Munchkin Soap Dispensing Bottle Brush,Colors Vary

Munchkin Soap Dispensing Bottle Brush,Colors Vary

Now you can just press a button to release the perfect amount of soap. The textured scrubbing bristles reach even the hardest to clean areas with ease, so your bottles will always be sparkling clean. The sturdy suction base grips tightly to keep brush in an upright position, away from germs and ready for one handed cleaning. And with four fresh colors to choose from, they’re guaranteed to brighten up any kitchen.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Soap dispensing button makes cleaning easy and convenient
  • Durable scrubbing bristles reach hard to clean areas
  • Strong suction base holds the brush upright and away from germs
  • Non toxic and top rack dishwaster safe
  • Handle is shaped for comfort and grip is non slip, even when wet

Verified reviews


Like it

Good and practice to clean baby stuff at kitchen and use a different thing to the normal cleaning things at the kitchen

Jacklyn Nashville, GA

Great Bottle Brush!!!

I love this bottle brush! I bought it before my daughter was born and did not realize what a great brush it was until we needed another one and my husband bought a different kind. It is so sturdy and gets everything clean really easily. I like that it doesn’t have a “sponge” type thing on the end like so many do. That just holds bacteria. I did not, however, use the soap dispensing feature so I cannot comment on that. To me, there is no need. If you are looking for a great bottle brush, this is it.

Peggy Biddeford, ME

good buy

I bought this brush to help clean the countless bottles you get piled up with little kiddos. I like the soap dispenser in it but I wish it also had a smaller brush to help clean the nipples better.

Kara Broomfield, CO

Splashes water everywhere

This bottle brush is too big for the mouth of a traditional bottle. You can shove it in the bottle, and it will do the job, but when you yank it out – and I do mean you have to really pull – the water on the bristles shoots everywhere. Then you have to spend the next 10 minutes drying yourself and your kitchen. No thanks. AND THE SOAP LEAKS! Awful product.

Freda Kingsley, MI

I use les soap

I like this brush, i had been looking for a bottle brush like this for months. I use half the soap when I clean, which makes me happy and saves me money which I like. I will be getting this for every one that I know with a baby.

Deena Tontitown, AR

Buy the cheaper Munchkin brush instead… this one’s too rigid/course

I had the standard Munchkin bottle brush and loved it, so I thought I’d try this one since it holds/dispenses the soup. This brush is actually quite different from the non-dispensing one. This brush’s middle is thicker, and the bristles are denser and more rigid, so I had a hard time getting this brush in and out of the bottles. Also, because of the rigidness of the bristles, I would get a spray of soapy water on my arms as I pulled the brush out of the bottle. I went back to the cheaper and more simple Muchkin bottle brush and am much happier.

Dee Franklinville, NC

Great Brush!

For me, this brush has been the absolute best!The soap dispensing feature came in handy when we went on vacation and I didn’t have to carry soap with me to wash the baby bottles. I had no issues with the soap squirting too much or too little. It was alwasy the right amount. Having to wash about 6 feeding bottles many times a day for my twins, the bristles of this brush held up very well for many months. It has a nice suction thing that will make it stand up like in the picture so it dries nicely after use. BTW there is no nipple brush that comes with this so you get only the big brush. Hope this helps.

Malinda Gibsonton, FL

Not so awesome

I was using a sponge-topped bottle brush, but thought I’d try this one because it dispensed the soap. Not really pleased with it. The bristles are too stiff, and a touch too big, so when you pull the brush out of the bottle, it flings water all over the place. Worse yet, the soap doesn’t come out easily — I have to hold the brush upside down for about 45 seconds before the button to dispense the soap will work — even when it’s really full! I think it’s got some funky design flaws that could be fixed to make it better. Just my opinion though. 🙂

Naomi Amboy, IN

Could be better

I bought this to clean my baby bottles with and thought the soap dispnser was genius, however it didnt work great, soap just leaks out of it hen held upside down, it doesnt just squirt a little and runs out quickly. The brush part s good and fits in most wide baby bottles, doesnt fit in regular dr browns baby bottles.

Amalia Croswell, MI