Munchkin Time Saver Bottle Warmer, White

Munchkin Time Saver Bottle Warmer, White

Heat bottles quickly and evenly with the Time Saver Bottle Warmer by Munchkin. The convenient built-in reservoir eliminates the need to measure. The adjustable timer dial shows how much heating time is left and rings to alert you when it is done. The safe steam warming helps preserve nutrients and is safe for breast milk. Includes a lift-out basket to safely remove bottles or food from warmer when ready. Great for use with all leading bottles and jars. 1 year limited warranty.

Main features

  • Built in reservoir eliminates the need to measure
  • Safe steam warming helps preserve nutrients and is safe for breast milk
  • Lift out basket safely removes bottles or food jars
  • Adjustable timer dial shows how much heating time is left and rings to alert you when it is done
  • 1 year limited warranty

Verified reviews


TERRIFYING PRODUCT — Run for your life!

I am having to pump and bottle feed, so I’m using a variety of plastic bottles (Medela, Dr. Brown’s, Snappy, Gerber). Warming in the middle of the night whilst bleary has been a screaming problem, so I thought we’d try this.Dear Dog, DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE.1. Avent bottles will fit, but not with the protective splash ring in place. I only have one of these from a free sample, so I don’t really care about this problem.2. The dial is totally inaccurate. Turn it to 1 min, you get 15 seconds. (Yes, I was watching a real clock) Turn it to 30 seconds you get 3 mins and that only because you started to wonder what the heck was going on and stopped the unit only to enjoy a good scalding. These were not the only two tests we ran – we really wanted this product to work.3. Milk is heated to ludicrous temperatures in a short (but totally unpredictable) amount of time. I read the review from the woman who is scalding her milk on purpose. Never heard of that, but I have no doubt that this product works wonders for that. I dumped the milk it scalded out because I didn’t want to have pumped it, stored it in a fridge, scalded it, and then cooled it down for the baby—that seemed too risky. Plus, this was supposed to save time, not burn me and drag a 10 min getting-the-bottle-ready operation out to a 30 min one.4. I abandoned the unit around midnight and went back to using a teakettle and a coffee cup (works fine in 3 min or less)… when I came back to it in the morning to dump the water out and pack it back up to return to the store (Target), so it had been off for hours, the wall plug was painfully hot to the touch. Yikes! Like dazed parents need fire hazards on top of burn hazards on top of everything else.Please don’t buy one of these. Please, no.I don’t want you or your baby to get hurt and I don’t want your house to burn down.Buy a nice electric kettle (mine is a Hamilton Beach $20) and get a coffee cup out of the cabinet.Please vote on this review so that it pops up on the homepage and as many people as possible see it.

Erika Belleville, MI

it does work but some big caveats

water tank is way too smallonly does about 4-5 bottles on setting of 2 minutes(it doesn;t leak if you do it right)warming is variablethe longer you leave it in [after the bell rings] the warmer it getsit can easily get too hot just sitting there if you walk off and forgetthis is when you have it set to warm correctly assuming you are there and pull it out immediatelyalso less milk means it gets warmermilk from frig takes longer to warm than if it was room temp to start withso you kind of either have to do everything the same [initial temp, milk quantity, post-bell time, even the bottle type] or take a shot in the dark that it comes out okchange any of that, and you are back to guessing, and the old wrist temp-testplus there is no low water warning, it is easy to run it dry and have a bad smellalso that turns the bottom brown eventuallyi can see how it would melt or burn bottle bottoms tooplus if you get any milk in the water, it foams up, and will turn the whole thing brown pretty soonalso there are nooks and crannies that make it hard to clean milk out completely, particularly around the heating disk in the bottomplus you can;t add water until it;s empty [unless you want water all over the counter] – because the tank goes in upside down, with no cap, if it has any in it when you remove it, it will come outbottom line, it works, it doesn;t cost a fortune, but it has some limitations,whicht are not impossible to work aroundBESTREVIEW 🙂 vote for me 🙂 just kidding, but if it helped.. thx wle..EDITS-it is still about the fastest way to do it other than microwave, not recommended=for some reason dr brown;s bottles will spew milk up and out of their threads SOMETIMESwhen they do milk gets in the water and eventually turns brown and has be cleaned outi really think it is when the cap is on too tight, not too looseeither that , or maybe the nipple hole is stopped upthe browns bottles are weird and i think the air in the bottle expands and doesn;t go out the normal way, and it has to force the milk up the blue vent tube and out the threads, which are intentionally too big on those bottles, it is how air gets in when the baby suckswle

Latasha Indiantown, FL

Fast and inexpensive. Buy the digital one if you can spend a little more

I have one of these and one "’Munchkin Precision Digital Bottle Warmer". I prefer the digital one because of more precise controls, and a bigger reservoir. The digital one has also a taller chamber, but so far I have only used quite small bottles.This warmer fits the Tommee Tippee bottles just fine, is fast, I don’t think you loose any nutrients if you don’t overheat your milk. You have to be careful not to rock it or the chamber can overfill and spill. Also, make sure your bottles can handle the heat (careful with glass bottles, only use if they are thermo-resistant).My recommendation is buying the digital one if you can afford it, and this one as a second option. Both of them are very good at a low price. I tried many bottle warmers, including the expensive Kiinde Kozii that I returned because it’s slow and it doesn’t justify spending a fortune on it.

Bonnie Buffalo, WY

Heats bottle good but runs out of water fast.

