Munchkin Snack Catcher, 9 Ounce, 12+ Months, color may vary

Munchkin Snack Catcher, 9 Ounce, 12+ Months, color may vary

Colors may vary. Please let us choose for you. Munchkin Snack Catcher Munchkin Snack Catcher cup stores snacks in small portions – perfect for kids! Its soft flaps make it extremely simple for kids to pick up snacks with their little fingers. The finger cleaning bumps help keep snacks from spilling. The domed lid offers more space and the bottom is rubberized to prevent scratches on tables and other surfaces. Why You’ll Love It: It is a great way to store and feed snacks to your kid. Features Soft flaps makes for easy use Domed lid helps store increased quantity of snacks Bottom has rubber layer for scratch or mark prevention Has “finger cleaning” bumps Top-rack dishwasher-safe

Main features

  • Cup holds 9 oz of snacks
  • Soft flaps for easy access
  • Special place on bottom to write child’s name
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


Worth every penny

We received this item around the time our toddler was graduating to walking on her own. As she got older she wanted to have a snack but didn’t want to sit in her highchair. This item allowed us to give her a snack and let her to have it anywhere. It is wonderful for shopping, when you don’t want to be picking up an entire bag of goldfish off the floor after your child dumped it out. Or when visiting friends and family, not only eliminating mess at their homes but also in your car. We love this item and it holds up really well. Toss it in your diaper bag and you are good to go.

Kenya Uhrichsville, OH

Great for when you’re out and about!

This is the second snack cup I have purchased. We were using the first one so much that we decided we needed a second one. My son can easily get his hand in and snacks out of the cup, but the design prevents things from falling out on their own (mostly). Definitely a "must have" in our house.

Tessa Horse Creek, WY

Great for Little Ones

These snack catchers are fantastic! I have a friend with a 2 year old son. He’s at that age where he wants to feed himself and be independent but he also tends to drop food everywhere with most other containers. This one keeps food in but allows the little guy to grab a snack without the mess.

Ola Bellemont, AZ


Awesome way to let your little one snack by themselves while not making a mess! These are great for all little children!

Rae Jasonville, IN

A Neat and Useful Device.

Our baby boy (13 months) is going through teething and loves crunchy snacks. We supply him with a variety of Gerber’s Graduates Crunchies (made of corn and somewhat like Cheetos for adults). He loves them. Usually we feed them to him one at a time. Alternatively, we spread out a collection of crunchies on his feeding tray. The problem with the latter is that he tries to grab a fist full and put them all in his mouth at the same time or he sweeps them off the tray and onto the floor.My wife found this little snack cup in a baby food section of a store and it has worked marvelously well. It has a top with flexible openings. We fill the cup with crunchies and then the boy tries to figure out how to extract them. It didn’t take long. After a few minutes he’d stick his fingers or hand into the opening, come out with a crunchie and put it into his mouth. After a few crunches, he’d go after another. The greatest number of crunchies he was able to extract in any one grab was two. What a relief! Now he was eating on his own and with a minimum of spillage onto the floor. Also he seems to enjoy the problem-solving task of removing what he wants from the cup. Plus, we can take the cup along wherever we go and let him work on it to occupy his attention. This is a neat and useful device.Gary Peterson

Sharron Gypsy, WV

Love the design BUT needs a lid

These are great & my son loves them but they really needed to design a lid to use with them….they dump out in my purse so I have to put the snacks in a baggie and then transfer them to the cup when my son is ready for them. This cup does keep him busy for a while (especially when were in a store & I need him to keep quite for a bit).

Leanne Indian Trail, NC

its a cute idea but not for toddlers

it worked for my 2 year old for a few days till she figured out how to open the lid and that was the end of this item…… useless

Molly Hamilton, IN

My toddler loves it!

My friend had recommended this to me for my baby’s snacks. It helps with a child’s eating independence and helps prevent snack spills. It comes in great 2-tone colors which makes it gender neutral. I keep one at home and one in the car. It’s BPA-free and easy to clean. I love this for all of my child’s snacks. I recommend it to any parent.

Shari Port Alexander, AK

good product

daughter seems to have no problems using and i like that it keeps my car somewhat cleaner. easy to clean and dishwasher safe which is a must in my book

Kendra Senath, MO

It’s not magic, but it does the job!

Some parents seem unhappy with this product, and I can’t figure out why. It is not a magical cup to keep all messes from happening, it simply does its job. Some parents complain of their child using it as a shaker to sprinkle crumbs all over the floor. Well, I shake mine over the sink to get rid of itty bitty pieces before I let the kiddo have it.Overall, it keeps the snacks in as opposed to my son dumping a full bowl of snacks all over the floor. The few he drops he eats. I got mine from a local MART for much cheaper and two came in a package.

Beverley Topton, NC