Munchkin Stroller Hook,, Colors May Vary

Munchkin Stroller Hook,, Colors May Vary

A durable, lightweight stroller hook that holds all your bags and accessories this hooked on convenience will have you hooked. It’s the little things.

Main features

  • Lightweight, heavy duty aluminum
  • Multi purpose; can also be carried by hand
  • Easy to use; snap on your stroller or shopping card and you are ready to go
  • Grip sleeve helps keep hook from sliding
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: black, blue and green

Verified reviews


Better than “the mommy hook”

and it’s cheaper too!I got two of these at Target. I originally had one mommy hook and wanted to get another one so that I could use it to hook the diaper bag onto the stroller. The mommy hook was out of stock every time I went into the store, and the other day I noticed that it had been replaced by these hooks.WOW! What a difference! I love how much easier it is to open and close the clip because of the little finger “hooks” and it works great for my diaper bag (which is the blue Carter’s bag with the two straps on the side for hanging it from strollers, shopping carts, etc.) The clip type hooks on the bag are a pain to open and close and can’t be done one handed, but these clips make all the difference!

Alta Menno, SD

Okay for light use

I received this product from Munchkin to test, rate, and review. This is a great product for clipping on your stroller to hold your purse or a light bag. The clip is only rated for up to 8 lbs, which isn’t much. This springs is not very quality as it broke after only 2 uses.

Gayla Burbank, OH

An essential for any parent, or even someone who wants to hang their purse or bag from a shopping cart

I don’t think you have to be a parent to find a use for this, although it will probably be mainly parents who purchase it. These type of stroller hooks are considered an essential parent item in my book. I usually buy one for every expectant parent to include in their shower gift. It’s great to hook on the stroller or shopping cart to hold onto diaper bags, purses, even your keys. This particular one has a nice rubber grip, so it won’t slide down the bar of the stroller or cart. It is plenty big enough to hold many bags (think outlet mall shopping…), easy to open and hook bags onto it, and since this one has a loop for your fingers – it won’t pinch your fingers opening or closing it (like some other brands do). It also happens to be slightly cheaper than the "Mommy Hook" brand, and just as good, if not better, in my opinion. I probably own about 6 of these, because we keep them in the trunks of both cars and we have 3 different strollers, so I usually keep one hooked to each of those. They are always helpful in stores, especially because by the time I put my kids in the cart, I barely have room for groceries or items I’m buying. So to be able to hang my diaper bag, purse and keys from this, and not have to put them inside the cart, is extremely helpful. A great buy for any parent and a great gift for parents-to-be!

Jane Washburn, IL

Broke in less then a week!

I recently purchased a stroller that had a small carriage bin.. (Britax B-Agile) so I needed this hook to help with my purse, and sometimes a few groceries. It can only handle 7/8 lbs and broke within a week. It’s also big and hangs low so my diaper bag would drag on the ground. This hook company needs to realize that moms often carry things more then 7/8 pounds in their diaper bag and this hook is pretty much useless for carrying anything else if you use a diaper bag. Don’t waste your money! Pay the little bit extra and get a Think King!

Gabriela Davenport, CA

Don’t know how I lived without it!

I have no idea how I’ve lived without this! The hook feels so lightweight, but is VERY durable. It holds up great even with a purse, diaper bag, and 5 grocery bags on it at the same time. I regret not getting one sooner!

Clarissa Zeeland, MI