Munchkin Sesame Street Toddler Plate

Munchkin Sesame Street Toddler Plate

Divided sections for easy scooping. Wide edge rim keeps food on the plate. Designed to make meal time safe, easy, and exciting for toddler.

Main features

  • Divided sections for easy scooping
  • Wide edge rim keeps food on plate
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


Do not recommend

We bought two of these plates, both broke during the first month of use. The first one cracked in luggage on a trip. Thinking this was an accident, we bought another one because my daughter loves Elmo so much. She threw it down from the high chair, and it cracked again. I thought these plates are supposed to be durable. I wouldn’t waster my money again with this.

Vicki Pittsburg, KS

Nice for toddlers

My son loves his Elmo plate, but it is unfortunate that it can not be microwaved and the suggestion is to wash it on the top rack of the dishwasher. Other than that, it is fine.

Colleen Towanda, IL

Great for a kid who love Elmo

Overall we have been happy with this product. Amazon did replace our original plate because in the dishwasher it started to bubble up (not a good idea). I had wash it and it works just fine.

Faye Cade, LA

My son loves his Elmo plate

I think that when it comes to eating, anything that I can do it make it more fun is worth it. My son loves this plate and it surprisingly still looks the same (no fading of colours) as when we first bought it a year ago.

Bonnie Herndon, PA

Cheap, shatters easily

This plate looks great, but is not practical. My toddler threw it on the floor while eating and it shattered. I got a whole 3 uses out of it for $5. Waste of money.

Katie Townsville, NC

Cracked after about 6 months use

After about 6 months, I noticed a crack along the bottom – threw it out. But while we were using it, it was cute and fun.

Juliet Dana, KY

Cute Sesame Street plate

My 21 month old son LOVES Sesame Street and Elmo, so I had to buy this plate. He loves the colorful design and because it’s melamine, it’s nearly indestructable. They’re top shelf dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning and sanitizing very easy. My son is always sure to point out that Elmo is eating bananas, a very healthy example! It’s a big hit with our boy, so mommy approves!

Susie Elkhorn, NE

Had it a few months..then cracked

This plate didn’t last as long as I had anticipated. I’ve usually had good luck with Munchkin brand product so I was disappointd in the lack of time that this item lasted.

Marissa Rural Hall, NC

Peeling off

I have used it for about a month before it started peeling off. The plastic has come a part. Dont know why.. Maybe they are not microwave safe I dont know.. it is cute but didnt last much..

Latoya Eden, SD


This plate (as well as bowl purchased separately) has held up well through a year’s worth of machine dishwashings. It is cute and durable.

Rosanne Valley, WA

Wonderful plate

My toddler loves it and sometimes requests this plate only. He likes to empty this plate to show me his Elmo on the bottom of this plate:)

Gabriela Melfa, VA

very cute & not microwavable

like most plastic kid’s sets, you can’t microwave this… so if you are fine with it, it’s really cute! I just heat up the food in another container and then place in the plate.

Luisa Mazama, WA

Cute Elmo Plate

I bought this for my daughter’s 2nd birthday who loves Elmo! I bought it along with the bowl and silverware set and is made of very durable plastic. She loves it and it was definitely a good purchase.

Frankie Cordova, NE

Chipped and peeled

We washed this by hand because I figured it might be delicate. It still peeled and flaked apart into her food after only a few uses. We just threw it away, it wasn’t worth trying to return it.

Krystal Limestone, TN

Cute, but WAY to pricey

Without reading closely, I thought that I would get two plates based on the image and the price. This was a mistake on my part and a bad idea. This is not worth the cost for one plate, but if you can find the item elsewhere, it’s cute.

Geraldine Cortaro, AZ

Only 1 plate

It looks like you’re supposed to get 2 plates, but we actually only got one. Nice plate, and my daughter likes the characters, but I was expecting 2 plates, and feel that the $ I spent was WAY too much for just one.

Jo Brockton, MT

so far, so good

I bought this for my 2 year old who loves Elmo. I’ve had no problems with it in the dishwasher, and it’s a good size for how much she eats. She likes it and I like it! I wish it was microwave safe, but this kind of plate isn’t, so no big deal. Good price for plate alone on Amazon. The whole set came with too many items we didn’t need.

Mamie Emmet, AR