Munchkin Steam Guard Microwave Sterilizer Bags, 6 Pack, White

Munchkin Steam Guard Microwave Sterilizer Bags, 6 Pack, White

Re usable Steam Guard bags are handy and dandy. Whether you’re on the go or at home, these microwave sterilizer bags are a quick and easy way to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs on bottles, nipples, pacifiers and breastpump accessories. And don’t worry about burning your hand when removing the bag from the microwave – we’ve designed the pouch with a special Cool Touch grip for burn free handling. At Munchkin, we try to think of everything.

Main features

  • An easy way to sterilize anytime, anywhere
  • Sterilizes bottles, nipples, pacifiers and breast pump accessories
  • Features the Cool Touch grip for burn free handling
  • Each bag can be re used up to 20 times – 120 uses in total

Verified reviews


Great steam bags, but ziplock could be better

I was using Medela’s steam bags before and wanted to give these a try for the cost savings. They also are 6 per pack verses Medela’s 5. They are roomy, even a but bigger than Medela, and I can get in one more bottle. The downside however is the ziplock is rather thin and it can take 2-3 passes to make sure they are sealed properly. The Medela bags had a thicker ziplock and sealed perfectly on one pass. The larger size however is a nice plus so I will likely reorder them. Just be sure to pass over them 2x to ensure they are sealed.

Nan Norfolk, NY

Work well, but be careful!

I usually just put bottles and pump parts into the dishwasher, but since we don’t use it that often (I have to wait a while to get the dishwasher full enough for it to be worthwhile) I thought I would try these bags for a more convenient disinfecting option.I like these bags a lot! They seem to work well. They are easy to use and being reusable is really a great feature. I like the “use tracker” so you know how many times you have used a bag.One bag holds one full pump set for me – a flange, a connector, a valve set, and the bottle adapter (I use the Playtex Drop-in One Step system and a Medela Pump in Style Advanced). Not much more will fit in it and still get a good seal on the bag.Just be careful – I only use these when I am in the kitchen by myself, no baby, no dogs underfoot, etc.Obviously, the water inside these gets really hot. So, no, I’m not going to go all McDonald’s Coffee on you, I know the water has to be hot. But I will say that the hot water comes out of the bag (through the steam vent) very easily – VERY easily. I just think it bears mentioning. I expected it to be a bit more like a vegetable steam bag, where the liquid doesn’t really come pouring out as you move the bag around (other than leaks sometimes). But if you don’t keep this bag tilted properly, you will have scalding hot water pouring out. The steam vent is really just a big opening on the side of the bag.Last, I did get one bag in my box that the vent doesn’t work at all. This means that the bag pops its top when the steam gets going. Scared the bejeesus out of me and my husband. Twice, because I didn’t realize what the problem was on the first “POP!” Sure enough, this one bag DOESN’T let water pour out of the valve…nor does it let steam out. Nothin’ gettin’ out. So, I poked a spoon handle through the vent and tried it again. Nope, somehow it sealed up again. So that bag was a bust literally and figuratively.I think these work, but I don’t think I will buy them again. I may try a different brand when I am done with these.Update – 7/1/13 – just threw these away now that my son is 2. Only used them a few times. Great idea, but it is just one more “thing” that wasn’t really necessary to make life easier. We just used out top rack of the dishwasher and did pump parts by hand.

Shirley Okemah, OK

Good bags

I used these bags maybe 3 times. I sterilized everything as a new mom the first few times. After a few months I didn’t have time to sterilize so the bags came in handy but was not useful for me.

Elba Parkton, MD

Don’t waste your money

I bought these because they were a little less expensive than the ones I typically buy. Now I know why! The seal on the top of the bag is cheap, and almost always busts open (loudly) in the microwave about a minute into sterilizing. I have tried all manner of things to avoid this to no avail. Plus the "cool grip" thing is no different than the top corner of the better brands bags. I am tossing these as soon as my order if the better ones arrives. So not worth saving a couple bucks.

Traci Woodbury, GA

Works well with a few tweaks

I used to use the Medela steam bags but these were a little cheaper so I decided to try them. Turns out they’re a little bigger than the Medela bags as well which is a bonus. I use these three times a day to sterilize my pump parts and bottles (and yes, I know that I don’t HAVE to steam sterilize everything but I prefer to do so). These are a great choice. I can fit an entire pump set (I use the Medela PIS Advanced) plus a 5 oz Medela bottle and a pacifier or two. Or I can fit three 5 oz Medela bottles with nipples and rings. So it can fit a lot of stuff. The one thing I found, with the first bag I used, the vent wasn’t opening in the microwave to let the steam out. So the top of the bag popped open with a big bang. I took the bag out, opened the vent a little and tried again. But the bag again popped open. I fixed the problem by just cutting off the tip of the vent, just the part that sticks out. It worked great after that. The second bag I tried worked fine but I didn’t like how slowly the water poured from the vent so again I snipped off just the tip and it works better for me. I’m used to the Medela bags I guess, which have a bigger vent from which you can pour the water out. I am careful when I take these out of the microwave. They have a cool grip edge but I find that if I only hold the bag by that green edge, it tips too much for me and I’m afraid I’m going to spill boiling hot water on myself. So I grab it by that edge and along the top and it’s fine, I don’t burn myself. These are a great option overall. I would buy these again over the Medela bags because they are cheaper and a little bigger. And you get 6 bags instead of 5.

