Munchkin Travel Booster Seat

Munchkin Travel Booster Seat

Munchkin’s Travel Booster Seat is exactly what parents on the move need for mealtime. This stylish travel feeding booster seat has adjustable legs so it grows along with your child. It features durable, easy to clean material, a strong internal frame for stability and includes storage to hold bottles, cups, diapers, and more. It can accommodate a toddler or child up to 50 pounds.

Main features

  • Foam, Plastic
  • Made in USA
  • Safe and easy to use straps securely to standard dining chairs
  • Storage compartment helps organize items for on the go like diapers, bottles and feeding essentials
  • Retractable legs have rubberized surface for added stability
  • Strong internal shell for stability
  • 50 pounds maximum weight

Verified reviews


Broken strap, baby fell out

We’ve been using this chair since Christmas. Tonight, while strapped in, she leaned sideways, a strap broke, and she fell out of the seat, bringing the kitchen chair down with her. After about 15 minutes of red faced sobbing (hers, but almost mine), I was able to determine she wasn’t injured, only scared.I wouldn’t say she was unattended, but I was too far away to catch her. So, I could blame myself for taking the seat’s safety for granted. I’ve written to the manufacturer to let them know what I think about the safety of this chair, and for a full refund.Such a great idea, but knowing this could happen makes me wonder how it didn’t happen sooner? The sewing of the straps into the seating fabric just isn’t strong enough to hold a 22 lb child when she leans over. It could have been much worse.Not recommended.

Amber Palm Bay, FL


We bought the booster seat for a 10 day trip to hawaii, figuring it would be easier to have her sit with us for meals than chase her around. Unfortunately, we found that this booster seat is quite unsafe for our active 9 mos old. The first time we used it (after securing it on the chair, and then tightening the harness) she leaned sideways to reach something and then was hanging by a leg, dangling off the chair. Needless to say, we were thankful she had not fallen but were quite frightened. The next day we tried again, and this time she literally crawled out of the chair onto the table. That was more funny than scary, but I packed it up and put it away. Definitely can’t understand the popularity of this booster, but that was our experience.

Nelly Highland Home, AL

poor design

I just purchased this recently, however My 2 year old son attempted to do up his seat belt on his own, and somehow plugged a carry strap plug into the seat belt spot, and now it is unusable (can not remove the wrong strap from the seat belt connecters between the legs). 🙁 The two strap types are are v similarly shaped, but slightly different in size. beware….

Kimberly Bradford, AR

stylish, cute, light, the storage is super convenient.

I bought a couple of these to take along on spring break. I have had a quality issue with one — one of the straps broke, from the top right which keeps the back upright aligned to the chair back, 4 days into use, when we were fastening it onto a chair and tightening. But this did not detract from the usability. may be a safety issue only if you are using for a very little one. But the manufacturer was extremely helpful though I have to ship back to them at my expense. I had purchased from target which refused to take back a defective used item at the store. I ended up purchasing a replacement from AmznI think this would work great for a 9 mo old and up that is pretty steady and can sit upright easily. While it has a 45 lb limit, it may be a tight fit for a chubbier child, would definitely pick the chicco if your kid is over the 85 – 90% in weight for height because my chubbier twin barely fits into the straps at full extension.If you purchase theSummer Infant Tiny Diner, Blueand Kiddopotamus Bibbity Rinse & Roll Bib in Blue they match perfectly with the seat and store inside the seat easily and you have a travel kit ready to go! I have the green placemat as well and the color does not match quite as nicely if you care about those things :-)I purchased a couple of these even though I have this one as well –Chicco TravelSeat Hook On Chair, Adventurefor my 18 mo twins because the Chicco is heavy and larger to put into a suitcase. For drive to vacations, where space and weight are not constraints I like the chicco better coz it puts the babies at the table. Also the Chicco is washable while this is strictly wipe clean so definitely not for every day use as a booster.If you purchase theSummer Infant Tiny Diner, Blueand Kiddopotamus Bibbity Rinse & Roll Bib in Blue they match perfectly with the seat and store inside the seat easily and you have a travel kit ready to go!

Sylvia Emma, IL

Not for young kids

I had to return this because I was unable to use it for my 9 month old daughter. It’s definitely made more for a toddler.

