Munchkin Shampoo Rinser, Colors May Vary

Munchkin Shampoo Rinser, Colors May Vary

Help keep soap and water out of baby’s eyes with this soft silicone Shampoo Rinser. Designed to be easy to use and hold, it features a unique teardrop shape with an integrated, easy-grip handle.

Main features

  • Soft rinse cup keeps soap and water out of child’s eyes
  • Unique teardrop shape for the bathtub
  • Integrated, easy-grip handle
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: Blue or Pink

Verified reviews



I use this to bathe my infant. I still don’t use the flexible contour against my baby’s head so I can’t comment on how well it works to keep the water from her eyes, but I do use it to rinse her head and other body parts. I looked everywhere for a rinsing cup and this was the one I liked best. Easy to use and clean, holds a good amount of water, and it’s nice that it’s soft.Review update (Jan 2012): My baby is old enough now that I’ve tried to use the cup as directed, against her head, to rinse without water running down her face. It sort of worked, but as another reviewed mentioned, it is not as effective as my hand to hold back the water. It’s just quicker and more effective for me to use my hand. However, I still find the rinsing cup pretty helpful to take her shampoo off as it holds a nice amount of water.Just a few cleaning and storage tips: 1) Make sure you rinse the cup well and set it to dry after each use, otherwise gunk can build up easily. I also found it hard to clean inside the cup holder, especially at the bottom. I guess it’s because of the single-piece design. In this sense a traditional cylinder cup would be easier to clean more thoroughly. Once a month or so I rinse with white vinegar to prevent mold.2) I have two of these and one of the cups was stored in a tight space where it got squished. After a few weeks it had become deformed and lost its shape. I managed to bring it back almost to the original shape by filling it with water and letting it sit, but it’s not perfect. So, don’t squish it when you store it!

Jeanne Lamont, IA


The product was as described, it arrived on time. Very helpful . . . . . . . . .

Marci Wendell, NC

Pretty Simple but effective

So do you really need one of these? REALLY? I did get it and don’t regret it. But it isnt a necessity.

Roxie Dallas, SD

Not what I thought …

Washing my toddlers hair has become more of a chore lately, since her hair is growing longer and her patience (what patience?) is very limited. I had been using a different pouring cup that came with one of her baby tubs to wash her hair, I would just place some toys on the bathtub shelf, ask her to reach up for them, and quickly rinse the shampoo out, to avoid getting the soap in her eyes. So when I saw this soft headed rinser I was really hopeful.Didn’t work.In fact, and maybe I am using it wrong (but how can you use a rinse cup wrong?), I end up with more water and soap pouring in her eyes than before! And boy does she cry when that happens!I also found that when this cup is filled full it becomes too heavy. It actually seems to hold too much water, especially if my toddler tries to help – she can’t lift it and becomes frustrated. Further it is bulky and difficult to store, because (as a previous reviewer has stated) it cannot be squished or it loses its shape.She uses this as a bath toy now. I am back to my old cup.

Patrice Wolsey, SD

Works as a hair rinse-er, but nothing more

I bought this thinking it would help keep water and soap out of my toddler’s eyes. Even when she tipped her head back as directed, it didn’t keep the water out of her eyes. My hand does a better protecting my Daughters eyes than this product. I do use it to rinse her hair though, so not a total waste.

Nadia Natick, MA

Ok cup

This cup really doesn’t flex as much as I thought it would and on my baby’s head you have to be very careful or it flexes too wide and the water runs over baby’s face anyway. She does like it as a bath toy 🙂

Angelia Nancy, KY

Best bath toy ever!

This was intended to be used by me when washing my childs hair, but she decided that this was her favirte toy. She now only plays with this one and copletely ignores her real bath toys. Go figure!

Lakesha Barstow, CA

Good rinser

I was hoping for pink, but I got blue. Not a huge deal though, as it clearly says "colors may vary"Does it’s job, rinses the shampoo out of my daughters hairs. She also likes to play with it more than most of her bath toys.

Elisha Mapleton, MN

Fine for bath play, useless for keeping water out of eyes for wiggly kids

My three year old has hated getting water in his face for most of his life, making bath time a real trauma for both of us. Bought this item a couple of years ago in hopes of keeping the water off his face during rinse time, and can safely say that it has Never truly worked. The problem is that the kid needs to have his chin lifted up, and be sitting fairly still while you tip the water out. Mine utterly refuses to lift his chin, and struggles and fights my every attempt to get him into position. This makes things worse in the end, as he usually slips out under the cup as soon as I start pouring, channeling the water directly Into his face rather than away from it.After a few attempts, I gave up even pretending to use it as anything but a simple cup: just getting the ordeal over as fast as possible seems to be our best option.On the plus side, it is a favorite bath toy with its generous size and easy to grip handle!I am looking into one of the “rinse caps,” which actually stay on the head and should require a little less active cooperation from their wearers.

Susanne North Benton, OH

Helpful with squirmy baby

The soft rinser comes handy when giving my 7 month old bath and shampoo. I used to have a hard mug which she kept on trying to pull towards her and bang her head into. My baby likes to keeps her mouth open and is ready to lick whatever water/soapy mix comes down her face. Having the rinser reduces the amount of water that goes in her mouth. (Funny fact: She wouldn’t have plain water when I give it to her in the bottle. Maybe the Aveeno baby soap makes it yummy??!!) That makes the 5 bucks worth it! Came promptly with Amazon mom membership.

