Munchkin Swaddle Angel – X-Batik and Boomerang Prints

Munchkin Swaddle Angel – X-Batik and Boomerang Prints

Munchkin’s Swaddle Angel blanket takes swaddling to a new level. Beautiful patterns fresh from the runway meet functional features for a blanket that does more than your average swaddle.

Main features

  • Double layer center panel provides extra warmth, but doesn’t overheat
  • Loops attach to stroller for sun protection
  • Multi use – baby tummy time, nursing cover, sarong
  • Machine wash with cold water, air dry, do not iron, Lightweight, soft 100% Rayon made from bamboo
  • Each blanket: 40″ x 40″ (101cm x 101cm)

Verified reviews


Beautiful Blankets

These blankets are very soft and the patterns are beautiful. The extra padding in the middle is nice since the fabric itself is a bit gauzy. The size is perfect for swaddling, which can be hard to find. There are loops in the corner to help keep the blankets in place if you are using them to nurse or cover/shield your baby in a stroller. With my son, the blankets I had didn’t have loops and never stayed in place when using them with the stroller.My only concerns with these blankets are how well they will hold up to regular washings and how to avoid snags. My engagement ring has gotten caught on the fabric a few times. Luckily, no damage has been done to them, but I’m worried that they could snag on other things and get ruined.

Ina Mishicot, WI

Beautiful, lightweight, breathable, eco-friendly, versatile!

First of all, these swaddling blankets are beautiful! The picture in the upper left corner of the page really does not show the nice print. One blanket is white with pink & burgundy flowers and the other is white with dark & light purple flowers and birds.Most baby blankets are not big enough to use for swaddling. These are a perfect size! There is a double layer of material in the center to provide more warmth for baby. These blankets are lightweight and very breathable – you never want them to go over baby’s face, but if they ever accidentally do, there is less suffocation risk with blankets like these.They can be used as swaddling blankets, regular blankets, and the loops on all 4 corners make this also good for a nursing cover or a stroller or infant carrier cover.Because they are made out of bamboo they are also eco friendly since bamboo is a fast growing resource. My only complaint is there was a slight odor when I opened the package. Maybe it is the dye on the material, I’m not sure, but I had to wash the blankets right away to get rid of most of the odor.I love items that do “double duty” and these blankets are very versatile, I would definitely recommend them!

Bridget Canones, NM

great new baby blankets

The Swaddle Angel blanket are so beautiful. They are so very soft and light. I love the added double layer center panel which adds extra warmth and privacy when nursing. The blankets are made from bamboo so they are eco friendly. The blankets have a loop on each corner to attach to the stroller, infant carrier cover, or for use as a nursing cover. The blankets cost more than regular swaddle blankets, but they are worth the difference. I recommend these blankets to any family with a new baby.

Latonya Fulton, CA


These are incredibly soft and clean/wear well. The colors are stunning. The only thing that is an issue is that they snag easily. But, the snags go away when you wash them.

Victoria Atwater, OH

Lovely blankets

I have just fallen in love with these blankets. They are very soft and light weight which makes it very easy to carry around in the diaper bag. It also has a double layer and my baby feels very warm and cozy when wrapped. I love the designs and you could also use it as a scarf or even as a nursing cover. It is totally worth the price.

Beatrice Jesse, WV

Chic Mom Swaddles

I was really pleased with the quality of these swaddles. The designs are modern and chic in dark pinks and purples and they don’t stand out as particularly “baby” or “girly” which is something I really value in the baby products I purchase. I have a few sets of the aden + anais swaddles which I also love, but I was surprised that these Munchkin swaddles were so much softer than my other muslin swaddles right out of the box. The swaddles are large enough and of a high enough quality that they’ll far outlast the baby’s swaddle stage, and they’re pretty enough to continue to be used for a number of other purposes down the line.

Ina Marrero, LA

Excellent swaddle blankets

When we had our son, we mostly purchased or received swaddle blankets from the Aden & Anais line. When we wanted a gift for a friends who recently had a daughter, we selected these for a number for reasons and were very happy with the choice.The blankets are beautiful, light-weight and perfect for a newborn – definitely comprable to Aden and Anais in both aesthetics and quality. The blankets are multiple, super-fine layers with an extra “patch” in the middle with extra layers for warmth and to strengthen the blanket for the swaddle. I found the large square blankets such as this were actually significantly easier to use than the pre-shaped swaddle blankets that come with velcro, which our son hated.In addition to use for swaddling, these blankets are great for sun protection during the first two months when parents are supposed to avoid putting anything on baby’s delicate skin. Since they are very light weight, they provided protection without too much heat. They’re also great for a light cover for sleeping baby durring the summer. They also make easy and fashionable covers for nursing moms.The only negative, is that these blankets were a bit pricer than the Aden & Anais alternatives (even their comprable bamboo versions), but if you’re looking for some variety, they’re definitely a good option and a great addition to the new nursery.

Janelle Delmont, NJ

These Swaddle Blankets Combine Beauty With Function and Comfort

The Swaddle Angel blanket 2-pack is a beautiful, extra soft lovely blanket for infants, especially girls.The patterns are wonderfully beautiful. Moms will have to learn to handle all the complements of friends and families when they first see this very attractive blanket. The swaddling blankets are very soft to baby’s touch because they are 100 percent rayon made from bamboo.The double-layer center panel provides extra privacy for the nursing mom and extra warmth for when baby is sleeping. The corner loops allow the blankets to be used as a nursing cover or to be attached to the handles of a baby carrier or stroller. This feature makes it very easy to use the swaddling blankets to give the baby protection from the sun when outdoors. The loops also are very handy to hang up the blankets when not in use.This 2-pack kit is a bit pricey but I don’t mind paying more for beauty and added function.

