Munchkin Steam Guard Microwave Sterilizer

Munchkin Steam Guard Microwave Sterilizer

You don’t want harsh chemicals anywhere near your baby and his feeding supplies, but you don’t have the counter space for a traditional bottle sterilizer, either, so how can you ensure everything is squeaky clean? The Munchkin Steam Guard Microwave Sterilizer is a safe, natural and efficient way to kill up 99.9% of bacteria on bottles, nipples, pacifiers, teethers, small toys and breast pump accessories right in the microwave. There’s enough room to sterilize up to 4 baby bottles and 2 breast pump shields at once. This compact baby sterilizer fits all standard microwaves and works with both regular and wide-mouth bottles. The locking tab is designed to safeguard everything inside and prevent accidental opening, too. Baby-safe cleaning should always come this naturally.

Main features

  • Kills up to 99.9% of common bacteria in as little as 2 minutes
  • Lightweight, compact bottle sterilizer with heat-resistant handles
  • Open-away latch prevents steam burns
  • Holds up to 4 bottles and 2 breast pump shields at once
  • Works in all standard microwaves

Verified reviews


Not safe for parents

I’ve been using this for about 3 months, and today I am writing this while my leg stings. I immediately had to sign on to write a review to try to prevent this from happening to anybody else. I took it out of the microwave by the handle, and the side clips came loose and scalding hot water poured all over my left leg. Thank goodness I was not holding my daughter, as she was in the other room with my husband. I just read other reviews and found out that I’m not the only one with this problem. Munchkin, this is the 2nd product of yours that is sub-par. First I had to return the awful bottle warmer that was a fire hazard, and now the microwave sterilizer is a burn hazard. The QC department at the Munchkin company must be on strike or something. >:(

Tamra The Lakes, NV

Great item

I use this to sterilize my Tommee Tippee bottles. It fits four bottles and four nipples just fine, and works like a charm. I’ve used it to sterilize pacifiers and spoons and other baby items in between dishwasher rounds. I also like that you don’t use any type of soaps (like a dishwasher)- just the steam of the water. I know there were complaints about the fact that the water spills out when opening the sterilizer, but I’m pretty sure that’s expected (like when taking the lid off of a crock pot- condensation is inevitable!). Just open it up over the sink or on a towel. It’s worth the price, and not worth spending more on something else.I also really like the free bottle brush that came with this item. Works great for my Tommee Tippee bottles and is one of the best ones I’ve found (no metal end- all brush bristles.

Gail Fort Payne, AL

Not Perfect, but gets the job done.

I bought this product to sterilize my bottles and breast pump accessories. I chose this product because it was much more cost effective than some of the branded sterilizers (i.e. Dr Brown’s, Avent etc.). The product works realiably and is able to steam all of our bottles/accessories in 4 minutes in the microwave. It fits the 4 oz and 8oz wide Dr. Brown’s bottles and the 4 oz. standard Dr. Brown’s bottles standing up. The larger standard Dr. Brown bottles do not fit standing up, but I am able to set them sideways and that seems to work. I am also able to fit all of my Medela breast pump accessories (except for the tubing, which I use the Medela steam bags for).Overall, I am pleased with the product and would recommend this if you don’t want to spend double the cost for a branded version. As previous posters mention, it does leak a little when you open it. It would also be more convenient to have a steam vent, but as long as you wait a minute or so, this isn’t an issue. When the bottles come out, there is quite a bit of condensation that remains even after a couple of hours on the drying rack, but if I need to use them right away, I just dry the bottles out with a paper towel.

Mindy Retsof, NY

Yeah, it does the job…but not the best choice.

I will start off by saying that as a second time mom, I have come to appreciate efficiency as well as what you really NEED when you have a baby. I purchased this before my first daughter was born and now know that this is not one of those things you ‘need.’ I am a fan in general of sterilizing baby items…even if it is just peace of mind for mom. There is something about pulling out my steaming-hot pump parts that makes me feel really good. But you don’t need this…that is unless you have a ton of extra room to store another appliance size device.May I recommend Munchkin Steam Guard Microwave Sterilizer Bags. They can be used 20+ times each and a box of them is under $5. You can easily travel with them, they are space friendly and are a whole lot less plastic to put to waste.

Deidra Lake Ann, MI


I ordered the sterilizer and its 9 days now and I still dont have it. I kept emailing them but they answer with vey generic messages and ignore most of my attempts for contact.I use amazon on a daily bases and that is the worst seller i ever ordered from.

