Munchkin SpongeBob SquarePants Click Lock Insulated Straw Cup, Colors May Vary, 9 Ounce

Munchkin SpongeBob SquarePants Click Lock Insulated Straw Cup, Colors May Vary, 9 Ounce

Let your little one sip without the spills with the 9 ounce SpongeBob SquarePants Click Lock Insulated Straw Cup by Munchkin. It features leak-proof protection you can see, feel and hear, just turn the lid until you hear the click and you are all locked and set guaranteed. Insulated for cooler, fresher drinks with a clear outer with color tinted inner cup so mom can see fill level. The soft, flexible silicone straw is leak proof in the open and closed position. Cleanup is a snap – top rack dishwasher safe. BPA free and ideal for little ones 12 plus months. Ships in assorted colors and designs.

Main features

  • Click lock leak proof technology you can see, feel and hear
  • Soft, flexible straw is leak proof in the open and closed position
  • Insulated for cooler, fresher drinks, clear outer with tinted inner cup so mom can see fill level
  • Top rack dishwasher safe, BPA free
  • Colors include purple, blue, red and green

Verified reviews


so far, the BEST straw cup I’ve found!

I purchased one of these cups for my now 19month old daughter, and so far this is the best straw cup on the market. It i s easy to clean and the top closes well. All cups leak at some poit and these by FAR have been the best on not leaking. It is also easy for my daughter to use the straw. Most straw cups I’ve bought are too hard for her to use. I wouldn’t purchase any other straw cup.

Kelsey Palmer, TN

Yes, they leak, but they are the only cup our child will drink from!

We have tried every type of sippy cup: soft spout training cup, hard spout sippy cup, no-spill cups, etc. Our child was even starting to refuse a bottle, so we really needed to find something that would work. Our child would never lift a sippy cup or bottle solo, but would drink from a straw that we held out (take some liquid in a straw and give it to baby). We tried this sippy cup and after a little training, our child was drinking from it solo (gulping) within a day. Hooray!

Elsie Webster, MN

Not bad.

The Munchkin Straw cups are probably middle of the road for us. They aren’t the worse of the straw cups but not the best either. I am still looking for a cup that really is truly leak-proof. The liquid will collect and drip if left sideways for too long. Also, the straw is not the easiest to reinsert after taking it out to wash and you do need to do that to prevent build up and mold! I do like how durable these are though and they are also dishwasher safe. That is an absolute must for this busy Mom!

Gail Burlington, NC

Just okay

yes, my daughter loves this. She loves Elmo.I think its okay. it clicks which I love. It keeps drinks cold- another plus. I just don’t like all the parts- makes cleaning hard and theres always a missing piece or a piece that never got completely clean.

Debra Rio, IL

Pretty good.

I expected this straw to have a valve of some sort so that it would not leak when tipped over. Turns out the child needs to be old enough to realize he has to snap down the part that covers the straw to make it not leak. I thought that part was just for sanitary reasons. We will try it but may have to save it till he’s two. I was able to buy the Munchkin Mighty Grip cup at Walmart and it has a built in valve like I wanted.

Antionette Reynoldsburg, OH

Love these, but they need to make the parts interchangeable!

We have several of these Munchkin click lock cups and the one frustrating thing is that the parts aren’t interchangeable amongst all of the different character cups, so you’re always searching for different parts that go with each. Great cups in general and one of the easiest to take along since it has a built-in "lid" that can’t be lost on the plane, in car, etc. But the parts thing is very annoying!

Coleen Lindon, UT

Great sip cup!

My daughter got this as one of her little b-day gifts. She absolutely loves it. She wanted to use it everyday! Good quality and cute cup. My 3 year old is in love! 🙂

Jeannine Pacific Junction, IA

Too Many Pieces

Its a lot to take apart to clean and it leaks on top of that. My child may like Dora but this cup is not worth the money.

Elda Portage Des Sioux, MO

Grimy straw

Cute and definitely didn’t leak. But the straw is awkward to remove, clean and replace. It’s also cracked and we had to cut the straw down below the closure so we had to remove the closure altogether. There’s nothing Dora can’t sell but give this one a miss, I’d say.

Eliza Oakdale, NE



Charlotte Marquette, IA

Cute, could be better quality

The cup is great and so is the design, the only issue is that when your child turns it upsidedown it water starts to spill from around the straw. I don’t have this issue with my other munchkin "standard" cups.

Roseann Watton, MI

Munchkin SpongeBob SquarePants Click Lock Insulated Straw Cup

Nope. the cup is good on the side that it does not allows spills to happen but when it comes the time to disassemble to throw in the dishwasher is a pain and even more painful trying to put this together, nope is not worth it, this one went straight to the trash can, I don’t have time to deal with a complicated spill proof cup, the two stars is because it is cute but that’s pretty much it.

Leigh Farnhamville, IA

better elmo themed cups needed on the market

my 17 month old son loves elmo and hasn’t mastered the art of drinking from a straw cup, so i bought this for him and figured he would be more willing to give it a shot if it had Elmo on it. and it worked, he loved the cup and sucked the straw right away. But the goodness ended there. the cup leaks everywhere like most other reviews said. the leaking out the straw is normal for most straw cups due to the air pressure. but this one leaks in all directions. but the worst offense is how hard it is to clean the top and thread the straw through it. it’s impossible without using a tool with a pointed flexible end. i use the end of the straw cleaner to loop it in. but when he’s crying for milk hysterically, there’s no way i can do this. i’m trashing the top and maybe just keeping the cup for when he’s older, but wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. a straight forward straw cup is much better.

Augusta Eden, UT


This "100% leak free" cup leaks all over the place. Whether you close it or not. The picture of Dora is cute, I gave it a star for that. Other than that, it is completely useless, especially if your toddler likes to shake his cups or throw them around. But even just lying in the stroller this cup lost half of the milk in it. It does not even keep the milk especially cold. We are not using it and will probably simply throw it away.

Karina Riesel, TX