Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoon, 6 Count

Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoon, 6 Count

“Brightly-colored infant spoons that are comfortable for you to hold and gentle on your baby’s gums – so you have a practical and exciting option if your child wasn’t born with a silver spoon. It’s the little things.® Munchkin’s Soft Tip Infant Spoons have a rounded shape that’s gentle on your baby’s gums. The special handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable hold, and just the right length to reach the bottom of food jars. Each set includes six spoons with attractive and bright colors designed to delight little ones and parents alike. These non toxic spoons are safe for baby and made from flexible yet durable BPA and phthalate free plastic. And when mealtime is over, they can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher, making cleanup simple.”

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Includes 6 brightly colored spoons
  • Rounded, soft spoon bowls are gentle on baby’s gums
  • Ergonomically designed handle is comfortable to hold
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • BPA and Phthalate free
  • Includes 6 brightly colored spoons
  • Rounded, soft spoon bowls are gentle on baby’s gums
  • Ergonomically-designed handle is comfortable to hold
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • BPA and Phthalate free

Verified reviews


Best spoons EVER!

I bought these spoons because I liked the bright colors. They looked fun and like they would capture the interest of my little man, who was just starting on solids. I also purchased the soft-tip Munchkin spoons (that are similar to the Gerber brand) and the Nuk temperature-sensitive spoons. Well, the Nuk and Munchkin spoons never get used because these spoons combine all of the best features of both. First, these spoons have a deep basin like the Nuk spoons. The padded tip spoons are so shallow that you can barely get any food on them. Second, these spoons have a soft tip. The whole basin of the spoon is actually flexible, which makes for a more comfortable eating experience for your baby. Third, the bright colors really do capture the baby’s interest so they are more likely to pay attention once they get to that age where they are easily distracted. Finally, they have a longer handle than any other baby spoon I’ve seen so feeding is easier for the feeder. They are not temperature sensitive, but who feeds their baby without checking the temperature of the food anyway? This is one of the best products I’ve bought for my son! I would like to notify you that the colors I received are not the same as pictured. I received two spoons with pink basins (one with blue and one with green) and one purple spoon that is a pastel purple with yellow, so three of my six spoons are girly. Not that it really matters, just fyi.

Kimberley Marsteller, PA

Somersaults spoons – flip over with the food in them.

• BPA-free
• Deep basin – deeper than any other spoon I tested, you can put and deliver more food to the baby’s mouth. Great for first foods containing a lot of liquid.
• Soft plastic tip helps to make sure that the baby’s upper lip holds on to some food
• Colors do not fade from washing or contact with food ( I only hand washed them, not sure what would happen if they went into dishwasher)
• Easy to hold for an adult feeding a baby, as far as you put them down only on a flat surface.Cons:
• Spoons flip easily when left in first and second stage baby food jars, perhaps they are good for stage three, but I am switching to home made baby food and feed kids from shallow bowls
• Scratch easily because plastic is so soft – might be uncomfortable for baby’s mouth when scratched (and I only hand wash them, nothing scratchy ever used)
• Made in China (what is not nowadays)
• Warning from manufacturer: “Do not boil or steam sterilize” – I wonder why?Overall: These spoons would be great if the handles were not so heavy. As soon as you leave this spoon in a baby food jar or in a small bowl it tips over and the food is on the table, on your lap, on the baby, on the floor…. This spoon handle is way too long and heavy.After using them for a month for our six m/o twins we got these spoons: Meal Mates Colored Soft Bite Spoons – 5 pack by The First Years Meal Mates spoons do not have such a nice soft tip, there is not much room for the food on that spoon comparing to Munchkin soft-tip, but at least the spoons are not making somersaults. The Meal Mates also got discolored quickly. They are made of stainless steel with plastic coating on the tip. As usual these are made in China, but the manufacturer responded to my email request that they are BPA and Phthalates free.I am going to try a pricey Avent spoon nextAvent Weaning Spoons 2-pack, they are made in GB and are supposed to be free of all bad chemicals.We still use Munchkin soft-tip for the foods that contain a lot of liquid, but while feeding two babies it’s easy to forget the spoon in the jar and sure enough it flipps.

