Munchkin Sesame Street Toddler Fork and Spoon, Elmo

Munchkin Sesame Street Toddler Fork and Spoon, Elmo

The Sesame Street toddler fork and spoon helps to put the fun in mealtime by inviting Elmo to dinner. The toddler fork and spoon are safe for kids and easy for little hands to use. Designed for self-feeding. Rounded fork and spoon tines are designed for safe feeding. Spoon bowl holds toddler-sized portions. Top rack dishwasher safe. BPA free.

Main features

  • Designed for self-feeding
  • Rounded fork and spoon tines for safe feeding
  • Spoon bowl holds toddler-sized portions
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • BPA free products

Verified reviews


Cute but impractical design

I bought these for my two-year old daughter who loves Elmo. However, the Elmo handle is not comfortable to hold for her or for me and the spoon is almost flat so nothing really fits into it. Since this is the only Elmo set like this I could find I would say you can get it but don’t expect much practicality out of it. my daughter was only interested in the top portion of the spoon and wanted to take it off of the spoon and just play with Elmo until I explained to her that this is the design of the spoon and it won’t come off.

Lynnette Melrose, FL

Like the fork but not the spoon so much

These were my 13 month old’s first training utensils. She only likes finger type foods and loves to imitate us eating at the table by trying to use adult utensils so I thought these might work since they have metal ends. I like the size of these — the handles are really short so she learned to get the food in her mouth fairly quickly. The fork is more like a “spork” so it sometimes does not poke into the food well and my little girl has to try extra hard to chase her food around the bowl. The spoon hasn’t been useful at all — it’s very shallow. I wished they sold a just-forks package with a real fork end.

Evangelina Port Costa, CA

Elmo-rific and loved by my toddler

My 18 month old son loves this Elmo fork and spoon set better than the flat while plastic and metal with Elmo painted on. It is really fun and he loves to eat with it. Be prepared for cries of Elmo! Elmo! Elmo! when eating.

Jeanne Monticello, MS

Perfect for small hands

My son is now 16 months old and he has been using these for several months now, they are the perfect size for his little hands and he actually starting to get pretty good at feeding himself.

Alana Bloxom, VA

14-mo old loves them!

Elmo rocks! My grandbaby loves her Elmo spoon and fork set. It has gone a long way in helping her confidence in feeding herself. I’ll be buying more sets. Def more sets!

Sheri Bent Mountain, VA

fun for toddlers

my son is in love with his elmo spoon and fork. He prefers elmo set to any other set. I do wish the spoon was a little deeper so that it would be easier for toddlers to scoop veggies into but other than that the set is great. Fun eating.

Wanda Sherman Station, ME

Perfect size and weight for a toddler

I love this spoon and fork. It’s the best set we have for our 2-year old. The size is perfect for his hand and the weight is good too; substatial enough for him to grip it well. Most importantly; it’s ELMO!

Lillie Florahome, FL

So cute

These are too cute. I was looking for something that would help make my son eat more, and I think these will do the trick, he loves Elmo!

Tamera Conestoga, PA

still feel good

My Son loved this new bought, have used Munchkin Sesame Street Toddler Fork and Spoon,, and still feel good, ha ha,

Lana Versailles, MO

Elmo spoon and fork set

My daughter loves this. I have now had them for well over 6months and they go in the dishwasher almost every 3days and still have held up while and are my daughters favorite. She always asks for her Elmo spoon. Great product!!!

Hope Alturas, CA

Fun for Toddler

These are fun utensils and they are easy for our toddler to use. She frequently asks to use these if she has a choice!

Karla Millville, UT

8 month one and only grandson

This was purchased as a Christmas present, so it hasn’t been even opened, yet I’m sure I will be dilighted and my grandson, too. (After all it is Elmo)

Kelli Waverly, KS

Spoon Doesn’t Hold Food

The fork is so short that it doesn’t pick up food well and the spoon is so shallow that it won’t hold food either!My daughter became so fustrated trying to eat with these that I just threw them away!WASTE OF MONEY in cute Elmo package!

Clara Angelus Oaks, CA

Favorites in the house

My youngest has always been a fan of Elmo. He was delighted to have these to eat with. Great set for kids to learn with.

Chrystal Glenallen, MO

Great set

My 17 month old loves these. She wants to feed herself. This small spoon and fork allow her to that.

Madeline Tuppers Plains, OH


My grandson loves Elmo. So I thought this was an awesome add on gift with the other elmo things I was buying for him. It will I hope make him to want to use a fork and a spoon.

