Munchkin Sprout Drying Rack

Munchkin Sprout Drying Rack

The Munchkin Sprout Drying Rack is a stylish drying rack that holds up to 12 bottles and accessories. It has a built in reservoir and it spins for easy access. It holds sealing disks and straws upright for complete drying and holds bottles, cups and breast pump accessories.

Main features

  • Stylish drying rack holds up to 12 bottles and accessories
  • Rack has built in reservoir
  • Rack spins for easy access
  • Holds sealing disks and straws upright for complete drying
  • Holds bottles, cups and breast pump accessories

Verified reviews


Pretty and compact design, but difficult to turn

I like the compact and colorful design, especially the cup for spoons and such in the middle. However, it’s nearly impossible to turn with one hand, which isn’t that efficient when you’ve got the other hand rinsing the bottle under the faucet. Also, you have to remove the upper portion in order to drain the thing, which is cumbersome.

Cecelia Wheatley, AR

It looked silly… But it’s actually great!

I needed a bottle rack and was considering one of the more “serious” looking racks because I figured that they were all business and would get the job done. I saw this rack and was suspicious that it was the super-model of drying racks… All looks, no substance. I showed it to my husband before he left for the day and decided that I would make my purchase “tomorrow”.Well, my husband, nice man that he is, came home with the Sprout! I was excited to have a stylish drying alternative to my folded paper towel, but was still suspicious of its frivolous looks.I’ve had it for over a week now and it does a GREAT job! It holds a lot more items than it looks like it would, and it adds a euro-chic flair to my 1920’s shabby-chic wannabe kitchen.Long and short, I love it. If I were you I’d buy it. (I was you last week come to think of it). It almost makes me smile when I’m cleaning bottles at 3 AM. I would give it as a gift and I might send it to college with my daughter in 18 years so she can use it to dry her shot glass collection in style.

Lindsey Waco, MO

Great drying rack!

This drying rack holds it all–bottles, nipples, pump parts, pacifiers, you name it! Spindles rotate and reservoir catches all the drips. Highly recommended.

Marguerite Dorchester, NJ

Colorful and useful

I use 5 – 9 oz Avent bottles, and 2 – 4 oz Avent bottles. Also have my breast pump equipment and 5 spoons, and they all fit in this. Although I assemble the bottles and put them aside after they have dried so that it is not too crowded. Works great for me.

Antoinette Wadsworth, IL

Perfect drying rack

I LOVE this drying rack. We received the First Years two-tiered spinning rack as a gift and another similar hand-me-down one, but this one is the most functional and also cute with its bright green and white color. It’s well-designed and holds a lot for its compact size. I especially love how the “arms” are angled, it seems to allow air to flow in and dry bottles better. On the spinning rack the bottles hang vertically and ours would still be wet the next morning (although we do live in a humid climate). The shorter arms and flat bottom rack are great for all your nipples, collars, caps, pacifiers, etc. and the middle cup is perfect for spoons now that our baby has started on solids.My one suggestion would be to add a couple more short “arms” because it seems like they could fit without compromising airflow. But really, I can’t complain because you get a lot of drying mileage out of this rack’s small footprint. As a caveat, we still use a spin rack for drying my pump parts because they wouldn’t all fit on this thing. But we only sterilize once a day so can’t really expect to fit everything we use throughout the day on this compact rack. We bought one for the grandparents house and it’s sufficient for them when they have baby all day.

Kathleen Sterling City, TX

Five Stars

easy to assemble, doesn’t take up a lot of space, fits a decent amount of itmes, and it spins

Caroline Eleroy, IL

Excellent Drying Rack

I looked at a ton of drying racks before settling on this one, and I am so glad that I ended up choosing it over all of the other ones. It has a ton of great features- such as the cup in the middle for straws, spoons, or even to dry the little nipple brushes after I use them to clean out the bottles. I find it plenty big enough- I was able to fit 6 plastic Dr. Brown bottles and all of their corresponding components on there with some room to spare. I found the 6 slots perfect for standing up the travel discs that come with the bottles, so that they don’t get lost or slide off in the shuffle. I also really appreciate that it drains into itself, so I don’t have to keep it next to the sink and worry about it getting splashed with dirty water. It is really easy to clean and it rotates so all areas of the rack are easily accessible. It isn’t super huge, so if you are planning on bottle feeding exclusively and having to clean a lot of bottles all at once- this might not be the rack for you. But, it is the perfect size for me, and I love the fact that it doesn’t look like a typical drying rack. I highly recommend it!!!

Ruthie Greenbush, MN


I love this drying rack, I’m so glad I picked it over the boon lawn because it s so much more functional ( not to mention a Fantastic price). I can fit two sets of Medela pumping parts and four Dr browns bottle sets on here without any problems. The cup in the middle is great for small parts like pump valves and membranes as well as the tiny dr browns parts. Plus, it is super cute and looks great out on the counter top. Highly recommend.

Barbara Bergman, AR

Highly Recommended!

It hold so much stuff! It’s really adaptive to all baby dishes, bottles, and bottle parts, pacifiers, etc. And it spins, which makes it that much better 🙂

Violet Gainestown, AL

Like it and it works

Fits many bottles, nipples, and pacifiers plus pumping parts. Easy to clean, spins easily and doesn’t tip when full. What else can I say.

Jo Berino, NM

Love this drying rack!

We have a fairly tiny kitchen and this works great for counter space. I nurse mainly, so it is usually used for pump items and the drop in bottles. Great for anyone who doesn’t have A LOT of bottle items to store on it from experience. Naturally with water dripping down, I just clean the bottom out once in a while.