Sherrie Fletcher, NC

Flexibility of this rinser is a plus!

I prefer this shampoo rinser over others I’ve seen because the entire container is somewhat soft and flexible. The flexibility allows you to easily pour the water against the contours of your child’s head, but it’s not so flexible that it is flimsy and spills water while you use it. All and all, a good, simple product that should last a very long time.

Rosanne Chatsworth, IL

It’s ok.

It works great with a younger infant who doesn’t wiggle or move in the tub a lot. Baby has to have head tilted back in order for it to work. If baby has head facing down the water will still get in his/her face. So it gets the job done if you use it right.

Joanne Hatfield, MO

Love it!

This is a great tool when bathing your LO. It’s sturdy but light and safe to let your baby play with it.

Kathrine Greenville, FL

Safe and Useful

Wonderful product for washing babies in the tub — holds quite a bit of water and is soft so can’t hurt baby or break if dropped.

Melva Danbury, WI


The idea is really great, but maybe I am not using it right, because the shampoo still gets in babys eyes. But other than that, i like that it is soft so it wont hurt if he rolls on it.It;s alright. But with hindsight, I probably would have just used a regular cup and saved my money

Della Glenbrook, NV

Hollow space inside handle grows mold

I loved this bath cup until I realized the hollow handle was starting to accumulate soap residue as well as grow mold. It’s almost impossible to clean inside the narrow handle so I finally had to stop using this product. If they had the handle portion closed off I would have given this product 5 stars.

Rosa River Pines, CA

Good, but only if baby pushes head back

This shampoo rinser is perfect if my baby would look up during a bath. But, for now, she is too busy playing with the toys and so this rinser is just like pouring any other canister of water over her head for now. I’m sure it will be helpful when she is a little older and can follow directions better.

Mai Walker, KY

No necessary, but certainly handy.

The neadline says it all, but here’s more details.I purchased this because the larger bath container we were sent home from the hospital with kept slipping out of my hand in the water & I was worried I would bop my newborn daughter in the head with it. I would hold the large container with one hand and shield her eyes from soap and water with the other.It is made of a nice soft plastic but is sturdy enough to make it through drops, etc. but I do tend to still need my hand to shield her eyes. I’d say the biggest plus of this is the easy to grip with wet or soapy hands handle.

Kenya Velpen, IN

Great product

I have owned several of these for my kids and definitely recommend them. It is oft and a great size.

Patsy Clyde, OH


It’s a great rinse cup for her bath, but the handle inside got moldy.

Dee Sumerco, WV

wish it were bigger

great. nice and soft so it is easy to put against forehead while pouring. kids love to play with it in the bath. i only wish it were larger capacity so i could pour more with one shot = rinse shampoo out quicker.

Freida Macy, IN

I love this rinser its thin enough to wash a newborn

I had orginally bought another rinser but it was to wide for when my son was just born. He is three months now and about 11 -12 lbs so hes a little guy still. Well i was tired of not being able to pour water on his head properly so I bought this cup at Baby’s r us. It was on sale for 2$!!! I just bought it today so its still on sale! It is lime green and honestly I used it tonight and I love how thin it is. My only issue is that when you actually put it to their heads the water will pour out on either side and not down the middle where I actually want it to go… Maybe he is still to small.. i guess I will find out later on but in the mean time I am going to keep using the product because it does work!

Gabrielle Priest River, ID

Works fine, but water still gets in the baby’s face

Lightweight, easy to use. Maybe it’s my technique, but I still can’t prevent water running down my baby’s face when I rinse his head. He’s still to young for me to tell him to tip his head back and he won’t really let me do it. So I use it to rinse his body and just wring a washcloth on his head several times to get the shampoo out. He doesn’t mind that amount of water on his face.

Juana Gaylordsville, CT

Great Product

Would highly recommend – product is light weight and easy to use. I love how it is flexible and soft.

Aurelia Crawford, NE

Functional, but a plastic bowl works better

I got tired of lugging my plastic pouring bowl from my kitchen into the bathroom for bath time so I bought this. It was smaller than I expected and not as firm as I thought. But, it works for rinsing. My bowl holds more water, though. My little one is 5 months so I haven’t butted it up against her head as intended yet. Takes 2 fills to rinse because of the size.

Natasha Pocomoke City, MD

I like it! I think

Not sure it’s better than any other cup from my kitchen. Water still goes down her face sometimes. I like the handle and sometimes when my daughter isn’t moving it works.

Lori Bon Wier, TX


Got this Shampoo rinser from Amazon. I got color blue which looks very cool. The rinser is large enough to accommodate good quantity of water.Nice product.

Myra Copenhagen, NY

Would purchase again

I love that it holds a good amount of water and is pretty flexible. But I did run it through the top rack of the dishwasher once to get the mildew cleaned out of the handle and it sort of warped it. Still usable and I never used it to push against my son’s head anyways so it still does the trick. I usually just use my hand to prop underneath his chin to keep his head back and just pour the water gently. Works quickly and he doesn’t usually fuss too much because the water is avoiding his eyes. Did not get to choose the color and was sent a pink one for my little boy, but I really don’t care too much about that.

Anne Ravenna, KY