Munchkin Sarabear Toy Organizer, Brown, Small

Munchkin Sarabear Toy Organizer, Brown, Small

The SaraBear Toy Organizer by Munchkin is a stylish way to keep toys organized and out of sight. The vinyl interior is easy to wipe clean and features a fashionable stripe pattern. The soft padded handles make transporting the organizer easy and comfortable. When not in use, it folds flat for easy storage. Measures 21.75″ x 13.75″ x 13.75″ when assembled.

Main features

  • Keeps toys organized and out of sight
  • Soft padded handles for easy transport
  • Stylish and contemporary design

Verified reviews



My daughter is in the putting things in and out of boxes phase… so this was a perfect way to store her toys. Safe, collapses in if she falls… I love it

Berta Delta Junction, AK

looks nice

I keep this in my living room for my grandchild’s toys. it has a rich brown color and fits in nicely. It is pretty sturdy for a cardboard box and it seems like it will hold up well. I’m glad I found this toy chest and it’s worth the price.

Olivia Eclectic, AL

Great toy box

I bought this to keep my Granddaughters toys in. My daughter has 2 of them for toys at her house. She keeps 1 in the family room and the other in the nursery. I just love it, it’s big enough for grandmas house toys, and it is sturdy too, even though it is collapsable when not in use. My older grandson came for a visit and really leaned in to find his toys and the toy box held up to his abuse. The top, when closed has a velcro tab to hold it closed, but it will fold over to stay open too. I’m very happy with this purchase. Great price here too. My daughter bought hers a target, same price, but had to pay shipping. Oh yes the brown colors very nice and keeps it looking clean. Check out the size, I think it’s perfect, but it is not a huge huge box, so if you are thinking it will hold Every toy a child owns, look for an actual big toy box.

Hilary Northridge, CA

Perfect Size for Toddler Toys

My son has more toys than plausible, most of which are about 1/2′-1′ in size. Before we would just set them aside at bedtime but they’re all rainbow colored, as child toys tend to be, so they’re not really something you want to stare at 24/7. Also, setting them aside after my son went to sleep was kind of hit or miss. The cat would have a go at them and then you’d find yourself stepping on a Megablock at 2am on your way to the bathroom.Having a place to keep them has vastly improved my life and this toy box is the perfect size to fit everything, with room for more. It’s also fairly attractive to look at, light enough that my son can access all of his things himself without fear of pinching fingers under a heavy lid or tipping it over and getting pinned. For a toddler who does a lot of hands on exploring, this is kind of important.

Jamie Philadelphia, MO

Nice look from the outside

It has a good look, doesn’t look too childish if its going to be in your living room like us.

Aida Beauty, KY