Munchkin Sea & Learn Bath Shapes

Munchkin Sea & Learn Bath Shapes

Munchkin Sea & Learn Bath Shapes

Main features

  • Shapes float and stick to tub wall when wet
  • 84 foam shapes includes two sets of letters (A z) and numbers (0 9), and 12 sea shapes
  • Ventilated, re usable container helps prevent foam from mildew
  • 3+ years

Verified reviews


Too many!

They are great! My boy loved how they float and stick on the bathtub walls. Easy to store. We are not using them all at once, too many to store after bath. They can learn colors and animals. Eventually letters and numbers.

Olive Falls City, OR

22 month old ADORES this set!

I gave this to my toddler when she was about 22 months and it was an instant hit. She’s now two weeks shy of her 2nd birthday and even though these "A D D’s!" (as she calls them) are designed for the bath, she carries them around the house all day long. (Right now she is pushing them around in her stroller!). Ever since getting this set, she has become enamored with the alphabet, and now points out letters and numbers – whether in books, on buildings, etc etc – wherever we are. This is a *great* tool for teaching toddlers the alphabet. I’d say the only downside is that the letters are in lower case only. I think it would be better if there was an upper and lower case set in the pack.

Maryann Red Feather Lakes, CO

all lowercase

The description probably states it.. but when it says 2 alphabets.. I dunno, I expected an upper case and a lower case one. But, no, it’s two lower case alphabets.. which is fine – we can spell lots of things. but I had to take out the ‘i’s’ and the ‘l’s’ because there’s a baby in the bath too.. they’re sorta small. but good set.

Alicia Tarentum, PA

Very disappointing – not as pictured

I am highly disappointed with this product. First of all, as other buyers, I was under impression that it contains two sets of letters one upper case and one lower case. Well, that is wrong. It contains two sets of lower case only! Also, based on the picture, I expected to get one set of the letters with the color pattern. To my surprise all the letters look the same, there is no pattern on them, they are just one color. Only, the sea creatures have the pattern. So what I really got are two identical sets of lower case letters and two sets of numbers. Finally, the letters are pretty small. I don’t like this product. i wish I didn’t buy it at all.

Lina High Ridge, MO

Gets the job done

decent product. lots of different things in one convenient bucket. but they are very stinky and i’ve left them out to dry but still stinky.

Justine New Market, IN

Age is for 3 yr olds

This is a cute little set. I did not see the age requirement when I purchased it. I still let my daughter (who is under 1) play with them in the tub-it keeps her still long enough for me to bath her. They are built strong, as she teethes on them. They are small enough to slide through a toilet paper tube so they are a choking hazard. It talks about it being ventilated, I was thinking there would be more holes than just 4 tiny pin holes at each corner of the tub so I keep the new ones in the tub and limit how many my daughter can play with. It is good for the price.

Edythe Camp Dennison, OH

Five Stars

terrific for learning and fun

Lourdes Exton, PA

Super fun and stick to the tub great!

Great product and my daughter loves these! They stick to the tug and tile walls great. What a fu. Way to make bath time more exciting. There’s a bunch of them in the container and the colors are great.

Sheryl Dryden, NY

Letters are a little smaller than I expected, Colors are confusing for a Child

The letters are a bit smaller than we expectedThe Color sets are confusing, especially since the d and the p are the same color & interchangeable.That said, my 2 year old loves her letters any she can get her hands on.. so you get an A for this alphabet.A-Hope that helps you with your purchasing decisionThanks for Reading!

Kathrine Dormansville, NY


My daughter just got these today and is really enjoying them. They are a little smaller than I thought but there are tons of shapes, letters and numbers.

Mildred Grace, MS

smelled so bad

once i opened these it smelled so bad and they are a lot smaller then i thought they were going to be

Eloise Golden, IL