Munchkin Teething Blanket with Pacifier Attachment

Munchkin Teething Blanket with Pacifier Attachment

Relieves teething pain! Easy to grasp; Cotton blanket; 4 Teethers. Munchkin’s award-winning Teething Blanket provides four textured teething corners and a soft cotton blanket to soothe aching gums. The easy-to-grasp blanket means baby can hold and place teether in mouth without help, keeping comfort and security within reach. The Teething Blanket also contains an attachment loop to hold baby’s pacifier. Machine washable and dryer safe for easy cleaning. This product does not contain PVC with Phthalates.

Main features

  • 2 upscale fabrics in 1 blanket – super soft plush and silky cool satin on the back
  • Classic embroidery with cute “Bee” design
  • 2 textured teething surfaces on corners
  • Pacifier attachment

Verified reviews


Baby likes it ok

1. It was not the same as the photo, but I was too lazy to contact Amazon about it.2. Baby only likes it slightly.

Laverne Rosburg, WA

Munchkin “Bee My Honey”

First of all, please be aware that the blanket you will receive is on the picture posted by Janet. (Yellow)-2 textured teething surfaces on corners; yellow and green-Super soft push on one side and silky cool satin on the other (I uploaded a picture of the silky cool satin side)-1 pacifier attachment-Full size: 11″ x 13.75″My son loves this blanket and I am glad to be able to wash it and put it in the dryer!

Amber Fort Lupton, CO

Excellent Product

My son is 4 months old and he loves this blanket. He like to hold on to things while hes using his pacifier and it makes him feel comfortable. I love how it has the pacifier holder and teething corners. I would suggest this to anyone. Thanks

Patty Fort Monmouth, NJ


This is great for my teething 6 month old. She drags it around with her and chews on it instead of her clothes like she was.

Aida Bryantown, MD

Good idea but needs improvment

I was looking for something that my baby could hold and snuggle and I could attach my own paci of choice to, this seemed to be a great idea however the product itself is lacking. The pacifier attachment is difficult, you can’t easily remove the paci to clean, I’m actually afraid I’d break the elastic if I tried it again. I also liked the idea of a silky side but it looks terrible. I washed it on gentle and let it air dry before giving it to my baby and all the silk starting unraveling then so I trimmed those threads. After my baby has grabbed at it for a day its all snagged. I give it two stars bc its a great idea but the materials used are so poor I doubt it will last more than a week more.

Angelita Marlboro, NY

Little guy loves this!

I’d give this five stars, except that my son is not really into the teething corners (but perhaps not YET–he is 4.5 months old). What I love about it is that its machine washable (I put it in the dryer, too, though I don’t know if the manufacturer recommends this). He’s has this for a month, and it’s easy for him to get into his mouth, even without a great deal of control! Highly recommend–we have two, because one is always in the wash.

Adriana Shade Gap, PA

Bought as a present for our 5 month old grandson, he took to it right away!

Knowing how much babies chew while teething, we recently bought the Munchkin Teething Blanket as a present for our 5 month old grandson. He took to it right away, it was soon thoroughly covered in baby drool! It was the perfect size to lay across his tummy while he was chewing, perfect for a cold winter while traveling back home. Our grandson seemed to give his teething blanket 5 stars.

Annette Sterling City, TX

Good find

Fun to hold, squeeze, and chew on! My baby loves this item. The corners are teethers, and the blanket is nice and soft. Great baby item.

Nellie Englewood, FL

Best teether by far!

My daughter started teething at 3 months and we had great difficulty finding a teether that she liked. After trying the ring and the hand, we fell upon the teething blanket. BEST EVER! It’s soft and fuzzy and silky/satiny with 2 chewy corners. She loves grabbing the blankie and chewing on the ends. IT ROCKS!!

Johanna Shelbyville, TN

Great product!

We were always losing paci’s and I was looking for some way to keep from doing that without attaching it to my baby. This was perfect and it is soft and I love that it has teething corners. Bought two of them because we loved it so much.

Deidre Eleroy, IL

Fine teether

Toy is exactly as described; baby just doesn’t like it very much. Prefers the Orajel Munchkin teether and the Lifefactory teether.

Lacey Niles, IL

very soft textures perfect for little ones.

my daughter just love teething blanket i’m trying to buy her different kinds… this one serves its purpose. i received neither one in the photos… i got a green teething blanket embroidered with one bee and yes only two teething corners. it really varies in color and design but it doesn’t matter as long as my 6 mo. old daughter appreciates what i get for her.

Katheryn Calliham, TX