Munchkin Travel Car Baby Bottle Warmer, Grey

Munchkin Travel Car Baby Bottle Warmer, Grey

When you and your baby are on the go, take along the Travel Car Baby Bottle Warmer from Munchkin. It plugs into your car adapter and warms evenly in minutes, with no hot spots to worry about. A digital display indicates the temperature as well as the remaining warming time. Designed to fit most bottles and car cup holders, the Travel Car Baby Bottle Warmer is convenient for road trips and quick outings.

Main features

  • Plastic, Polyester
  • Imported
  • Warms bottles quickly and evenly while in the car
  • Easy to use adapter includes a light up timer display with lights for use at night
  • Flexible heating band conforms to bottle
  • 1 year limited warranty

Verified reviews


Work Okay.

We got this for heating breast milk on the road. It takes 20-30 minutes to heat 150ml of milk (which isn’t terrible). But, the plug is just a little bit too big for a standard lighter. Which means that every time we put it in and take it out it pulls on the lighter outlet and is hard to move (in either direction). Other than this little flaw I really like this heater.

Summer Vero Beach, FL

Keeps the water hot all day- literally!

This is a handy little thermos for making hot bottles. I put very hot water in it for a picnic at 10 am, came home and didn’t get to dump it until the babes were in bed at 9 pm…. Still very hot! I could have easily heated another bottle right then. I am happy with this purchase.

Gabrielle Gore, VA

Munchkin Travel Bottle Warmer, Gray

•Warms bottles quickly and evenly while in the car•Easy to use adapter includes a light up timer display with lights for use at night•Flexible heating band conforms to bottle•1 year limited warranty

Roslyn Stella, NE

Does the job

It took about 15 min to warm up slightly cold but not refrigerated milk. It fit the bottle well since you can adjust the tightness. Yes, it can take awhile to heat up but you have to remember that it’s getting it’s power source from a car battery. I shook the bottle gently as it was warming up. It heated up great!

Veronica Oregon, OH

Very strong chemical smell

This smelled VERY toxic and I had to air it outside for days before use. Do not plan on using straight out of the package. Using it takes a long time, I ended up never using it.

April Grand Marais, MN

very handy for heating on the go

We bought this to warm up EBM for baby while we were traveling and holidaying at the snow where options to warm bottles on the go are rather limited. It’s really simple to use and fits snug in the car’s cup holder. It doesn’t get hot enough that you could accidentally burn yourself on it, and the timer means I don’t have to worry about the milk overheating which is nice. I find it takes 30 minutes to heat from fridge temp to feeding temp so just make sure you’re organised ahead of feeding time.I love how compact it is to store in the car, I keep it in my tiny glove box and it’s nice to know it’s always handy.

Lynda Oakpark, VA

Travel Bottle Warmer

I was not expecting this bottle warmer to warm a bottle to the same temperature as my AVENT bottle warmer but it does take the chill off a cold bottle. We use it when we know we will be out of the house for a few hours with the baby, as soon as I get in the car I plug in the warmer with the bottle. For a cold bottle, it will take 20-30 min to warm up. No high expectations, it heats as fast as it can since it’s plugged into the cigarette lighter. There is a power button and a button to set the timer, if no timer is set then the default is 5 min. I do wish it was better insulated and had a bottom, that way it would keep the warmth once heated.

Veronica Ree Heights, SD

Know Your Baby’s Schedule!

I love this travel bottle warmer! We use it in the car all the time. My husband is a landscaper, and my son and I go with him to job sites out of town all the time in order to spend a little more time with him. Because of being on the road, we’re not always home for bottle time. So, we bought this. It’s perfect for our needs. However, you probably need to know your baby’s schedule. My son eats approximately every 3 hours, and it takes 20 minutes to warm up a bottle. So I have to be proactive for it to be ready when he is. However, we haven’t had a problem with it. I’m thinking about buying a second one for my husband’s truck.

Chelsey Leewood, WV

A must-have…

This is a lifesaver. We spend a lot of time in the car and this is a must have. It does take a while to warm a bottle (about 30-40 minutes for 6 oz at room temperature). But I would recommend this to any parent on the go. It does require a little planning but the bottle will get hot and my little guy is picky.

Mallory Underhill Center, VT

not what expected

Comes in handy but just wish it warmed up quicker.. Its really slow. I usually give up and its still only room temperature.

Sabrina Proctor, VT


I love these! One of my twins is a real snob for warm bottles and won’t drink one that is just room temperature so these have been lifesavers on trips. You do have to plan ahead but since we are on a schedule I just make the bottles and get them in the warmers about 20 mintues before I plan on stopping to feed and it works great!

