Munchkin Snack Dispenser, Colors May Vary

Munchkin Snack Dispenser, Colors May Vary

Organize your snacks with this handy snack dispenser. Fill it with cereal, crackers, nuts or fruit. It has 4 separate compartments and an easy pour spout. It’s perfect for the car or travel. Next time your little one has a snack attack, you’ll be ready.

Main features

  • 4 extra large compartments are great for crackers, fruit and other snacks
  • Snap tight cap and easy pour spout
  • Removable lid makes cleaning and filling easy
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: green or purple

Verified reviews


Good idea, but poor quality

After a few weeks of hand-washing this item in lukewarm water, it warped and the top won’t stay on. So formula has spilled all over my diaper bag. Very poor quality plastic. Could be deigned a lot better.

Mildred Somerset, MA

not practical and kind of useless

My baby loves eating different kinds of snacks so I thought this snack dispenser was a great idea. I was wrong and here’s why:(1) lid is difficult to open; and (2) dispenser bottle is kind of deep and each compartment very narrow making it hard to grab snacks once compartment is half full. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the small opening in lid is useless. It’s just too much trouble using this dispenser so instead, I use small zip lock bags. I’m thinking about using regular containers as well.

Eunice Arroyo Seco, NM

Not super practical

Bought this item because we were going to be doing a lot of travelling and I the snacks were getting crushed in the diaper bag. However this little device takes up a lot of room and doesn’t hold a lot of snacks. It also only fits smaller snacks which limits what you can put in each section. Also it is sometimes hard to turn and it seems to get stuck in one position. We used in once and now just have it as a bath toy for the little one.

Elinor Mizpah, MN


This is great to divide different items for your child’s snack, but you can’t spin the top to go to each section in the container. I have found its easier to take the lid off and on.

Trisha Grey Eagle, MN

Very handy

This is very handy for putting formula in. We used it to pack 4 bottles (6 oz) worth of formuala. Then, we just put water in the bottles and then you can mix in the car or wherever you go for a fresh, somewhat warm bottle. Haven’t used it for snacks yet, but sure it will be handy. It washes easily and is good quality.

Darla Stockton, KS

We Love It!

This product is very convenient. It is a little on the bulky side, but I like that it can hold a variety of snacks for my son and that the wedges are a decent size to hold enough of each snack. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is on the go all the time.

Claudine Weston, OH

Keeps snack contained…

But it is difficult to rotate the top. You are also limited as to what you can put in these containers due to the small size of the partitions and the spout.

Juana Combined Locks, WI

Munchkin does it Again!

I think these containers are wonderful for trips with a love to snack baby or toddler. Great container and design almost like the dispenser which is another great product. I love Munchkin brand items!

John El Toro, CA

GREAT for the diaper bag

This thing is GREAT for formula/snacks for the diaper bag. I can just pack it and throw it in for when my son is in the church nursery or at the babysitters

Nelly Ninole, HI

Great Product

I already have one of these and actually bought another because it is so handle and it is convenient to have two of them, I would really recommend these

Josefina Lowell, VT

A must for toddlers on the road

Though not huge, these containers hold up to four different snacks. Perfect for shopping trips, playground or play dates. Super for picky eaters as you can pack a variety so your little one can choose what he’d like to eat. Easy to pop into the dishwasher. Nice that this was a set of two. You can’t have enough of these, since you’ll probably be losing some along the way.

Kendra Rinard, IL

Mom must have!

I used this at first to transport formula in my sons diaper bag for on the go. I loved that I could carry multiple feedings worth at a time. I now use it for snacks. For the most part I still like it but sometimes larger snack get stuck and don’t shake out very easily. I have never had an issue with the lid coming off or anything spilling out.

Sheryl Shawville, PA

GREAT for snacking on the go!

I love this product, I have used it since my baby started snacking on her own. I put different snacks in each compartment: cheerios, yogurt melts, dried fruit, and those baby snack puffs. The top stays on tight in the diaper bag! It is a large size, fits plenty of snacks. But it is not TOO big, in my opinion. It is rugged, it won’t get crushed or anything. I recommend this for sure!