Dionne Stoystown, PA

Made in China

I need to return this because we don’t trust products made in China, specially any things that my baby eats. I spent more to get the spoons Made in US, baby liberty spoons soft bite from amazon as well

Ronda Shokan, NY

These spoons are NOT made in the USA

We try to buy as much made in the USA products as we can for the baby. Though Amazon has labeled these spoons as made in the USA, the packaging clearly states they are made in China. It’s too bad.Munchkin, if you’re paying attention, I’d pay at least $10 for a set like this made right here at home.

Abigail Beatty, NV

Handle Is Too Heavy – Nice Overall

These spoons are soft and in playful colors. They look innocent enough until you go to use one … then you see the problem (lol). The handle is heavy enough that often when you place the spoon in a dish with a low/narrow mouth the spoon tips over and falls onto whatever surface you are using to feed. As a result there is a splattering of food to clean up. Many of the infant bowls out there are low, small and narrow. Sure, you could use a regular sized bowl but if you have a very young child who is only going to have a small amount of food, trying to scoop out watery, pureyed veggies, fruit, rice cereal etc will have you scooping all over the bowl.Cute spoons, but someone didn’t think when they designed these.

Inez Alco, AR

Spiralling spoon of stupefaction

The repeated mess created by the spoon’s spiral of doom will result in premature hair loss and inadvertent curse lessons for your baby.Although lightweight, the spoon is very poorly designed to be handle-heavy:1. When the spoon is leaned on a bowl rim (e.g., while wiping the baby’s mouth), the spoon will promptly spin off the bowl onto the table, spraying a mess of baby food everywhere. Take a deep breath, and think of it as a preemptive strike against your baby making the first mess.2. When the spoon is stuck under insufficiently heavy amount of food in a bowl, the spoon will catapult the food. On the bright side, you can have fun trying to trebuchet food into your baby’s mouth during meals.So, if you manage to always rest the spoon deep enough and never on its neck, this is a great spoon. If you want to NOT have to worry more about a spoon than your baby, then get theOXO Tot Feeding Spoon Set, Greeninstead. Although expensive in comparison (for the same price, only 2 vs 6 spoons), the Oxo spoon is perfectly balanced with a metal core. I prefer to wash a dirty Oxo spoon rather than use 1 of the 6 clean, but evil, Munchkin spoons.FYI, I’m using bowls fromMunchkin Feeding Set, 15 Pack, which I love.

Angie Exeter, NH

Best Baby Spoons!

These spoons are great for my son! They are the perfect size for his mouth, and the shape is great also to scoop everything in there. The colors are great and vibrant. My only complaint: I wish they came in the mulit color but also gender separated. I know it’s not a huge deal, but I don’t like taking the purple and yellow spoon out, and have someone ask me if it’s a girl. Like I said, not a huge deal because they work great and get the feeding done & keep the baby happy! Highly Recommended and they are so inexpensive! Also BPA free & dishwasher safe 🙂

Charity Wallingford, PA

Not just for babies!

I actually purchased these to use with some glass coffee cups that I have. They are very thin and double walled and you’re not supposed to use any metal but how do you stir your coffee? So I purchased these and they’re great. Easy-to-use easy to wash and the design and colors are cute when my baby starts to eat food I’ll also use them for him

Hilary Sorrento, LA

They’re spoons.

Easy to wash, easy to use. BPA free is a good thing.They’re just spoons.

Tori Chunky, MS

better than other shorter spoons

I had been using some other shorter spoons (I think they may have been from Target) when I ordered these just to have more on hand. These are MUCH better. They are very long, which for some reason makes feeding so much easier! The shape of the spoon itself is a good fit for my baby’s mouth. I had a Boon feeding spoon and it was too big/deep, she couldn’t get the food off of it. I like these and you can’t beat the price!!

