedrail assembles in 5-minutes. -Keep your child safe and snug. -Fits all standard beds. -Meets ASTM safety standards.

Main features

  • Fits mattress sizes twin to queen
  • 5 minute assembly – no tools required
  • Buy two bed rails to create a double bed rail
  • Extra tall and wide – 42″ wide, 18″ tall

Verified reviews


Basically a good item

I bought this for my 3 year old granddaughter’s first bed, was not too difficult to put together and I do like the out of sight feature which makes the bed easy to make and allows the bedspread to lay nicely. Even though the glide bars are under the mattress with a little one there is not enough weight for them to feel the bars which is a big plus. And of course gives me peace of mind in the safety category.

Millie Santa Anna, TX

Does it’s job

Our daughter is 2 years old and we put this on the front of her crib instead of buying the toddler bed kit. It does the job. She doesn’t not fall out of the bed. When we put her in a twin size bed we plan on continuing to use it.

Angelique Swanton, VT

Awesome! Great quality, easy to assemble!

Sturdy bed rail, snap to assemble, perfect height (not too tall), and neutral colors! Bonus is that it snaps down if you don’t want it up! Best deal!

Tamra Aurora, UT

Does the job

This does the job of keeping my 10 month old son on the bed while co-sleeping. I think the only thing that could make this better was if it was longer. It’s not flimsy and has held up to him leaning on it; it does have a small gap, but they all do, have used another brand while visiting relatives and the same issue with the gap. Worth it for the price.

Charlotte Elmo, MT

It got the job done

Our son, like many toddlers, is an active sleeper. When he transitioned from crib to bed, he did so flawlessly, with one exception. He kept falling out of bed onto the hard wood floors. Sure the bed wasn’t particularly high, but it was a far enough fall to make a good thumping noise and obviously resulted in a lot of crying and disorientation in the middle of the night.So at 2 years and 3 months, we bought this Bed Rail, and for four months it worked flawlessly, keeping him in the bed. We just removed it yesterday and he slept through the night without falling out of bed. Fingers crossed that he doesn’t fall out ever again, but I am not confident of this because I can see him moving around quite a bit on the bed.It’s a rail. It has two long straps that go under the mattress. One end of the strap is attached to the rail, the other is has a square hook that grips the far side of the mattress. You then tighten the strap so the rail is secure against the side of the bed (and the hooks grabbing the far side securely), and you’re set. Check to see that it is tight every night by trying to put your finger between the mattress and the rail. In the months we used it, it never loosened up even a little.Keep in mind that you have to place it so there is still enough room for the child to fall out of the bed if the child makes his or her way all the way to the end, and you have to make sure there is enough space on both ends for their head to get through so they don’t hurt themselves if they wind up crawling or falling out the narrow end.Oddly, our son never really seemed that interested in climbing over it and always scoots to the end to go off the bed where the rail isn’t present. Every morning he wakes up, climbs out of the bed and comes running to the bedroom to wake us up with a smile on his face. This has been the best thing about having him out of the crib! We are very lucky because even when he doesn’t want to go to bed, he stays in the bed and cries rather than coming out of the bedroom. I put a video camera in there so I can watch him and at first, he would climb out of the bed when it was nap time (he never did this at night) and I would just yell from downstairs "Andrew, get back to bed" or "it’s night night time!" and I would see him turn around and crawl back into bed. Very cute.

Kimberly Crystal Springs, MS

Excellent, easy to install and works

what can I say, this is the # 1 rated bed rail on amazon for a reason. Very easy to install, it’s sturdy and blends in with any decor. I highly recommend it.

Allison Sun Valley, ID

Waste of money

The fabric can’t be taken off to wash so it got really gross from my 2 year old climbing into bed. About 2 months after purchasing it the plastic broke and the entire thing was useless. We took it off and haven’t been using anything. She has not fallen out of bed.There are better ways to keep your toddler from falling out of bed, don’t waste the money. Check pinterest and other Mommy boards.

Isabelle Funk, NE

Too short 🙁

This rail is just too short to make me feel safe. I co-sleep with my baby and with him moving around more and more I wanted rails. I think I need to keep looking for taller versions. This is about 2-3 inches about our mattress.

Alexandra Albert City, IA

Says it works with platform beds, but ….

It definitely doesn’t work with mine. The mattress is now pushed up on one side – we’ll probably have to return it. It was pretty easy to put together thought – about 20 minutes.

Edwina Slickville, PA

Nice rail, fairly easy to install

This is a nice bed rail and is installed on a queen size bed with no difficulty. NO tools were required, and just getting the straps straight under the mattress was the only effort. It swings down easily and can be hidden down with a bedspread or quilt on the bed when not in use and you cannot even see it is there.My only complaint is that the manufacturer on this page says it comes with a nightlight built into the bed rail and pockets for books. This was the main reason I ordered it besides the good customer reviews. However, there is NO nightlight in the rail NOR are there any pockets for books. So, I checked the model number I received and it is the same as on the box. Very misleading on this nice feature!!!!

Elena Brookfield, OH