Lucia Tula, MS

just takes up space

I got this at my baby shower, and I thought I would use it all the time because we don’t have a dishwasher. But then I learned that you don’t have to sterilize baby things everytime you use them. Hot water and dish soap (I use palmolive baby) will do fine. Mine just sits up in the cabinet after only a few uses. It’s just more trouble then it’s worth. I just boil a big pot of water to sterilize products.

Della Rixford, PA

not necessary

I don’t find this product useful. I’d rather just boil a large pot of water and save myself the time and hassle over using this product. Would not buy this again.

Deanne Orleans, MA

Love this! So convenient!

Everything is sterilized in 5 minutes! We love this sterilizer. We wash the bottles first, fill this with a small amount of water, load it up, and put it in the microwave. Give it 5-7 minutes and voila! Done! The only drawback it has is if you tilt it while taking it out of the microwave (our microwave is higher, above our stove), the boiling hot water will come out! Be careful not to overfill with water for this reason. But it’s SO MUCH BETTER than boiling bottles, nipples, and pacifiers to sterilize them. And I’m able to sterilize many parts at once (I own the Dr. Brown’s bottles, so you can only imagine!).

Shawn Tripp, SD

Proably better off boiling your bottles

I thought this was a crafty device, but honestly, I’m not sure if it gets hot enough to do any good, and the product manual has pretty stringent usage guidelines, so I’m a bit iffy about keeping things in there longer in order to make the hotter. In addition, another thing I didn’t think to find out about is if its BPA free, and I don’t think it is, because I don’t remember seeing anything about the product saying it is. I just boil my stuff now, and I kinda wish I saved the money, I could have bought a case of name brand diapers or a canister of formula for the price.

Katie Bland, VA

Did NOT fit in microwave

Didn’t fit in the microwave.You need a full size,big microwave to fit this thru the door.But very light product, if you plan on traveling w/it

Lashonda Pilot Mountain, NC

Good Sanitizer!

This works like a charm and it is quick to use. No need to complain about water dripping, what do you think is going to happen when you flip the lid full of water condensation? And the water that does drip once in a while opening isn’t even that bad. Would recommend for anyone!

Jenna Peebles, OH

Great function – cannot beat the price

This is a great item. Works really well. The bottle brush included is fantastic (with a tiny brush in the handle that cleans nipples and gets in small nooks). It works quickly and I feel confident about the steaming. It doesn’t lock down super tight (ie – you wouldn’t pick it up by the top handle when it’s full) but I feel like this is fairly self explanatory. I am able to do many items at once – but in the event I only have one or two – it seems like a very good product for the price.

Deena Cattaraugus, NY

Didn’t think I needed one, but…

This is one of the most convenient baby things I have. I did not register for one, because I was going to use a dropin bottle system and thought the dishwasher was good enough. But, my baby wouldn’t latch on to the wide nipples, so we had to change bottles. On top of that, my baby spent a while in the NICU, so I pump, and we use bottles more than I expected. I realized that we didn’t run our dishwasher enough to keep up with the dirty bottles and bought this thinking it would be easier. I’m so glad I got it now, because we have been battling thrush for a few weeks. It’s so much better to use this than boiling each and every part, each and every time we use them! Like another reviewer said, if you don’t open the lid shortly after microwaving, the condensation on the lid gets water everywhere, even when the lid is still latched. Overall though, very nice to have!

Ebony Winnisquam, NH


I bought it as a gift, but I hve the same item in another brand. The concept is the same. My friends said they love it, and they use it 24/7. Specially th first couple of monht you are washing bottles, nipples, pump equipment and pacifiers all day. You don’t have time to b waiting for the dishwasher to run all day. Hand washing leaves and after taste; my baby rejected bottles when I tried to transiton to that. Leave it running and have clean bottles 5 minutes later.

Michell Sedgwick, AR

Easy to use

I really like this product. It’s fast and easy to use. It holds a lot of my stuff and makes me feel more safe about their cleanliness. I have had no discolored items or warping of any kind.

Natalie Williamsport, MD

Very easy to use

Simple, easy, and quick. I wash pacifiers and nipples (I use drop ins) then put them in this to sterilize them. This is so much easier than the other sterilizers I have seen. It works for small toys and pumping parts also.

Cheryl North Pitcher, NY

Great Purchase!

This item is awesome! It steams everything in 2 minutes and is easy to use. Microwaves are everywhere, so if you need to travel with it you can sterilize your baby’s items at any hotel, or guest’s house. It also fits small microwaves. For the price you definitely get your money’s worth out of it. I highly recommend this product.