Noreen Auburn Hills, MI


Buy the Mommy’s Helper… half the price and MUCH more useful. This is a waste of space. Hated it. Sold it for a dollar in a garage sale.

Kimberlee Fremont, OH

Love this drying rack for home. Not the best for travel.

We loved this drying rack for home. It holds lots of bottle of all size and sippee cups, lids, nipples, collars, etc. It also has a place for baby spoons, straws, medicine droppers, etc in the center which is a great function that not all of the racks we looked at had and we loved that. It keeps it all in one place drying so I don’t have to go searching through the bottom of the rack for items like I do in another one that we have for travel. Would definitely recommend this product.

Leeann Tipp City, OH

A little countertop space goes a long way!

My husband and I didn’t think we needed a bottle drying rack but were we wrong! This rack is great. It took about 15 seconds to put together and has solved our countertop dilemma. It spins also – a bonus! I highly recommend this product.

Tanisha Hagerstown, MD

It sold me once we started to use it

Got this as a gift – was not registered for it. Was sort of dubious – however now that we use it – I love this thing. Very functional, fits well in the sink – lots of different levels for drying many different things. I would actually buy it again if something were to happen.

Evelyn Los Fresnos, TX

Works well

I like this drying rack. It works fine, plenty of room to put things to dry, I like how the hooks are different sizes.

Elba Wakefield, OH

Its cute, but the practialness is lacking

I was drawn to this product by its design(I am a female, so it was natural!) and really didn’t NEED another bottle drying rack, since I had the older version of Munchkin’s drying rack. It does spin, which is nice. But its a little difficult to spin when there are 6+ bottles drying. There aren’t any real good places to put the nipples to dry, either. It says it holds 12 bottles but fitting 12 on it was a little awkward.

Christian Waikoloa, HI

Fits a lot and takes up small amount of space.

I love how many items I can fit on this drying rack and it hardly takes up any space on my kitchen counter. It’s also really easy to just slip under the sink if I want to hide while we are entertaining. Comes apart easily to clean too. I would highly recommend. The rotating feature is great as well.

Laura Easton, MD

Five Stars

Works we’ll, got 2 of this

Brandi Piper City, IL

LOVE this drying rack

We have two drying racks, the Boon lawn thingamajig and this munchkin. The munchkin is far superior because it doesn’t take up much counter space and I think the design allows for better airflow and quicker drying time for the bottles. Highly recommend.

Madge Sheridan Lake, CO

Just perfect

Easy to clean, doesn’t take up much counter space, holds all our baby bottles and sippy cups on the sprout arms, has a convenient hollow center space for spoons and a flat base for caps, nipples etc.There is a drip tray under the base which keeps the counter from getting wet and messy.Highly recommended!

Agnes Mesquite, NM

Great Drying Rack lots of Space

This is a great drying rack for all bottle needs, i like that fact that in the middle it also has a spot for spoons and stuff, it does take up some counter space but it is a really good rack.

Jenifer Algoma, MS

Good size, small footprint

Good size drying rack, but the footprint is small so that it doesn’t take up my entire kitchen counter. The design allows for quite a number of bottles.

Misty Locust Fork, AL

Love this rack

This rack is everything I could ask for. It hold bottles and all the pieces, and also my pumping parts. It is perfect and easy to clean.

Josie Foster, WV

Great drying rack!

I’m nursing my son, so I don’t use bottles everyday and I wanted something that would look kind of neat sitting on the counter even when there weren’t bottles on it. This drying rack looks cool and does the job. I love the little “cup” in the middle for spoons. Even though it’s not “dishwasher safe”, I’ve disassembled mine and put it in the top of the dishwasher a few times and it’s still fine. It’s also easy to hand-wash. It comes apart easily enough to clean, but it doesn’t fall apart when you try to put bottles on it. I love it and would definitely recommend it!

Emilia Wingate, IN

Funky, Fun Drying Rack

I love this little drying rack. It is odd and fun, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space on the counter. The bars are sturdy and are well attached to the rack. It requires some (extremely easy) assembly, which wasn’t a problem for me. I am giving it four stars for the fact that I wish it was easier to turn. No biggie, just a small feature I wish was a little better! Overall, I enjoy using this!

Michele Morrisville, MO

Great Bottle Rack

This is my second bottle rack and I love it! Easy to use and a spacesaver on my kitchen counter. I will say this, it is a little challenging to set up without fear of breaking it in the process. Patience and cleverness are needed.

Gwen Somerset, CA

Great Product

Really like this rack. It is great for bottles, pump parts, nipples, cap everything. it just needs to be readjusted at times and the turntable works great.Very happy with this item. Prefer this for bottles because they are up high not resting on anything after being sterilized.

Jackie Ridgeway, MI

great for glass bottles

We use glass bottles and needed something that could accommodate that need. We finally were successful with this drying rack. I dont care what it looks like! Im just thrilled its functional! It seems sturdy as we have used ours for years with no problems!

Claudine Murrayville, GA

Good product

Great product- easily handles a bunch of plastic bottles and can also hold tall glass bottles… Though I’ve never filled the entire thing with glass. The cup and the flatter surface on the bottom are nice for holding items that can’t be hung on the pegs. Both the pegs and the base rotate making it easily accessible from all angles. Easy to assemble and break apart for dishwasher cleaning. Only con i can think of is it could take up less room on the counter or be easier to compactly store it when not in use, otherwise very satisfied.

Jennifer Hessmer, LA