Munchkin The Medicator, 2 Pack – Purple

Munchkin The Medicator, 2 Pack – Purple

?Ideal for 0+ months ?Easy, safe and accurate way to get medicine into your baby BPA Free

Main features

  • Safe, easy, and accurate way to dispense liquid medicine
  • Medicine bypasses baby’s taste buds reducing gagging and spitting up
  • Age: Newborn and up
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


good medicine dispenser

The only thing I would change about this product is the way it secures together. Sometimes it does not screw together properly and therefore leaks. As long as you are careful to double check it is secure, it works great. My 2 month old has no trouble taking medication from it. She actually seems to enjoy it more than her bottle.

Briana Humphreys, MO

These are so wonderful to have….

My twin granddaughters have reflux and the medication is horrible tasting….these are so helpful in getting them to take their medication. Definitely recommend!

Misty Glenwood, FL

Doesn’t bypass taste buds

I bought this product so my triplets would take their reflux medicine better since it cannot be mixed with anything. This product is awful. They didn’t even know how to use it much and they take new things easily (ie: pacifier changes, etc.). I had been using a medicine bottle type dispensor which was working ok but they could taste it. This product claimed to bypass the taste buds. It doesn’t, they made horrible faces, indicating they could taste the medicine. Wish I could return it but I opened the packages for each girl to try 🙁

Tori Sedalia, MO

A must-have for every baby!

I sent this to my sister for my niece after "Babygirl" had surgery and needed to take an antibiotic and a pain reliever. Babygirl would NOT swallow either liquid medication. We’re talking, projectile-spitting in half a second after Sis squirted it in her mouth. Babygirl still uses pacifiers (she’s two, hard habit to break) so I looked up ways to get her to willingly swallow the medication, and this popped up. I read the reviews and talked to some other moms, and decided to give these a shot.WHAT A GREAT IDEA. From Sis: "I filled it with her dose, held her cradle-style, and put the pacie in her mouth. She instinctively started sucking on it, and the medication slipped right to the back of her throat. As she sucked on it and snuggled, she swallowed the medication without even noticing. It’s truly just like a regular pacifier except you can fill it with the medicine. It’s brilliant, and will be keeping and using these until her pacie habit is done, and I will be buying a new set when I decide to have another baby. It’s a complete lifesaver, and I love it!"

Georgette New Market, IN

Worked great for us!

This medication administrator worked very well for my twins! I purchased another type that did not work well at all. I like that you can put more than 1 ml in the cup. Would definitely recommend!

Margarita Clitherall, MN

Better than most!

I had a different medicator for my daughter that was a pacifier, that most of the medicine wouldn’t get to the nipple. THis one, it gets there, but the problem is with the medicine being thick, it tends to take a while to get there for her to get it all. I am finding it much easier to just give her it from the droppers that come with the medicine.

Krystal Altonah, UT