Munchkin Stack and Spill Friends Bath Tub Toy

Munchkin Stack and Spill Friends Bath Tub Toy

Munchkin Stack and Spill Friends Bath Tub Toy

Main features

  • 7 brightly colored cups scoop, strain and stack
  • Helps teach names and numbers while developing their motor skills
  • Each cup features an animal, word and number
  • For babies 6 months and above
  • Ships in assorted color combinations

Verified reviews


Nice toy, whether you use it as a bath toy or not

Great little bath toy. It has different patterns on each cup so the water spills in different patterns for each cup. My toddler loves seeing the slower emptying cups versus the faster emptying cups based on the different hole patterns. Very cute. I also use this out of the bath so she can "sort" through various little objects. My only hangup is that they don’t have flat bottoms so you can’t leave them facing up. But in the bath, it doesn’t matter. The cost is minimal and my little girl loves them, so it’s great for what it is.

Willie Windsor Heights, WV

Fun stack toy

Our kiddos love it, they play with it each time it is bath time. It will last awhile for our littlest one to use too once she upgrades to the real tub.

Rhonda Rugby, TN

My son loves these!

My son started grabbing the scooper I used in the bath to pour water over him, so I decided to get these. They have worked like a charm to distract him from the real thing he wants. He loves them both in an out of the water. I got these when he was 4 months old. He is now 5 months old, and still has not bored with them. I can’t wait until he can start stacking the cups.

Amie New England, ND

Great bath toy!

I bought these for my son to play with in the bath tub. We’ve been on the look out for toys that won’t mold in the tub. These cups are great! He enjoys pointing out the different colors, stacking them and letting the water trickle out of the bottoms. He has so much fun with them and loves playing with them outside of the tub as well, without water. And no mold! I highly recommend these cups for little ones!

Gwen Groveland, NY

toddler likes

toddler is entertained with this during bathtime and in the yard but i wish they would change the shape of it. it does have an odd shape when stacked… we also have the caterpiller cups by munchkin which toddler also likes a lot but this does not stack up as easily.

Vickie Cottekill, NY

Neat little addition to our grandson’s 1st birthday gift box of bath toys!

With an overload of toddler toys passed down from our first grandson for our second to play with, we decided to add to our bath toy collection for #2’s first birthday. Both of our little guys LOVE taking their baths, and this little toy was a great addition to the gift box… very colorful, and each little tulip shaped cup has different configurations of holes in the bottom which makes the water sprinkle out in different ways. We also play with them on the floor, since you can stack them on top of each other to make a tower (one of his favorite things at this stage is knocking over any kind of tower Grandma, Grandpa or Big Brother builds for him!), and each one fits inside another for compact storage. This helped calm the fears a baby sometimes has when he graduates – in our case, from the cozy security of the kitchen sink! – to what must feel like an ocean to him in an adult bathtub. This was a great purchase.

Hope Primrose, NE


This is nice for the kiddies bathroom. Your kids will like it. The different colors also adds flavor to it. I recommend this anyway.

Claire Pomona, MO

Great bath toy!

I love these little cups. They don’t hold water in any way so they can’t mildew. My 22 month old daughter loves to play with them. They get used every night unlike some of our other bath toys. This was a good purchase….

Gabriela Seneca, NE

Fun toy for bath time

I bought this for a two year old who loves to pour from one container to another. Each piece has a different pattern of holes in the bottom of the container so you get different effects as the water drains. They are also fun to stack and nest and have been a big must at every bath since they arrived.

Alyce Dauphin Island, AL

My daughters fav bath toy

I was super surprised to see how much my little one loves this toy other than all her bath toys. It is great

Terra Lincoln, AL

Could be better! But somewhat useful for learning colors.

Pictures and numbers are hard to see and do not catch the attention of my toddler. I bought them specifically for helping with numbers recognition.She did like stacking them together and watching the water run out like "a waterfall or rain"! I am hoping they will help with learning colors however.

Erna Woodward, OK

Fun bath toy for 9 month old

Although my baby doesn’t stack yet, she happily played with the cups in her tub. Makes bath time more fun!The product is made well, no sharp edges, not cheap plastic. Good purchase!

Leslie Mount Orab, OH

baby loves them

This are great. good colors and easy to manipulate for baby. I’m very happy with this purchase. Would definitely recommend

Eva Winsted, CT

Loved by my 9 month old AND my 5 year old

These stacking bath toys are a real hit with both my girls, they’ve made for some splashing good times in the tub!

Cindy Albion, PA