Munchkin See Baby Backseat Mirror

Munchkin See Baby Backseat Mirror

The Backseat Mirror helps to keep a close eye on your baby. This backseat mirror is for viewing your rear facing baby. It pivots to view baby at any angle and easily attaches to your headrest. This comes in a plush tan color. It enables you to safely keep an eye on your baby and the road at the same time. This features a fabric padded mirror which pivots to any position and gives your baby something beautiful to look at while riding in the car.Backseat mirror for viewing your rear-facing babyMirror pivots to view baby at any angleEasily attaches to your headrestPlush tan colorOne mirror

Main features

  • Backseat mirror for viewing your rear-facing baby
  • Mirror pivots to view baby at any angle
  • Easily attaches to your headrest
  • Plush tan color
  • One mirror

Verified reviews


use this one!

it was really hard to find a mirror that worked well for the captain’s chairs in my minivan, but this was the solution! It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but this mirror is basically made up of two parts- the base, which has two easily adjustable straps and clips to wrap around the headrest, one over the top/bottom and the other on the sides. Then this base has the mirror on a stiff swivel that can be adjusted in a LARGE range of angles. Very much worth the money, especially if you are using captains chairs in a minivan! Oh, and this mirror doesn’t distort the way others do, it’s a very clear view of your baby!

Lily Harlowton, MT

Love this mirror!

This mirror works great! Stays in place, doesn’t wiggle when driving. When I first recieved it, it had a bit of the fun house look but I popped out the mirrored plastic and trimmed it down a tiny bit w kitchen scissors- perfect now! And its large enough that he can see me in the rear view mirror now that he is older.

Martha Niantic, CT

Terrible mirror

Based on other positive reviews on the quality of the mirror, I purchased this product to use for our newborn. However, when it arrived, my husband and I were shocked at the quality of the mirror. It was warped allover and any reflection in the mirror was a funhouse version of a picasso painting – terrible!! I would never be able to see what my baby was doing with this thing. Additionally, the surface of the mirror was scratched in places. I am glad some people received better quality items than we did, but in our opinion, this is a very poor product.

Elena Kennewick, WA

~*~*~*~Perfect for seeing my Rear Facing Girls~*~*~*~

We have twins and have used these to view them in both their Infant Seats & now their Convertable seats. The swivel is great because you can put it any way you need to see your baby(s).Since the mirror is a good size my husband and I can adjust these so both of us can see them just fine. My daughters really enjoy when I look back and smile at them(when my husband is driving) through the mirror. Sometimes they make noise just to get my attention. These are a nice color as well.These don’t move once you have them installed, which is quick and easy. The only times these mirrors get moved are when my husband & I accidently bump into them. But even though they swivel, they don’t move when you drive.We are extremely happy with them!!

Dorothea Manzanola, CO

Awesome Mirror!!!

Secures easily and safely. Simple to position. Mirror allows clear view of baby with minimal distortion. Some distortion has to be expected with a nonbreakable mirror. But I can clearly see baby and what he’s up to. I can’t imagine a better mirror.

Adela Oroville, CA

Mostly pretty happy with this mirror

This is the second mirror I tried. The first one was flexible plastic and the reflection was all distorted. This mirror is rigid, so you can see your baby clearly. My only complaint is that the swivel thing you use to adjust the mirror is very stiff, so it’s hard to move it in small increments. To get it to “break free” you have to push it so hard that it then pushes all the way to that side. Maybe it has to be that way so it doesn’t bounce out of adjustment while you’re driving though… Otherwise I am very happy with this mirrir and my baby is happy he can see mommy while we’re driving.

Patrice Conklin, MI