Roslyn Broadalbin, NY

Great concept but too small

We needed a booster that was easy for outdoor terrace eating, instead of lugging out the large high chair. The booster chair is very portable and compact. It is too just too small for my 13 month old. I would say this is more appropriate for a 6 month old-1 year old or a child on the smaller side. Overall it seemed to be well thought–i just wished it was more appropriate for +1 year old child.

Gay Eau Galle, WI

Booster seat

I keep this at my house for when my grandson comes. It has worked out very well. Highly recommend. Nice design.

Daphne Hoxie, KS

Poorly made

Poorly made, not portable; thick and bulky and not very secure. Would not recommend, would recommend the Brica Fold N’ Go Booster.

Lilian Gomer, OH

Great concept, but a few design flaws

We were so hopeful about this product – It just seemed like such a great idea. Unfortunately, the ‘cooler” is basically non-existent as it can barely fit a juice box, and the crotch strap is so short that we could barely strap our daughter into it at 15 months (although she is a BIG 15 month old). We basically have to avoid the straps and just use it as a booster seat.It is quite sturdy and easy to transport, so it is would be fantastic if the crotch strap adjusted. Now we keep it around for our friends to use for their kids when they come over to visit.

Lindsey Richland Springs, TX

Great travel booster, but some drawbacks

We bought this booster seat for travel purposes, and it has definitely come in handy. It travels easily and provides additional internal storage (although I can really only put a couple of things in there). The seat itself folds open and the straps come out to wrap around the seat. The slide proof feet are a nice touch, and the straps are long and sturdy enough to work. I love, love, love that the main strap (that goes over your shoulder) can unbuckle- this was perfect for strapping it to the stroller or through the suitcase handle, and it was one less thing I worried about carrying.On the negative side, the middle belt in between the legs in NOT designed well! It is way too short and basically cut into my son’s thighs instead of coming up to his waist to prevent him from falling out. To fix this, I took some scissors and removed the middle “T” section, and sewed it back onto the base more forward and with more slack. This let the strap move forward and upward, which effectively put it in the right position. It is annoying that I had to do this, but now it works great.The other drawback is that the back does not stay straight, so my son always ended up slouching down and leaning way back. To fix this, I would just stuff one of our travel pillows (the U shaped ones) between the back of the booster and the chair, and that made him sit up straight.I would recommend this product, even with its drawbacks. They are relatively easy fixes, and it seems like one of the better ones on the market now. Also, don’t get the clip on seats (the ones that rest on the edge of a table) because there is a recall out for those now.

Deloris Woodward, OK

Cute, sturdy, convenient!

Found this at a Target Greatland store and was thrilled to see it in person. I had been trying to decide between this and the Jeep version. I was leaning more towards this one since there is a 50 pound weigh limit as opposed to Jeep’s 45 pound weight limit.Has 2 straps to secure behind and below a chair.The bottom has grips.The adjustable legs are pretty cool – you pull back the velcro, fold it back into the velcro on the bottom so those fabric pieces are out of the way. Lift the legs out and up, then push them down so they click into place – they are very sturdy when pushed in correctly.Has a carry handle and shoulder strap.Inside zippered compartment can hold quite a bit. I have a take and toss sippy cup, take and toss silverware in take and toss silverware container, soft travel pack of wipes, a small bib, and I am planning on putting more in there such as the biodegradable disposable placemats. Room for a few small toys. still room for probably a couple diapers (though we’re potty training so I won’t add those in). There is also one pocket in the storage compartment that I might put a thin book or travel sized coloring book/crayons in. You could fit larger items in the pocket, but keep in mind that takes away from the general storage capability of the rest of it.The outside of the bag is black and a lime green (which I LOVE). The inside is the same as pictured here. (blue, white, purple, and lime green) Very cute and would work well with either a boy or a girl.My daughter is 28 months old and weighs 28 pounds. She is a calm toddler, but I still believe an active child would do well in this seat. It’s only a 3 point harness, so if you have a toddler that is good at getting out of those, it’s probably not the best one for you. Then again, it’s a travel booster seat so the short amount of time he/she might be ok.The Jeep version of this has pockets on the outside sides for additional storage and this Munchkin version does not. But I didn’t want something too bulky so this is perfect for me. The interior storage fits enough for us. I also wanted to make sure I would be able to fit this in a suitcase for flights and it will, no problem.