Ruby Topock, AZ

so convenient!

This product is one of those simple, cheap, awesome things that we got for our first baby, and have ended up using way more than expected. It is so quick, easy, and convenient to use for all sorts of things: pump parts, toys, bottle parts, etc. These bags are great for traveling, but also great at home too (I would much rather use these bags in two-minutes time than have to wait an hour for the dishwasher to do the trick). The price is awesome, for only about $5 (they sell them at Walmart for the same amount) you get 100 uses out of a box. A nice feature is the checkboxes on front so you can use a marker to keep track of how many times you’ve used a bag– much easier than trying to remember. Excellent product!

Claire Attapulgus, GA

These are great!

I purchased these to try something a little cheaper then the Medela bags I use to sterilize my breastpump parts each day and they are excellent! I can put 2 shields, 2 connectors, and 3 or so valves and membranes in there with no problems on space or anything! The green corner on the top of the bag is a cool-touch spot so you have a place to grab the bag that isn’t hot, which is really a great perk! They seem to be a little spacier then the Medela, but are cheaper overall and give you 6 in a box, instead of 5. I love them and have purchased them again already!

Deanne Brownsville, OH

Decent bags, but don’t last

These are just alright. I like that they’re inexpensive, but they don’t seem to hold up to 20 times. Maybe 10. I used them to sterilize breast pump parts, was careful to never over pack the bags, used the right amount of water for the right amount of time, and by the 10th use, the bag seal would be open when I would go to take them out of the microwave. I’ve never used any other bag, as I didn’t pump long term, but I have to imagine there has to be a better one out there, but probably more expensive.

Toni Good Hope, IL

works great

got these for when I need to use them on the go. gave one bag to my parents who watch my little one at there house a lot, along with a bottle so they can now sterilize bottles and pacifiers when needed.

Helene Kings Mountain, KY

Cheaper than Medela and more room

These are great! We were using the Medela bags, but I find you can fit more in these and they’re cheaper.

Cecile Mina, SD

convenient and fast

these are a convenient and fast way to sterilize bottles and pump parts. they’re not super big though – i usually have to use these 3x per day in order to clean all of our supplies. to give you an idea of how much one bag holds – in one bag i can fit 2 flanges, 1 pumping bottle, 2 valves, 4 bottle caps.

Margarita Coeymans, NY

time saver

these are a big time saver for me when it comes to starilizing my babyies bottles. This munchkin brand was the cheapest I could find the steralizing bags. They work exactly the same as some of the name brands like medela. I love these and steralize bottles and pacifiers with these once a week. they are great!!

Lacey Kerkhoven, MN

works great Easy to use

I like these better than the medella bags. They are thicker and hold up better. They are clearly marked with a green tab so you don’t grab the vented side and burn your hand. The parts dry really fast too.

Nadia North English, IA

Nice bag

I was a little nervous to order these bags when I read from other reviews that the seal was a little weird and didn’t work. I was lured by 6 bags per box and the price was cheaper than the Medela ones. I went ahead and ordered the Munchkin ones and I’ve been using them for a couple of weeks. While it is true that the seal on the bags can be tricky, I found its likely because they are smoother than say a traditional ziploc bag or the Medela ones. Honestly you’d have the same amount of trouble if you bought the generic brand of ziploc bags at the grocery store instead of the name brand ones. Its not a big enough difference to cause a fuss. The bags do what they are supposed to, nothing more, nothing less.

Meagan East Livermore, ME


These bags do hold up for the 20 cycles. I’ve used them for other purposes, too (sippys and small toys). The Ziplock at the top is very strong. I didn’t have any fears it would breach and the hot liquid would come out.

Sophia Gramercy, LA

OK, i guess

These bags work pretty well, good price, and easy to use. I am still searching for something that works better but for now these will do. Keep on truckin’

Helena Bay Port, MI

Spouts a bit inconsistent but works well.

