Munchkin Snack Tower

Munchkin Snack Tower

Includes 3 containers that can be used separately or together. Perfect for carrying snacks, cereal, formula and more. Each container holds up to 5 scoops of formula. Includes an easy-pour spout, base becomes second cap to make 2 towers.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Three 4 ounce containers
  • Each container holds up to 5 scoops of formula
  • Convenient carrying handle in the cap
  • Includes an easy-pour spout
  • Base becomes second cap to make 2 towers

Verified reviews


Too Small

This is a nice product, but the compartments are very tiny. Barely holds enough snacks for my 21 month old. Great concept, just wish the compartments were a little bigger.

Flora Clermont, IA

Awesome! Keeps snacks from going stale

I love this product! The snack tower is awesome. I usually tote around things like Life cereal and multigrain cheerios for my daughter to eat. And I’ve even kept the snack compartments in the diaper bag without refilling them, and had no problems with the snacks going stale! Some of the snack containers I’ve use prior have made the snacks go stale, and it’s really inconvenient. I do agree with the snack container being a little small, but I don’t mind.

Jan Hallstead, PA


I really like the idea of the snack tower. It’s a nice compact design that fits easily into my purse or diaper bag. It’s nice to be able to take multiple snacks without taking up additional room. Also, when my son isn’t using his pacifier, it gets it’s own spot in the snack tower. It helps keep it clean and I always know where it is.

Deana Porters Sideling, PA

FAB!! We love this!!

This is fantastic! We love that you can stack as many as you want, and separate them for use, and they only take up a very narrow space in a diaper bag…neat colours and appearance as well as nice "feel" – very good buy and we may be back to purchase a few more as gifts! Only gripe is that they are a little difficult for little ones to undo by themselves, as we discovered sending them with our 5 yr old for snack time at school. I also wish they’d make another set available in a bigger size, for when they start eating larger portion sizes…

Deanne Rollins, MT

Not bad but needs improvement

I recently got this on a baby shopping spree and did not know what to expect out of it. This is a very compact snack tower but fits in nicely inside a purse or a diaper bag. I use it to store some formula in the top tier (holds 5 scoops= 10 ounces once mixed with water), goldfish or cheerios in the middle and nuts in the bottom. it can be used for storing a pacifier too if needed or bottle nipples. I agree with other reviewers that the design could have been better because the tiers don’t stack easily, you have to force it to shut on top of each other. I have no idea what the purpose of the bottom blue stand is. It’s unnecessary because that tray already has a bottom and the blue extra thing is just for show. One advice would be to check out local departmental stores for this, I found this at half the price at a local store than for what it is sold on Amazon.

Laurel Chippewa Falls, WI