Munchkin Stroller Netting, White

Munchkin Stroller Netting, White

Say goodbye to bug bites and protect your baby from UV rays with this no fuss netting. Designed for car seats and stollers, this item keeps tight so all those “no-see-ums” don’t get in.

Main features

  • Protects from insects and UV rays
  • Tighter mesh even keeps out tiny “no-see-ums”
  • Fits car seats and strollers with canopies

Verified reviews


Not Just For Strollers!

We spent the summer our baby turned one hiking around Alaska, and this netting worked perfectly! However, most of the trails we were on were not wide enough for a stroller so our little one took in the sights from aLittlelife Cross Country S2 Child Carrier, Red/Charcoal. With the sunshade up and this netting stretched around the backpack we never had to worry about bugs – or bug spray!

Eugenia Underwood, WA

Good buy!

I like this mesh cover, you can see through it and see your baby.And its measurement is very flexable.I like it!

Teri Riegelsville, PA

Perfect! New Mommy Must Have!

This netting is perfect. Great price, good quality. It wraps around the infant car seat carrier and is big enough to go over an umbrella stroller later. Most people buy this to keep baby from getting bug bites, but its great to keep flies off to if you’re at the zoo or some place with tons of bugs. Its a new mommy MUST have!

Winnie Republican City, NE

One of our best, most used baby items!

We love this item. It’s some of the best money we’ve spent on baby things. It’s simple to use and so far, very durable. It’s simply a net with and elastic edge, so don’t expect perfect, custom fit to your specific stroller. However, that being said, it fits our Chicco Liteway stroller very well and keeps out the bugs, particularly the mosquitos, who love to bite me on our walks. It also protects from UV rays which is big plus. It’s big enough that it would also likely fit over bigger strollers. It even fits the top of our Pack N Play if we ever need to use it outside. It’s simple, versatile, affordable, and stores away easily.

Jordan Dutton, MT

Fully functional and works on a BOB stroller

I was a bit concerned about getting an accessory not designed by my stroller manufacturer, but this really fits well to keep bugs out when using a BOB Revolution. I would give 5 stars, but I noticed a small tear in the fabric after using for about 2 weeks and we have not been rough on it.

Natasha Latrobe, PA

Great Product

My baby was born in June and we have had a very hot summer. Since I can’t take the baby for walks during the day due to the heat, we usually go for walks at night, however I can’t risk him getting bit up by all the bugs out. This product works great! We have a full size travel system with the car seat inside and this netting fits over everything perfectly. It still allows baby to see and get plenty of air but keeps ALL the bugs out. I’m so glad we bought this!

Helen Saint Lucas, IA


Living in Houston…this is a must. Fits out City Mini plus grace key fit 30 well. It’s easy on easy off as well, not much more to it.

Raquel Ruskin, FL

Works perfectly!

This is great for keeping the bugs off and the UV protection is a bonus on hot summer days! 5 stars!!

Mae Rickman, TN

Does exactly as claimed on BOB stroller

After my runs, the netting is covered with gnats, but I’ve never found any inside the stroller. The netting also protects against flies. I don’t know exactly what type of sun rays are blocked by this, but my son has never been sunburned after riding in the stroller. However, now that we are in HI, I drape a light blanket over his legs as a precaution. This works great over a BOB stroller, with room to spare.

Brittney Pierce, TX

Great for keeping bugs out but not very helpful for keeping the sun out

Netting is soft and easy to fold up when not in use. The elastic is nice and sturdy and gripped the stroller well without leaving large gaps. Tried to use it to block out the sunlight as other reviewers had suggested but that didn’t work out too well. Kept out the bugs during a VERY buggy 4th of July fireworks show.

Paige Hot Springs National Park, AR

great netting!

This is a great net – it covers both my regular stroller and jogging stroller and keeps all the bugs off my little one, even the no-see-‘ums! Added bonus: any toys my little one is playing with in the stroller can’t get chucked out, the net keeps them inside. Great for any outdoor adventure. We’ve used it walking, jogging, camping, and at outdoor sporting events. Works great and is easy to use. Would recommend it to a friend.

Isabelle Jonesboro, ME

Works really well

Its basically a huge mesh/netting shower cap- just what we needed during the buggy summer! Allowed air to flow through the stroller on our walks- got a ton of use out of it.

Tia Isabella, MN


Good for covering almost every baby gear, even the pack and play cot. It expands a lot and is soft.

Nona Huron, OH


I have been using this for over a month everyday we walk our 1 yr old at night after work and this fits my awkward stroller perfect, keeping the child bug free. I love not having to spray harmful chemicals on my baby and love the easy of knowing that not one insect can penetrate this netting. Buy this product!!!!

Ollie Fieldton, TX

works great

Not sure abt the UV protection claims but it does a great job of keeping the gnats out. Folds up small and is easy to use. Fits a bigger stroller with the car seat/carrier in it easily. Was going to make one but for the price, this one is cheaper than the elastic I would of bought.

Elena Jasper, IN

great buy

It worked as intended. I suspect it would blur baby’s view when she/he’s inside the stroller/car seat and it may not be very breezy, but it should be ok for occasional use. And I wouldn’t complain for that price.

Lauri Kingsford, MI

A Must Have!

If you plan on being outside at all during the evening hours in the warmer months you have to have one of these nets. It keeps those pesky bugs off of our sweet babies and is stretchy enough to go over just a carseat, just a stroller, or the whole travel system easily. This was definitely worth the $5 I paid for it!

Renee Lakeside Marblehead, OH

Wash before use!

The product arrived with a very strong chemical odor. I used this on their carseat without washing it first because I simply didn’t have time. Halfway to our destination, I saw that one of the kids had somehow grabbed the netting and was sucking on it, as well as all the chemicals. Ugh. The chemical smell came out once I washed it so it was not a problem afterwards.It fits loosely on the carrier carseats. I guess it is made more for a traditional stroller.It also did not keep the sunlight out of their faces. We used a separate drape over it. But we were able to see through it to check on them while riding in the car, while cutting down on some of the UV exposure. Overall I like this netting, it meets our purpose.

Dora Wewahitchka, FL

Good stuff for baby

I use it in summer, when baby is in the stroller. It can protect my daughter, if there are some insect around her. The fabric quality is good. Since it is transparency, my daughter can see around. The size is very big, it can cover the whole stroller. I like it, my daughter likes it too!

Vivian Newry, ME