I started off using the Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags, but these were much cheaper so I thought I would give these a try. And overall I think I would use these again instead of the Medela ones. The hole that pours out the water is smaller than the Medela one, and I have never lost one of those little membranes from the breast pump with the Munchkin brand. But because the hole is smaller, it is a bit more of a hassle to get the water out. Sometimes it doesn’t even want to come out. I usually hold the green Cool Touch Grip and then pull down on the opposite edge of the bag to get the water to come out.The Munchkin brand has the Cool Touch Grip for a burn free handle that the Medela one doesn’t have…but on the Medela one if you hold on to the same place it is pretty much a burn free handle place as well…Munchkin just points it out for you. Both give you 20 time use of every bag but I have gone past the 20 time use in each bag and never had a problem.I have to pump every day at work, so after pumping I usually just rinse and quickly soap up my pump parts, rinse again and then place them in the bag. Then I add some water, seal and pop it in the microwave for 1:30 min. My bags are very inconsistent in the way they work from Munchkin though. Some of the spouts pour better than other ones, one of my bags would pop and open during the microwave time because of the steam that would get stuck in the bag and the spout wouldn’t release the steam. My Medela bags were all consistent, all poured the same but I would constantly lose membranes that would fall out of the spout. So, because of that I do like the Munchkin ones better even I have some pouring issues at least I don’t lose the membranes. Because when you lose one of those, your breast pump won’t pump!I use a double pump so I put all those parts in the bag and sometimes a 6 oz bottle in as well and it all fits in nicely with room to spare.

Valerie Dysart, PA


I love using these bags to steam clean all my daughter’s bottles and pacifiers.Great for if you need to sterilize in a hurry

Libby Street, MD

Excellent for travel

Works great if you don’t have a dishwasher or some way to clean baby items. Lots of uses per bag so a box goes a long way. My daughter uses these for travel a lot.

Christina Braddock, ND

I regret buying this

In theory, this works great for sanitizing your pump parts, however, it fried my tubing. I followed the instructions but it still fried my tubing. I’m apprehensive to use it with the rest of my parts.

Tasha Franklin, NC

Better than Medela version

I used up all my Medela Sterilizer bags and decided to try another brand. The material is the same, the number of uses per bag is the same. These seem to have more space. I can put more items in these bags than I can in the Medela bags. I think these cost a little less than the Medela so I think overall this is a better buy.

Candice Swedesboro, NJ


i dont really use them because i am lazy but they work really well. and you can fit a lot in one bag. they are reusable but i just hope i use them again.

Nellie Glenn, GA

Great product for a great price

I love these little bags! I take them to work with me because our lactation room has no hot water. I love that it has a cool touch handle and little boxes to check off each time I use it. It saves me time and has never warped any of my pump parts, bottles, or pacifiers. I love using this with my son’s pacifiers because he seems to drop his on the floor all the time in public and it’s so much easier than putting a pot of water to boil.

Guadalupe Clendenin, WV

Simple and Easy

You don’t need big bulky sanitizing trays/contraptions that take up too much room. You need these simple elegant bags. I shove all of my beautiful baby girls binkies and bottles in here every few weeks and nuke all the germs into kingdom come.TIP:Stick one in your suitcase and one in your car when you get these in the mail. That way you won’t be without them on a vacation or road trip.

Maryellen Fort Mohave, AZ

very handy

cool to take along to grandmas house or for a trip, they are very spacious and it is great that they are reusable!

Renee Midway, AL

Super useful, saves time, inexpensive but good quality

Worth it. Super easy to use. Saves a boatload of time and helps keep things clean and sterile. Ample capacity and good reusability. Great value.

Germaine Dansville, MI

Great Product, Victim of Add-on Item Program!

These bags are very nice. They travel well and can be used anywhere with just a little water and a microwave. My wife would often use them at work to sterilize breast pump parts after cleaning. They also worked for sterilizing bottles and pacifiers while traveling. Most hotels have a microwave in them now days and water can easily be obtained from the bathroom sink. They even come in handy when staying with family that doesn’t have a dishwasher or other means of easily sterilizing baby items.The only draw back to them is they are now part of Amazon’s Add-on item program that is really just a restriction that forces you to buy more stuff in a single order. This makes it difficult for ordering expendable items that would need to be ordered again and again on a recurring basis.

Margret Maple Plain, MN

Great for working mommies!

SO these sterilizer bags were a lifesaver for me at work. I kept my pump parts in my office and would just use these sterlizer bags to clean my pump parts in our office kitchen. These are so easy to use and you can use them each 20 times! These are a lot more affordable than the other brands and the you can feel the quality of the bags as soon as you open up the packaging. Great product and shipped FAST!!

Gabriela Day, FL

Great for Sterilizing baby products

I only use steam bags to sterilize baby products and these are great. I love that they can be used up to 20 times. We just pull out a bag and keep it on the counter until it’s been all used up. I throw everything from teething toys, bottle nipples, breastpump parts and sippy cup tops in there. It’s faster than the dishwasher and in 90 seconds you’re done. Stop boiling and get these!

Sue Rankin, IL

Good choice

I purchased this brand over the other brands because it has a pour spout on the side and a "cool touch" location on the other end which is very convenient because you don’t have to open the bag to get the water out.

Alison Bethany, WV