Michell Sutter, IL


It works fine. But the problem is that it has not too much room for the 9oz bottles. I can only put two 9oz bottles into it.

Roxie Winter Harbor, ME


One of the BEST things we’ve gotten since our daughter was born!! Would absolutely recommend to anyone… good price, and no boiling pots of water 😉 Plus it only takes 4 mins (2 mins in microwave, 2 mins out of microwave) and you’re good to go! Every new parent needs one of these!

Judith Port Washington, WI

Bottle Sterilizer

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product! works great and everything is sterilized in 6 mins or less. I definitely recommend this product to others!

Donna Utica, KY

easy to use, worth the money

Love this sterilizer. I had been using the reusable steam sterilizer bags…. what a waste of space! This thing holds so much more than the little bags and sterilizes in the same amount of time! I give it 4 stars out of 5 only because it is hard to fit breast pump shields/pieces and bottles and nipples in the same sterilizing “batch” but otherwise I love this thing. The little latches on the sides never come undone unless I open them. Easy to use, simply add 7 oz of water in the tray, close it up and microwave for 2 minutes. Then open with the steam side away from you and hang your things up to dry. I use the Munchkin fold up drying rack too. This sterilizer holds Avent bottles (even the 9oz) perfectly! The manual suggests an arrangement that will hold 4 bottles, 4 nipples, 4 screw on collars, and 4 lids, and that works out well, even with Avent.

Hallie Randolph, TX

works great

I bought one for myself and then liked it so much I got one for my mom’s house. There is no reason to buy an expensive electric one when this easily does the trick.

Serena Cannelton, IN


This thing is terrible. I burnt the crap out of my hands because the thing doesn’t close all the way. I also picked it up by the handle and the whole bottom part fell to the floor. God forbid it falls to the floor while your little one is around. I had to rewash those bottles. This is a very cheap, poorly made product. Please buy something else.

Alicia Bensalem, PA

so so

It might be a good idea to sterilize in such a container, but it is not that simple to fit and organize all the bottles and nipples in it. We found that we were not using this product often enough as it took time to gather things, put them in, sterilize, then wait until it cools then dry on a drying rack………and we simply started to wash everything in a soapy water.

Rosalia Urbanna, VA

Didn’t think it would be useful

I didn’t think this would be of any use initially but it is one of the favorite things I have purchased for the baby. I have pumps and bottles that need cleaning 3 times a day and this has been a lifesaver. Even though we are no longer in pioneer times and needing to sterilize everything, it is really great for pacifiers and other "grudgy" everyday things

Eugenia Oilton, TX


Perfect condition. Really helpful and is as advertised.Love this product and is in very reasonable price range. Thank you!

Hilda Wheatley, AR

its great

great gift item for the expectant new mom. quite a few moms in my family love this product. some proud papas love this product too. for the expectant dad its a great fathers day gift

Carolina Dexter, KY

Steaming hot product, great value for money…

A functional and well designed product. Able to sterilize up to 4 (8 oz or 4 oz) bottles along with caps and nipples in one go. Consumes very little water (only 7 oz) and very little time (2-4 mins). This is a great alternative to sterilizing bottles using boiling water. It’s much more energy efficient (less time = less electricity) and eco friendly (only 7 oz of water per use, some of it can be reused). There are other similar products from well known brands which are priced 30-50% higher than this, but I don’t see any reason for spending the extra bucks.Pros:====a) Good build quality and high grade plastic. (Does not feel cheap).b) Eco friendly: Less energy and less water.c) Safe (No risk of burns if handled as per instructions. Allow 2 minutes of cooling time before taking it out of the microwave).d) Excellent price point.Cons====None.Overall a good product at a much better price point than competition.

Bettie Urbanna, VA

Do what is has to do

Good material, works fine… the only thing I think is kinda weak are the clips that hold the top to the bottom, they seem a little fragile (thats why I gave 4 stars instead of 5). Other than that its ok. Its not huge but it holds around 4-5 bottles (small ones). Mine came with a good bottle/nipple brush.

Faye Judsonia, AR

2nd one buying

i liked the first one so much i bought a 2nd one to use while the first one still has bottles inside. it fits inside the microwave perfectly. it seems like if you leave it in the microwave for too long, there will be too much condensation forming causing the leaking problem some reviewers mention.

Dessie Rensselaer, NY