Patrica Sauk City, WI

Baby loves these!

These are our baby girls absolute favorite blankets. They are wonderfully soft and light so she doesn’t get too hot. She has trouble sleeping, and likes to grabs handfuls of the fabric and covers her face. These were a gift, and were absolutely beautiful, but they only get a 4 out of 5 because I think they are overpriced.I washed and dried these on delicate cycles and low heat without a problem.

Constance Glencoe, MN

Awesome, except…

These would be my favorite swaddles ever- I love the patterns, I love the feel, the size, the little corner loops… but they are air dry only. Is it just me, or is this completely impratical for a new Mom?

Suzanne Forest Home, AL

Pretty Blankets

I have theaden + anais Classic Muslin Swaddle Blanket 4 Pack, Jungle Jam, too. These are not quite as soft and the a&a; ones. They are pretty close, but the a&a; are softer. These have a nice square in the middle that has more layers of fabric. This seems to make them a little more sturdy.These swaddle blankets are large. If you’re used to swaddling with the small flannel receiving blankets, you might find swaddling a small baby with these difficult. But unlike those tiny blankets, you can easily swaddle a larger baby in them, too.I love, love, love the loops in the corners of this blanket. It allows you to hook the blanket on the stroller. You can also clip it onto your baby carrier (I have aBeco Butterfly II 2 Baby Carrier – Ever LIMITED EDITIONand can hook the loops through the shoulder clips to keep baby’s legs covered.) The loops can also be used to hang the blankets when not in use, which I find pretty.I don’t think the “girl patterns” are overly girly. I have a boy and use them without a second thought. They are not baby-ish, which I like. The purple has butterflies on it, the maroon has pink- but neither seem very girly to me. (Admittedly, I’m not very gender specific about colors.)These are really good blankets.

Sierra Sarasota, FL


The patterns on these are beautiful and elegant. The material is a nice quality…but fragile…needs gentle care. That is my only complaint because they will be tricky to sanitize.There are elastic bands in each corner so it is ready to hook another corner through the elastic to hold these on as nursing covers. The light material is nice for nursing too…very breathable and not hot.I’d love to have the boy patterns too…but I honestly am not willing to pay this price…even though I really like these. They are a luxury and would make a very nice gift.

Mavis Klingerstown, PA


These blankets are beautiful, soft, lovely designs and just the right size. I highly recommend. I appreciate the fact that the design is not ‘baby specific’ so product is more versatile.

Adele Howe, TX

So soft and cozy

I love these blankets. They are super soft and warm and the middle part of each blanket has extra padding for extra comfort for your baby. I love the designs, both blankets are unique and beautiful and they come packaged in a nice sturdy display box that would make for a lovely gift. Both you and your baby will be really happy with this purchase.

Lorena Palmer, IA

Great multi-purpose blanket!

Sadly, my baby is now past the swaddle stage, but it’s nice to know that I don’t just have to put these blankets away because they will last you way past the swaddle stage! Not only are they soft and made from renewable bamboo, they are the perfect travel blanket! Since receiving them, I have set one up in my car as a sun shade for my sons rear facing convertible car seat by using the tabs to secure it to the passenger seat headrest and then draping it over the car seat (because as you know, convertible car seats don’t have sun canopies). The blanket is thin enough to not make him hot, yet thick enough to keep the sun out of his eyes.I also use the second one at my older son’s t-ball and soccer games on the stroller as an extension to the sun canopy, to nurse him privately, or for him to play on the grass without eating it!! Nursing with this swaddle blanket is a dream! I have previously used a nursing cover and my son HATES it! It makes him entirely too hot, which makes both of us frustrated! The neck on my nursing cover also protrudes out too far and makes my nursing very obvious to anyone standing above me! The tabs on this swaddle blanket make it easy to adjust and easy to do privately!You will not be disappointed! These blankets are well worth the price, as they take the place of your nursing cover, stroller blanket, tummy time mat, and regular swaddle blanket! Genius!

Evelyn Cardington, OH

Large and Great Quality

Let me start by saying that we already have some aden + anais blankets and are very happy with them. I feel like these will definitely give aden + anais a run for their money. These blankets are large and have extra padding in the middle. Because they are made of the bamboo they stretch perfectly for swaddling and tucking under and around baby. The designs are cute and modern and elegant. The only thing I’m not sure of is holding up in the washer/dryer. They may do just fine, but I haven’t had them long enough to know for sure. Really love these.

Nettie Dupont, LA

Good swaddle blankets

I had received many “swaddling” blankets as gifts when I had my baby, but found out quickly that most of them are not really even long even to swaddle them properly. These blankets are large enough. They are a very nice soft material and the print is nice. They have loops on each of the corners that can be attached to the stroller and it can be used as a nursing cover. It’s nice to have one blanket that has many purposes instead of a bunch of different items that only do one thing. I would caution to be careful not to snag the material on anything as it seems very delicate. Unfortunately one of the blankets was already snagged right out of the package.

Sondra Willingboro, NJ

Love this product ..

Features:Swaddle Angel includes a 2 pair of blankets. It is made of Rayon got from bamboo.Pros:1) This blanket is made up of very soft material and is very light.2) It acts a munchkin swaddling blanket. The baby loves to be wrapped in this soft blanket.3) It works as a nursing cover too.The double layer center panel gives extra warmth to baby and privacy to motherwhile nursing.4) The blanket has a loop on each corner to attach to the stroller and infant carrier to act as protective cover for thebaby from sunlight, rain, insects and bugs.Love this product!

Etta Maxwell, TX