Angel Pauline, SC

Very handy warmer

This warmer is very handy to have in the car. We use it when travelling or when we are just out shopping for a few hours. The temperature is perfect every time. And the baby agrees. lol

Corina Oakland, KY

Not recommend

Wish i could return this item. Not useful at all. Waste of my money. Doesn’t even fit in my car lighter

Cara Elgin, ND

Good bottle warmer

This bottle warmer works great. I know some reviews say it takes too long, but come on…it’s not a microwave! You have to understand that you need to start warming the milk 15-30 minutes BEFORE the kid starts crying. We have used bottle warmers multiple times and this one is the best on the market so far. Just remember to crack the lid while it’s heating 🙂

Genevieve Rochford, SD

Could be a lot better…. like the idea.

This works good if you know way in advance when to give your baby a bottle and if you are in a pinch. We only tried this twice because it took 30 minutes to "warm" a bottle that was room temperatue. We were on a short road trip when our baby became hungry. I thought it would take 15 minutes but it took 30. I did not even get it to the temperature I would have liked it to be because I gave up. I have since put it away and not used it again… I also think this would be hard to use if you have tall skinny bottles. Wider bottles work best.

Mollie Grifton, NC

Works Well

This actually works really well. We used it for road trips with our 5 month old. Before we left I got the water pretty hot and kept in a insulated bag. The previous reviews said it took a while to heat up so i didn’t want to risk it. It got the luke warm water perfect temp in just a few min. Definite must have for road trips.

Mabel State Center, IA

worked great for travel

We bought this before vacation bc my son was picky about his warm milk. I was very pleased with this product. It takes a little bit to warm the milk. So like anything with a little one you have to plan ahead.

Vickie Harlan, IN

Must have item

I was not sure how good this would work but I have to say I was surprised. It heats the bottle as long as you plan ahead. Depending on the size of the bottle you will need 15-30 minutes for it to heat to the right temperature. Worked for our long road trip and we always had the heated milk when we needed.

Claudine Huron, IN

A life saver

I have a breastfed baby that won’t breastfeed outside of the home, so this travel warmer has been a life saver. We’ve used it on multiple long and short trips, and I can put his bottle in about a half hour before I’ll think he needs it, and it will stay warm for a reasonable amount of time as long as I leave it in the sleeve. Also, if I put the whole thing in my car’s center cubby while it warms, the smaller space helps it warm faster. I have had no problem fitting my wide-mouth Avent Natural or Munchkin Latch bottles in it. I would have a very unhappy traveler if not for this warmer.

Yesenia Naper, NE

Cannot say enough great things about this product.

I love having this warmer in my car for sudden "I’m hungry" screams from my son. It warms up bottles great (after shaking the formula, of course, to distribute the heat). Fits in a standard cup holder too!

Felicia Trenton, MO

works good

Just what I ordered, will do exactly what it says so I give it a good review! Yes I would recommend this to others as well!

Adela Jonben, WV

They tell no lies.

It does exactly what it says. It heats a 4 oz bottle from the cooler in 20-25 min. If you plan accordingly it’s a nice little device. But if you pack your milk in baggies, defrost in the dash is a lot quicker! It works well nuk bottles but I suspect not so muh with drop in liner bottles.

Eloise Krakow, WI

Seems like all bottle warmers have terrible reviews so this one …

It has settings for 30 minutes of heating but 30 minutes is boiling hot, so we do about 25 minutes. It seems to only heat one part of the bottle and I noticed the bottles we have heated it with tend to get soft and lose their shape (medela pumping bottles). Seems like all bottle warmers have terrible reviews so this one is okay for if you travel a lot.

Gertrude Craig, AK

works great!

I like the travel bottle warmer a lot. It does take 20mins to heat up a bottle but that is no problem for us we plan ahead and once the bottle is warm we keep it in the warmer until our daughter is ready to eat. You can use it with any bottle which I think is great.

Sarah Highlands, TX

Road Trip!

We have started to go on long trips with our baby and this is just what we needed. It is easy to operate and fits in the cup holder. It does take 10-15 minutes to heat up a bottle, but if you just plan ahead it works perfectly. I use it with Avent bottles and you do have to line up the heating band with the level of the formula/milk or it won’t work as well.

Jenna Saybrook, IL

On the go!

This warmer has a timer on it up to 30 minutes but the bottles I use aren’t warmed within that timeframe.

Gena Muscatine, IA

in love, so happy with it.

must have if u have to do a lot of traveling or visits to the doctors. always better to put it higher to make sure it gets warm enough

Freida Ola, ID