Elvira North Star, MI

Best spoons ever!

I wish they had these when I had my first child, these spoons are wonderful. They have a nice long handle, and they tip is small, but not to small. It has a nice scoop to it, it is the perfect spoon. My 4 month old eats out of them perfectly. They are nice and soft, but durable!

Sydney Williamstown, NY

Wash them in the top rack

I like these spoons. I had to order a second set (see below), and they’ve held up well through daily use with a teething baby who likes to try to chew on them. Also, they haven’t stained the way some plastic spoons can. The downside, as other reviews have noted, is that they do tip very easily.Just a note – I found out the hard way that these spoons can melt if they are washed in the silverware bin in the dishwasher. I’m not sure whether my dishwasher is especially hot, but I haven’t had any problems since I’ve been washing them in a bin in the upper rack.

Katrina Saul, KY

Was going to give 5 stars…

I was about to give 5 stars bc I just bought a 2nd pack but I read the 1star reviews and was reminded of the first few times I used them and were frustrated . They are great , don’t melt in dw top rack, utensil basket anywhere really. They are top heavy being so long but when do uo put it down really..?

Constance Melvindale, MI


These spoons are the best for new eaters… I tried several other brands and I love the longer handles on these. They’d get a higher rating from me but you just don’t use these small spoons for too long a period of time before moving on to a spoon with a wider tip. We only used these maybe 4 mos before my son wanted a spoon that gave him more food per bite. Nevertheless you can’t start out with the wider tipped spoons you need to go gradually so these really are necessary, good thing they’re cheap.

Crystal Denver, MO

Know the age size.

I got these spoons because my son was starting cereal at 4 months and it was recommended to me get get soft-tip spoons. This spoons are not for first time eating. Once I ordered them, I noticed that the box said for 7m+. Needless to stay, I used them once or twice but I ended up ordering the right spoons. These spoons were to deep for my son because he doesn’t know when starting to eat that you should close your mouth over the spoon.

Ava Snoqualmie Pass, WA

bad bad spoons!

i do not understand why these get good reviews!?!? maybe because they are cheap? they are soooooo awkward and are way heavier on the handle then the tip so they constantly flip! so messy!

Doreen Ocean Springs, MS

Great for self-feeding babies, too!

We are one of those hippie families that do “baby-led weaning”. For those who don’t know what that means, we skipped the purees and rice cereal and went straight to allowing our son to try feeding himself bits of “real” food at 6 months old.Although we never used traditional baby food, we did give my son natural applesauce and full-fat unsweetened yogurt. Instead of spooning it into his mouth, we “loaded” the spoon for him and handed it to him so he could learn to feed himself.These spoons are great for even a young baby to use for self-feeding. They are lightweight enough that our son could handle them even at 7 months old. They have a long handle, which is good for a baby that doesn’t have pincer grasp yet and still grips anything in his fist. And the bowls are small and relatively deep compared to other baby spoons, so the food doesn’t spill out too easily despite being maneuvered by my little one who still flails a bit.The spoons are bright and my son loves them. They are easy to clean and to carry in a diaper bag. I can’t recommend them enough.

Brittney Sumner, MO

They were just “okay” for me…

To be honest, this is not a bad product per say, and this is completely my fault for purchasing this product a little too late i.e. when my son was 6 months old. I could have sworn that you could use them when a baby starts to consume solids, perhaps up until they sprout some teeth but I was wrong. This spoons are ideal for tiny little babies who start on solids earlier than 6 months and don’t mind eating little bits at a time unlike my son who was screaming bloody murder for the next bite. Knowing what I know now after purchasing these, I would take a pass at them. The great thing is that they did not go to waste as a friend was able to use them with her infant daughter and they worked great for them.

Morgan Rydal, GA

Easy to Clean

I’m so glad I bought these. They are molded as one piece so there is no space food particles to get stuck. They are hard enough that my baby can gnaw on them and not damage them, light enough that she can grip and hold them, she’s fascinated by the bright colors, the size of the spoon is just right, they go through the dishwasher, the handle is long so you can scrap the bottom of the jar or bowl, and they are inexpensive. I love these.