Maggie Cloverdale, MI

These get 5 stars for looks – but 3 for functionality

My son is 20 months and can hold and eat pretty good with a small or toddler sized spoon/fork. He LOVES Elmo so I thought these would be a great buy.Ther are very cute, look well made, but are so ackward for my baby to hold. So he ends up forgetting about his food and he starts playing with his Elmo utensils :(These may be good for a older child.

Sonya Greenville, KY

Cute and perfect size for little hands

My one year old loves these! They are the perfect size for him to grip and help him to start feeding himself!

Cara Clarksdale, MO


This set is cute however they are very small. I think they are too small for my 2.5 year old and he is not a big boy.

Amie Brookfield, MA

Great training utensils

What can you say about a spoon and fork? They work well and they hold up in the dishwasher without fading or cracking. The fork is a good starter fork for a toddler because the tines are not sharp.

Judy Butte Falls, OR

Elmo fans will love.

Very cute set. Our little guy loves to use them at age 14 months. Elmo fans will love this set.

Pamela Willamina, OR

Still a favorite after a year

I got these a while ago and although Elmo is no longer my son’s favorite character he still used these utensils daily. The issue I see with many of the fun utensils out there is their size. Too big and the child cannot grasp it effectively. Too long and there is no control and makes it difficult and frustrating for the child. These are short and oddly shaped on the handle making for a firm grasp by the child which is why he has such good success learning to feed himself with these.

Nola West Branch, IA

Sesame Street Toddler Fork and Spoon

My two year old grandson likes these because he is addicted to Elmo. He has no trouble handling the silverware and picking up his food. The price was right and at his age silverware is a treat.

Becky Belmont, NY

Very cute!

These are pretty cute but now my toddler only wants to eat with these. The size and shape of the spoon/fork are great for scooping. I wish they extended the handle a little more though as it looks a bit compact.

Corine Porcupine, SD

Elmo makes veggies FUN….maybe…no?…..well we tried!

Our 19month old loves these utensils. When her owl utensils aren’t clean, next she asks for elmo!They are the right size for chubby little hands and she seems to use them quite well…they are very hard plastic and seem uncomfortable to hold (to me), but she doesn’t seem to mind or notice.The spoon is a bit flatter than I’d prefer (for cereal and milk), however the fork tines are nice and sharp (not too sharp), and better for stabbing meats and veggies than some of her other utensils.We put them through the dishwasher and they hold up very well. I’d buy them again in a heartbeat. Too bad they won’t make her eat broccoli!!!

Johnnie Surrey, ND

My kid really likes them

He loves Elmo and the handles are big enough for him to grip. The fork is rounded too so he doesn’t hurt his mouth while eating

Gwen Yale, IL

Must have for any Elmo fan.

These are adorable. Very thick and heavy made. My daughter loves Elmo. These have been great to get her motivated to use utensils instead of her fingers with everything. Great price cheaper than Target.

Shawna Erath, LA

great for fans of elmo, if not the best design for self feeding

AS an SLP who works a bit with feeding but a lot with OTs who work with pediatric feeding, these spoons are great novelty spoons for a toddler who loves elmo. And i’m sure it’s hard to create and ergonomic elmo. So these aren’t always my first choice for my typical developing son depending on what he’s eating, but he’s always excited when I pull them out. Also, they are short so not the best for reaching the bottom of say a yogurt container. But i’m still glad i purchased them for my son who adores elmo.

Sonya Glenshaw, PA

My toddler loves these and they have helped her learn to eat better and better with utensils!

My darling 19 month old loves to eat with her Elmo fork and spoon and it has really taught her so much. We all eat dinner together and she really craves all the same activities that mommy and daddy do, including feeding herself. She does a great job with these. I hand wash and dishwasher wash without any problem.

Lacy Pickering, MO

Difficult to hold, distraction – but adorable of course!

These utensils came with a dinner set that I purchased for our 15 month old son. He loves Sesame Street and has recently declared Elmo and Grover his favorites! The plate and bowl are awesome – he eats off of them and is happily surprised to find Elmo’s face at the bottom. The utensils are difficult for him to hold. The fork does not stab and hold foods very well. He also becomes a little distracted by the fact that they are Elmos. Mostly, they don’t work well for him because of the awkward shape to hold on to. I do give them to him occasionally to start with but usually switch to his normal kiddie cutlery soon after.

Elisha Tremonton, UT