Mellisa Mardela Springs, MD

Go out is very convenient

Go out is very convenient, it is in order to facilitate use when they go out, the storage function is like

Michelle Gaines, PA

not useful

I bought this for my daughter, but we could hardly use it, the straps sat so low they cut into her thighs and we couldn’t adjust it to make it comfortable.

Sydney Raccoon, KY

Between 4 and 5 stars

This this really is nice for travel. The zipper part is plenty big enough for a bowl or 2, spoons, bib, food, etc, which is different from any of the other booster seats we saw, and it even fits a diaper clutch if you don’t have all that other stuff in it, so you can use it for everything if you want. My only complaint is how crusty it gets with food (and you can’t really throw it in the wash), and how it isn’t quite as sturdy as our plastic booster seat, because it’s made from fabric rather than hard plastic. That being said, I am super super glad I have it and we use it often!

Adela Freehold, NY

Travel Booster seat

We just received this seat and haven’t used this yet, but it appears quite sturdy and has legs with grip pads that you can pull out to make seat taller. There are straps to hold child in seat. It has a nice storage area as described. and all folds up neatly for travel with a shoulder strap.

Sherry Texhoma, OK


It’s very comfortable, my daughter loves sitting in it. The harness leaves a little to be desired, it can be gotten out of (should have been a 5 point harness) so this is perfect if your little one is well behaved like mine and will sit and eat without rolling from side to side and trying to wiggle out. It attaches well to a barstool backed chair, no problems with the straps.

Stacie Meacham, OR

Nice seat but be careful

This is a nice seat, it folds easily. It does not take up a lot of space, and it cleans easily. However, a child can tip over even when this is attached to a seat. We use it frequently but just keep an extra eye on our daughter. Once she dropped a crayon on the floor and tried to reach it and the chair almost fell over. That being said, with adult supervision, this seat works great and does have the added feature of a safety belt, which restaurant booster seats do not have.

Joan Bertha, MN

I like this item

We have a beach house and grown children with children and friends with children – which means we need a lot of booster seats. This is one is very portable – even has a storage compartment. Wipes clean and looks great.

Lottie Ovett, MS

great travel booster, easy to use

This booster is great for restaurants. It is easy to use, and it has the compartment that I can store bibs or cups, etc. The only complain I have is that the strap is only for waist area, and my daughter is squirmy. She sits better when strapped on her chest. But all in all a great booster. I still bring mine to restaurants, and will bring it for our Europe trip.

Rosetta Marietta, OH

Love this travel booster seat

We have only had this booster seat for a few weeks and have used it quite a few times. We have a deck with a table outside and rather than bringing the high chair in and out, we use this and also take it to friend’s house’s that do not have children. No one wants to lug around a huge high chair or booster seat when they go places. This is super portable and light. It does stain pretty easy, that’s the only complaint I really have but anything that’s fabric will so I’m not concerned about it.

Bessie Fort Sheridan, IL

Didn’t get to try it but looks great

Bought this booster for any vacations we go on …. looks great… alot of storage inside it which is great and it is made really well from what I can tell so far. Will try it out this weekend….. 🙂

Gail Dover, NJ

A great, versatile seat. We bought two!

We absolutely love these seats. They definitely solve an infant/toddler management problem for us, and I would recommend them to anyone.The Problem: Where do you put the little one(s) so that they can eat when you’re not at home? They’re big enough now to sit up to east, but not big enough to sit on a regular chair or bench.At home, you have the high chair. Whether you have one of the great high-end models or a basic metal/plastic one, it meets your needs at home. And it’s nearly impossible to take out with you!At a restaurant, they have high chairs. By now, you’ve figured out how to use them, and in most cases how to securely fasten your little one to the chair to prevent them from climbing out to explore their surroundings more thoroughly (and to prevent them from falling from a reasonably high place)But… what about at friends’ and relatives’ houses? What do you do then? Not everyone has extra high chairs just hanging around!The Solution: This little unit right here. It is height adjustable, with little legs that can be either retracted or deployed to put the seat at a useable height in most circumstances. With two sets of adjustable straps for securing the unit, it can be safely and securely anchored to most chairs, from folding chairs to nice furniture. And there is a 3-point harness/lap belt to help secure the little one in this unit.As others have mentioned, the "t" strap between the legs is on the smaller side – but we have not noticed that this causes any problem. There has proven to be more than enough adjustability in the side straps as our twins have grown, and I can see that even as they get bigger, the seat will be able to properly accommodate them. If you are concerned about this, your mileage may vary, but I would personally not be concerned at all about it when evaluating this purchase.For us, the under-seat storage is simply a great bonus. You can pack it with mealtime essentials to bring with you – perhaps utensils, plastic plates, baby flatware, etc to be ready for mealtime. But for some parents, you could probably use it like a mini-diaper bag! Pack a few diapers, some travel wipes, etc, and leave the big bag at home… perhaps a great solution for city-dwellers who don’t drive a car around for permanent mega-diaper-bag storage.

