Munchkin Stroller Links, Black

Munchkin Stroller Links, Black

Safely and easily connects 2 strollers to make an instant double stroller. No tools needed. Adjusts to fit different sized stroller tubes Product Dimensions: 2.25 x 3.75 x 8 inches Weight: 0.8125 pounds  

Main features

  • Safely and easily connects 2 strollers to make an instant double stroller
  • No tools needed
  • Adjusts to fit different sized stroller tubes

Verified reviews


complete waste of money

I thought these stroller links would attach 2 umbrella strollers so I could have a light and small stroller option in my car trunk (I have twins and double strollers are big and bulky).The links attached the strollers in three places. This added dramatically to the width of the strollers side by side. We could not fit through a standard doorway.Also, with a real side by side double stroller you have 2 wheels in the middle. When you attach two single strollers, you have 4 wheels in the middle. This made the strollers impossible to roll in harmony with each other.The strollers broke away from each other within minutes. My babies were crying and I had to push one a few feet, then push the other so we could get back to the car and go home to get our real double stroller.

Selma Newtonville, NJ

Excellent way to couple two strollers!

We purchased these links to go with our ‘First Years Ignite’ strollers. They work quite well, with a couple minor annoyances. The links stay on throughout our walks, and though there is play (as other reviewers have mentioned) it turns out to be not too bad with these strollers. I am quite glad that we had two of the same stroller, however, because:1. The First Years strollers have lockable front wheels, which we appreciated immensely after linking them together. We had to lock the inner two wheels or they would get tangled on turns. There is enough play in the locked wheel to make turning easy, but if we couldn’t lock the wheels it would have been very frustrating. Make sure to check out the strollers you intend link together to make sure that the front wheels can be locked from turning.2. There are not many places on the frame to link these two strollers together thanks to the way they bolted the fabric onto the frame. Luckily there are enough spots for a top-middle-bottom link configuration, but I don’t think I’d pair one of these strollers with a different brand that had things on the frame in the ‘wrong’ spots.This review is somewhat intentionally oriented towards the specific strollers we bought and how these links work well (mostly well) with them. In general these links are well-made, sturdy, and *VERY* easy to install/uninstall. They say they fit any stroller, and I believe them… I would just make sure that the stuff not related to the fit on any particular stroller worked first (the wheels and how non-identical strollers match up).

Eliza Bloomsburg, PA

Work great

These work great, but work better if you add at least 1 or more. Should be sold in 4’s. I bought one for myself and then received another as a gift. I tried another brand that didn’t work nearly as well. Love how it adjusts snugly to the stroller. My only complaint is that it does affect the steering of the stroller, but that I expected. Don’t expect to have the agility you’re used to, but it really works great has made my life much easier!

Kendra Lincoln, IL


I use these with aChicco Capri Lightweight Stroller, Tangerineand aMutsy Mutsy Easyrider Umbrella Stroller, Black. This product works great with these two strollers!-They are quick and easy to attach-they stay together even over rougher terrain (mud, playground mulch)-the wheels never get entangled-My turn radius is still really greatMy only problem comes with me using two different strollers. The Mutsy is a little larger with taller handles, and the frames don’t match up exactly, but these still work great!*They will not fit through some doorways, but so far I haven’t had any insurmountable problems.UPDATE (2mo later)We used this the other day at the museum with a 2.5yr old and a 1yr old. I was – once again – amazed by how well they stayed together with two toddlers in two different strollers! No problems at all! When we went through somewhere tight we unhooked the strollers in seconds, and re-hooked them again later.

Virginia Mc David, FL


We bought this product for Disney and my husband put it together in the parking lot for the first time before I could even get the kids out of the car. It worked perfectly and is exactly what we needed! While two strollers next to eachother are wide, it is not this product’s fault and I actually was able to go everywhere I wanted to go. As we went through the park that day, I was getting so many interested eyes and questions. I’ll continue using this product when we go to the zoo, botanical gardens, etc. Love it! Great solution!