The bottle warmer gets the job done, warms the bottle in a fastly matter. My complain is how dirty it gets and how quickly it runs out of water. If you do not have enough water it begins to smell like something is burning and it turns everything black/dirty. I put water in it 2 times a day and it seems to never be enough. It’s not that big of a deal to always look, it’s just annoying but at 2 am, when you half asleep you are not thinking about water level and that is when it always starts to stink. I would like to try another kind next time at the baby store. I also have been trying to heat up baby food and it is not working. I put my jar in for 4 minutes when it’s been in the fridge (not frozen) and it still is chilly in the center.

Amber Brownsville, WI

Don’t bother

Nothing too exciting about this product. The water reservoir leaks all over with any sort of movement of the warmer. Although I followed the heating guidelines, the heating times still had to be adjusted frequently. I don’t know how but even in a very short heating time frame, milk from the bottle would come out and into the device making the water milky in color. I will be returning this product.

Callie Henryetta, OK


This bottle warmer is just what I need when my grandson comes to visit. Follow the instructions and you will have no trouble. The only problem I have is that I forget to fill the water reservoir when needed. It can cause a problem. So I just fill it every time I heat a bottle. One filling will steam two bottles. It heats up quickly…only minutes. You can set the timer for as many minutes as you think. 4 minutes heats a refrigerated 4 oz bottle perfectly.

Arline Moreno Valley, CA

Timer turn knob broke in 2 months

In summary, it does the job as long as it’s not broken. That said, the timer turn knob broke off in 2 months. The warmer comes with a 1yr warranty however you need to mail it in for them to determine the nature of the damage. Their customer service said that it would take about 1 month for me to receive a replacement, if they decide it was a manufacturing issue. They do not provide parts (I would be happy to just receive a new knob). Another lesser issue is the small volume of water reservoir. While in theory it works fine, if you had ever experienced getting up every 3 hours at night for 2-3 months and barely keeping your eyes open, it is a little annoying that you need to figure out if there’s enough water for heating (It’s not easy to tell since the plastic is light blue and the water is clear). Finally, if you want to end the heating, you need to unplug it. Thee’s no stop button nor can you turn the knob back to 0. It does the job but it’s not good value for near $30.

Maude Allison Park, PA

Decent warmer

You can’t beat the price of this warmer for what you get. This is our second Munchkin bottle warmer. We burned the first one out after 6-7 months of use, but by then our little one was ready for room temperature and cold milk so we thought we had gotten our moneys worth out of it. Don’t think that it’s going to crap out after 6 months of just a few uses a day- We put this thing to work! At one point our son was going through 12-15 bottles a day! We thought about buying a pricier warmer but this one works well for us so we’re going to stick with it. The one thing I would recommend is giving a shake half way through warming so you don’t have any hot spots, but that’s the case with most warmers.

Dorthy Hobe Sound, FL

Inconsistent heating…

I tried to like it but I didn’t…I ended up returning it and replacing it with Dr. Brown’s and I’m much happier

Clare Woodland, GA

Good product, works as advertised.

It does the job for a good price. It has a timer with a ding when the bottle is done, and shuts off automatically, both of the features we want. And it fits our TOMMEE TIPPEE bottles. We turn it on for about 4.5 minutes, and it’s a nice temperature for baby. I do agree the bottle itself gets really warm, but cools down in about 15 seconds, not a big deal. The only thing we don’t like about it much is that you only get about 3 bottles heated per water fill. A bigger water resevoir would have been nice, but it has never leaked for us. Ours has stayed very clean because we don’t let it run out of water, it’s not that hard. All in all, a very nice product.

Margot Hoosick Falls, NY

Mediocre but it works

I’ve been using this for three months. It’s wildly inconsistent depending on how much water is in the well when the heating starts. It doesn’t shut off as the manual says when the reservoir is dry. For 4 oz bottles, Avents take about 2 minutes, dr browns 2.5, but I still check the temp of the formula with my finger every time to be safe. It can be cold on top, scalding hot on bottom, so swirl the bottle before checking the temperature.I saw one reviewer mentioned that milk came out, he thought it was due to the blue vent in the Dr Brown’s bottle when heating. Please note that Dr. Brown’s instruction state not to heat the bottle with the blue vent inside.This is not an awesome product. Brown gunk from the heated up formula drippings that are always on the outside of the bottles does cause a brown buildup. It is easy to wash out. The reservoir is hard to see into so often the water does run low. If you use distilled water you get less buildup on the heating element. I wouldn’t buy it again but I’ll use it until it breaks.

Fran Black Hawk, CO

Great product!

This is the second one we’ve purchased and we love it. I’m not sure where the bad reviews are coming from.First, the water reservoir is see through, so you can in fact see when the water is running out. We fill it maybe twice a day for roughly 6-8 bottles per day. Bad reviewers have a serious case of First World Problems if filling a reservoir twice a day is too much work. When the reservoir runs out and it’s heating nothing, it makes a pretty apparent hissing sound that you can hear clearly.Second, it does warm bottles larger than 4oz (saw a bad review), you just have to set the timer for longer. We use 6oz and 8oz bottles of organic whole milk. 6oz warms perfectly in 5 minutes and the 8oz in 6 minutes. Just enough time for you to set it and go change the diaper!The only con I can think of is this thing gets pretty nasty, but this may be due to the horrible tap water we have in our city. It’s nothing we haven’t been able to scrub off with dish soap and water though.

Mara Fortville, IN