Deanna Jackson, CA

Great easy seat

This seat is great and seems very comfortable for my 18 month old daughter. She wants to sit in it all the time, if she sees it out she takes it and starts pulling it open and setting it up on the floor for herself. Packs up very fast/neat and is pretty light and comfortable to tote on your shoulder. Better than carrying the awkward hard plastic boosters. Compartment for feeding accessories is handy too.

Deanne Bartlett, KS

Functional — but before buying, measure clearance for thighs/knees

Easy to wipe and vacuum clean (except the velcro bits do attract a lot of fuzz that’s hard to pick out), and yes, there is storage, the straps work well, the kiddo hasn’t defeated the buckles, and it has stayed secure in its chair for a long time.I wish Munchkin could design a travel booster seat with adjustable seat height (but without compromising the safety of the seat). My almost-4 year old is on the very small side (i.e., 26lb, 3ft tall). While he has fit in this booster seat for nearly a year now, one issue that I neglected to check was how much "clearance" there was for his thighs/knees to tuck under the table. A year ago, his knees could tuck under the tabletop, but now they can’t. Entirely my mistake — no fault of the Munchkin design, but hopefully nobody else will make the same rookie mistake I made.

Stacy Poolville, TX

Better than expected!

I travel a lot, so I needed a high chair that would be easy to transport. This is a wonderful product! It is very sturdy, and the design makes it work on pretty much any chair. The inside is lined in hard plastic, which is how the stuff in the storage doesn’t get smashed. It has feet to add height which fold away when not in use. It has ample storage space. It is extremely easy to use: the first time I opened it and adjusted it, it only took 5 minutes. My son is 8 months old, and it works fine. After I strapped it on, it could not be budged, and even though my son was leaning to the side, it stayed put and kept him contained. If I had to pick something I didn’t like, it would be that the straps that hold the child are a little too close together, but it is not a major concern. Overall, I love this product!!!!

Tabatha Truxton, NY

great travel seat

This seats works well with children who can sit up unassisted. Great travel seat.

Jodie New Albin, IA

Doesn’t support well

This only holds the kid on the waist so if you have a squirmy one that likes to grab whatever he/she can get their hands on this isn’t for you. I guess it can work if you scoot the kid up right to the table but that seems uncomfortable and the kid can still fall sideways of he wanted ti. My baby is turning 1 but he’s 32inches and 26lbs. I feel like by the time I could put him in this without worrying he will not need a booster seat anymore.

Germaine Mesopotamia, OH

Be careful with the belt

I bought this because I loved the storage’s idea and light weight booster. But it didn’t work quite well.Great color, the base is stable and comfy for my boy. My 10 month boy is skinny so he sits ok.The storage is big enough for some snack, spoons and diapers.But be careful with the belt because it is easily to loose up if the baby is strong enough to pull it. Cuz one time, when my boy was so cranky, he didn’t like to stay in the booster, he kept turn n tried to get out of it, suddenly the belt just opened. Luckily, my husband noticed so my boy didn’t fall. My husband was very careful to fasten the seatbelt when he placed my child in the booster. Just keep in mind this!

Diann Monte Rio, CA

it’s very good

Very practical chair, I really like him. Good Unfortunately, only a few days to put jack broke. Outings very practical, the child can sit to eat, they can put the following things.

Paula College Park, MD


Great lightweight portable baby booster for home and eating out. Easy to clean and take on and off the chair.

Willa Casmalia, CA