Munchkin Silly Sandwich Cutter Set, 3 count

Munchkin Silly Sandwich Cutter Set, 3 count

The 3 piece Silly Sandwich Cutter by Munchkin makes fun shapes out of sandwiches, pancakes and more. Kids will be delighted at mealtime when food is cut into an elephant, penguin or puzzle. Ships one of each shape, one of each color.

Main features

  • Make fun shapes out of sandwiches, pancakes and more
  • Keeps kids engaged and interested at mealtime
  • Includes one elephant, one penguin and one puzzle shaped cutters
  • Ships one of each color

Verified reviews



Love these, my daughter loves them too! Very easy to use and make lunches fun. Will definitely buy more soon!

Monika West Rockport, ME


I received the elephant sandwich cutter from Munchkin to test, rate, and review! This is a quality made product that makes meal times fun. We like to make grilled cheese elephants! If you are looking for a fun way to make you meals more fun, I would definitely recommend this product.

Kelley Centralia, KS

Great items!

I’ve been looking for some new sandwich cutter sets for a while because my kids were tired of dinosaurs and hearts. I found these and knew I had to have them because my daughter LOVES penguins. They arrived just as described – one puzzle, one elephant, and one penguin. The elephant and penguin cutters are fantastic. The only issue I’ve had is with the puzzle cutter – sometimes it smashes the bread a little and pulls it apart because it’s cutting it into so many pieces, but I’ve started using that one only for wheat bread that’s a little stiffer and I don’t have any trouble with it. Overall, though, this was a great purchase!!

Shirley Norwich, VT


These are really cute, and they jazz up our toddlers sandwiches when he goes to school. The shapes hold up well, so you can still tell what they are. Honestly though, at 2 years old, I think our kid cares less than we do, but we think they are fun!

Sonia Ridge Farm, IL

Doubles as cookie cutters!!

My kids get picky when it comes to the crust of sandwich bread. These cutters are a great way to be fun and creative with snack time and lunch. To top they are easy to use and clean.I have used these as cookie cutters too!

Lois Ellerslie, GA

Good price.

The slices of bread that i get are too small. I havent remembered to buy a good size loaf of bread. But i think the quality and quantity are both good and worth the buy.

Jamie Hoolehua, HI

Well made and gets those unwanted crusts off the sandwich

My toddler likes all three designs. And he especially likes that he has no crusts on his sandwiches (what is that?). They are dishwasher safe.

Aileen Lynnwood, WA

Love it! So great for toddlers

Highly recommended once kids reach toddler age for some fun times in the kitchen. Although my toddler isn’t really interested 90% of the time, he really likes animals so the elephant is a huge hit. I use it to make french toast (hit) cheese sandwich (miss), and the puzzle-toast was also a semi-hit (1 piece counts, right?). He really enjoys playing with them, so I see it also is an educational tool for him. He likes to eat the legs off the elephants and we haven’t even tried making cookies that are puzzle-shaped yet. Sure, there’s a lot of different sets available so make sure you really want this. I would have preferred another animal instead of puzzle, but ultimately it’s fine and it’s variety. It cuts very smoothly (though I notice i have to press my fingers against the ‘cutting’ side to complete the circuit and get a bunch of clean edges on the bottom bread slice. These could be used for other foods besides breads. I like it that these are BPA free, and colors are fine. I did not experience any problems others noted, and I received 3 different cutter-shapes. This will provide my kids with plenty of entertainment, and its also not as likely to cut their fingers as another cutter-shape set I got, which was made from metal. Warning, do not let your kid(s) put them on the floor. It’s just too much risk someone might step or fall on the wrong side, so if they do play with them, might be best to keep it supervised, in the kitchen.

Sydney Almena, WI