Julie Harvard, ID

Its a must for multiple parents

I have triplets, and I have used a triplet stroller… but when I found about these links, they open the options for me!! Cause when it comes to stroller, the multiple stroller are way mooore expensive, but whit these links you can have your triplet (or quad) stroller with a lot of less money.So I bought a twin stroller and a single stroller… and its great because when Im with someone else, each one take one stroller, when Im alone, I convert insantly my 2 strollers in a triplet one!!! So I have always my links in the car, along with the strollers, this really makes you save a lot of money!!! And it gives you the plus (against buying a multiple stroller) that you have the option to use the strollers separated, or alltogether.

Mai Mc Bride, MO

Great idea, but makes strollers a little wide.

Love this concept, but trying to use the TINY umbrella strollers together in a store is pretty difficult. It can be done. Nice to have when watching two kiddos, but only have one at home most of the time. I can attach a smaller umbrella stroller to my regular one to for walks. Great for walking. Good quality.

Keri Mayfield, NY

Love, love, love

I was trying to find a cheap double stroller, but wasn’t having a lot of luck at garage sales and craigslist. I decided to try these links and get a second umbrella stroller and am unbelieveably happy with the purchase. They’re very easy to use and keep the two strollers together without any problems. I’ve been using the strollers on older brick streets and sidewalks, which are somewhat uneven (sometimes very uneven) and haven’t have any issues with the links losening. I do have to lift the strollers up on their back wheels periodically for really uneven places in the sidewalks, but since I’m using two lightweight strollers this hasn’t been difficult. (I have to do this when using a single umbrella stroller as well.)Overall, I’m completely satisified with this product and would highly recommend it to someone who doesn’t want to invest a lot of money in a double stroller.

Cathy Perkins, WV

Adaptable stroller links!

I like the design of these very much. There are no parts to lose and they come on and off very easily. I wish the center was adjustable too so the width could be changed. It is too wide for some areas. I ended up using a combination of this version for the bottom connection and another version for the top. These connectors have more wiggle room but attach to any width bar since they are adjustable. The other version I have is very secure, but not adjustable. I found that using a combination of 4 connectors was the best for stability, instead of the 3 they show. I imagine this will hold true especially as my boys grow and put on weight. I like being able to create a “double stroller” so simply when needed. A must for a twin mom.

Mollie Rutledge, AL

Helpful…but a bit of a hassle…

I read the reviews so I knew in advance that the front wheels might be tricky on turns. They are, but I learned to outsmart them most of the time.The down side is that a set of 4 clips would have been perfect….just one more spot seems to need stablized!!! I don’t want to buy another set of three…just ONE more clip would really help. Sigh…

Deidre Persia, IA

Great alternative to a double stroller

I came across these when I was looking into upgrading from our Double Snap n Go. I really don’t like how hard it is to navigate tandem strollers and most of the side-by-sides were too wide for our car. They are very quick to snap on and hold the strollers together very well. It does make it too wide to fit through most doors, but I hardly take them in strollers when I’m alone. These are great for walking the neighborhood and easy to take off when there are two of us to walk the strollers, one on one. I had read that sometimes the front wheels tangle when pushing the strollers, but I bought ones with locking front wheels and haven’t had any problems.

Stefanie Punta Santiago, PR


This is a great concept but I didn’t like how the middle wheels could not turn once the stroller were linked together. Definitely doesn’t replace getting a double stroller but they are very easy to use.

Cherie Grantsboro, NC

Tough to take double strollers on a vacation

We got these to link up two cheapo umbrella strollers while on vacation. They were great and would highly recommend to anyone.

Justina Perry, IL

Love this product!