Georgia Imboden, AR

Not practical

This is advertised as being good for all sorts of snacks–fruit, etc. It’s pretty much only good for Cheerios. Which is ok for my toddlers, though they don’t understand turning the top to different slots, but it doesn’t seem useful in the long run. The dispensing hole is quite small. OK, but there are much better items on the market.

Rhonda Haines, AK

Extremely useful

I keep this snack dispenser in my diaper bag all the time. I simply refill it after we get home from outings so it’s ready to go again the next time I grab the bag. With a pre-toddler who enjoys feeding himself, its perfect for keeping him happy when we’re out and about. This is a must for all parents.

Winnie Nunapitchuk, AK

Couldn’t live without it

Such a great container allowing you to carry a variety of snacks. Only complaint is that the lid is a little hard to turn when you are trying to go from snack to snack. Otherwise this is a great product that I would buy again.

Staci Holcomb, MO

like it

it’s a good way to organize in your bag pack the food that your baby need when you’re going out

Susan Rensselaer, IN

Nice idea but not that practical…

The hole in the top is so small that not many kinds of snacks fit through it… This would be perfect for formula but not toddler snacks…

Katie Forked River, NJ

Nice but it came just one

I love it but it says that cames two and came just one, should be two, its a shame if not will be fine.

Myra Martinsville, IL

Great Product

I love how you can have storage for four different types of snacks. The lid rotates and seals. Great Product.

Savannah Ackermanville, PA

Must Have!

This is a must have item for your diaper bag. It comes in handy while I’m out shopping, running errands, out to eat. It has 4 compartments so you can have different types of snacks. I love it. It’s super handy and is easy access to snacks for my son while on the go!

Carolina Clay, TX

Great product!

I love this product – I can pack four “bite size” snacks into it, the opening on top allows you to dispense the snacks very easily…If you use different formulas and need to take just a little bit with you – you can use it for it too. It is very durable, easy to use and clean and I would certainly recommend it!

Tanisha New Sarpy, LA

Cool little container for babies on the go

Great for snacks on the road. We tried it for pre-measured formula too and it works ok for that as well. Spout could have been closer to the edge and the powder will leak between compartments a little so keep it upright if used for that.

Staci Helenville, WI

Great Idea, Not Practical

I like to bring a variety of snacks for my three year old when we will be out running errands for the better part of a day. I was excited about this snack dispenser because it would consolidate all of the selections into one receptacle and I wouldn’t have to dig around for the multiple containers in my bag.I read all the reviews & saw the warnings of how little they fill and how bulky they were. I purchased one anyway because I was okay with making the bulk trade-off to get rid of multiple containers. As far as how much they hold, I decided to go by the pictures and figured people were just complaining.Unfortunately, they really don’t hold enough for me to justify the bulk. There’s just no room. The dividers take up too much space & create angles that the snacks can’t fit in. There is a lot of wasted space. What is left just simply does not leave enough room for a snack. Maybe if there were two compartments instead of four it would open enough space and cut some of the angles the snacks can’t fit in, but I’m not sure. I filled one section of my cup and it held 33 goldfish crackers. This is not near enough for a full day of errands for me, even when you multiply that number by four.Although I love the idea, I filled it once, then immediately took the snacks out & went back to multiple containers without even using it. It’s in the back of my cupboard, never used. I will give it one more chance when my youngest is old enough for snacks. Maybe this will hold enough for a younger child. Otherwise, I have no use for it as intended.

Hillary Van Tassell, WY

Great for the diaper bag.

Great for small snacks or even formula for the diaper bag. I like putting cheerios and lil snackers in the different sections.

Janna Chelsea, VT

This thing ROCKS!

I love my Munchkin Snack Dispenser!!! I used to use cleaned out plastic baby food containers or small sized plastic storage containers. I had 3 or 4 of them in the diaper bag when we were out and about and what a pain in the neck that was. Now all of her snacks are in one place and easy to get to. The lid can be a little tricky at first, but you get the hang of it. I can portion out exactly the amount I want to give her and then with the flip of the lid for the spout, everything is air tight and secure. Great product!

Rhoda Glidden, WI