Irma West Henrietta, NY

Highly recommend

Fun colors, easy to clean. Highly recommend

Angelica Mountain Home, TX

Best spoons I own

These are my favorite spoons to use when feeding my little guy. He likes to bite the spoon and he bites hard. These spoons have held up and don’t even have a dent in them! They wash well in the dishwasher (I keep them on the top shelf). The colors get my son’s attention and he is learning to hold the spoon and feed himself now. The long handle helps him because it gives him a lot to grip. I think the fatter handle also makes it easier for him to hold in his hand rather than the thinner-handled spoons. I recommend these to anyone needing a great spoon for feeding their kids or getting for their kids to start feeding themselves.

Blanca Jackson, NE

So Great, I bought another

They are spoons for babies, plain and simple, but they are really good quality, the color doesn’t fade, the plastic is smooth and durable and takes abuse from my son banging them against the high chair table top, and they still hold up well. I like the dual color combination and we have cute bowls that kind of match as well. Also, I like the length of them so I can hold my hand a bit farther from his mouth and if he wants to grab the spoon, he has the room to do so. Good way for him to start learning to eat on his own while I can be there to still make sure he doesn’t try to swallow the spoon.

Jeanette Munnsville, NY


Love see spoons. Great for when my toddler tries to feed himself and very colorful. I would buy these again in the future

Gretchen Parksley, VA

Very attrative and do a good job!

Things I like:-The handles are longer than other baby spoons, this keeps mommy cleaner!- Bright vivid colors- Maintain and wash up well, even after being chewed onThings I don’t like:-Wish they had forks in a pack with spoons like this- Spoons are a little too deep for first time eaters and they have trouble getting all the food off the spoonAll in all a great buy!

Christy Arlington, IL

Favorite spoons but they melt in dishwasher

These are definitely my favorite spoons, but several have melted in my dishwasher. I put them in the silverware basket, even without metal silverware next to them, but they have still melted. It doesn’t happen every time I wash them, but I’ve already lost 3. It might be better to put them on the top rack in a basket.They hold baby food nicely, even the runny stuff that flatter spoons won’t hold.

Cherry Downs, KS

Just okay

I like that these spoons are long and the price was very reasonable. However when washed in the dishwasher on the top rack they changed to a brown color.

Diane Manchester, ME

Good first spoon

These are great first spoons for a great price. I bought these for my mother to keep at her house. They are soft, pliable, and easy to get a decent amount of food in my 6 months old mouth. Another plus (or minus I guess depending upon how you look at it) my daughter likes to hold on and “help” me feed her. The long handle on this spoon allows her to do that and still allows me to hold on and control the spoon.

Valarie The Colony, TX

spoons better suited for older babies/toddlers

The actual food holding portion of these spoons is really deep. It was definitely too deep and big for my son when he was starting out. He is almost 11 months now, and they are just now becoming an okay size for him. I had to go out and buy the silicone tipped metal spoons when he was younger because he just couldn’t get all the food off of these. These are nice and long though which is nice. The colors are also fun and very gender neutral.

Jody Orlando, OK

Love these!

I bought these spoons in conjunction with the First Years feeding set. These spoons are definitely better than what comes with the set. They are nice and long and soft. Cleans easy enough and doesn’t wear very much even after being chewed to bits every night!

Ann Miquon, PA

Mixed thoughts on these

Baby girl doesn’t like eating from them. She DOES like playing with them and teething on them. So, they aren’t really used for feeding. We do like them for scooping food from the bottom of the larger sized food jars since most baby spoons are too short to reach without getting the adult’s fingers full of goo.Side note…When baby girl is not eating well, we sometimes use a clean one of these to scoop out a little bite of whatever she’s being fed and eat from it. It usually encourages her to start eating and we toss the spoon into the pile to be washed.

Hope Carlock, IL