This comes with 3 connectors, so it’s a really good lock as long as your strollers match up in 3 spots. I used 2 next to each other where it seemed it might be weaker and one in another spot, and I had no problem. I actually used these to hook up a single travel stroller to a double umbrella stroller with different sized wheels, pushing about 90 pounds of kids, and it was really easy. It is obviously less convenient than just having one triple stroller, but those things are too expensive and none of them are around to try out before you buy them online. I would really recommend using these stroller links. It takes a couple minutes to get the strollers and the connectors set up, but personally I think it’s well worth it. I don’t say this about many things, but I really think it’s going to improve my life, I’m not even kidding you. I don’t even have twins or triplets, my kids are just close in age, and using this helps me get out of the house more than I had been when I had to have 1 or 2 of my kids walking. It is not going to fit in a lot of doorways of course, but in a pinch, you can easily unhook them and rehook them through the doorway. And people tend to offer lots of help when you have multiple kids with you, lol.

Joan Butte, MT

Great idea. Not really very useful in practice.

It works welll putting together the first years ignite strollers I got for our twins.I deducted a star because it seems useful but we never needed it. Its not a real replacement for a true twin stroller (the strollers together are too wide and hard to maneuver)Thin about it when you go somewhere with singe strollers you are probably not alone. If you are alone you should take your full sized twin stroller.

Gena Alma, AR

Awesome Awesome Product

this is the best way to have a double stroller or two single strollers. i would recommend using two like strollers for the best results. i use two maclaren triumph umbrella strollers and do not have one single complaint. this product is a must have if you have two stroller-riding age kiddos.

Katheryn Greenwich, NY

Great for wide spaces, but not for single doorways or small aisles.

I bought these to link my 2 umbrella strollers together for quick shopping trips instead of hauling around my 48 lb double stroller. These work great for very wide-open spaces, like walking around the neighborhood or whatever. But when I took it shopping, I could not fit ANYWHERE. Not through doorways & not down any aisles. I was really frustrated & didn’t get any shopping done because I just decided to leave. So take note of this… only good for LARGE spaces without small aisles or single doorways! Other than that, very easy to link together.

Helen Clarendon, TX

Life saver, but there are a few kinks

I got these when traveling with 2 kiddos. One is 5 and the other was 1. These were life savers through the airport. They do make the strollers a bit wide for doorways, but that was to be expected. My only issue was we hit a bump at one point and it unhined one of the sets. I easily snapped back on, but since then I cannot get them near as tight as they were in the beginning. Nothing appeared to be broken and it wasn’t that big of a bump to really damage. Still a great product to use every once in awhile when you need a double stroller.

Gwen Crisfield, MD

worked like a charm!

These worked so great! I needed to get around the airport and couldn’t take my big double stroller. These enabled us to use 2 different sized and brands umbrella strollers on our trip. We connected them at the airport and then able to use separate strollers during the trip. It was perfect and exactly what I was looking for! Why didn’t I think of this sooner?Only reason why I didn’t give 5 stars is because they are kind of bulky but I guess if they were smaller they wouldn’t be as effective. But they really did grip both strollers well despite they were different sizes. Someone had suggested that when connected, you tip the strollers front wheels up off the ground in order to turn around a little easier. This way the front wheel won’t get tangled with each other. Great tip! Another con (but again nothing against the product itself) is that they are pretty wide when connected. Not great if you’re going to be using it on the regular.All in all it gave me the flexibility of having 2 stollers AND a double stroller on my trip. I’m a happy customer 🙂

Valarie Fredericksburg, IN

Essential… but not awesome!

Not awesome… we used these to connect two First Years Jet umbrella strollers to transport my kids through the airport. They were essential for the airport because it allowed me to push the kids while my husband handled the car seats. However, the stroller is hard to push because of the play, the fact that they were very wide together (couldn’t fit through doorways), hard to turn, and the weight difference with my kids. We were using American Airlines which limites stroller size to a 20# umbrella type stroller for gate check… otherwise I definitely would have used my standard double stroller. The double umbrella strollers on the market that are <20# all have a weight limit of 30# and would be too small for my 4 year old. I definitely wanted a stroller for transporting a 1 and 4 year old through Chicago airport so my options were very limited. These were a life saver in our situation but I can’t imagine using them in any other situation.

Janette Silver Lake, OR