Munchkin Travel Tray

Munchkin Travel Tray

Help keep your child entertained in the car with the Travel Tray. Perfect for drawing, reading, playing and more for little ones 2+. The built in side walls help keep items from sliding off the tray and a built in snack holder keeps snacks secure and within arm’s reach.

Main features

  • Convenient surface for drawing, reading, playing and more
  • Helps keep child entertained in the car
  • Built in side walls help keep items from sliding off tray
  • Built in spill proof snack holder
  • Mesh pocket for crayons, markers and more

Verified reviews



I love this tray. helps my daughter be able to play and not be so bored in the car and not have to worry about her toys falling down all the time. Also helps her eat in the car during road trips without making as big of a mess. this is a tray that can go on to any carseat really. on each side these tight clips can be cliped onto any material on each side of the carseat and the quick release snaps help make it easy to take the tray on and off when going in and out of the car. the snaps are a little “cheap” so i just take my extra time to make sure i don’t rush to unsnap it. i have a Recaro Signo G2 Convertible Child Safety Car Seat which is a hard carseat to get things for cause its not the normal graco carseat but it works just fine.

Cassandra Sumner, TX

Flimsy and too big

This tray was way too big for my daughter’s lap in the car. Had to return it right away and haven’t found a replacement. Might be great for a taller kid. My daughter is 22 months and about 33".

Neva Rock Port, MO

Keeps his snack on his lap

We purchased this for our (then) 15 month old for a short 3 hour road trip. When we pass him a snack, he either drops it or it ends up between his legs in his carseat, so we thought this would help. This worked so well, and he kept himself busy (for 10 minutes) 🙂 by naming everything he could see, or pointing to it when asked.It was a little difficult to clasp it onto our carseat, luckily the removeable carseat cover stretched just enough to make it a snug fit.After about 30 minutes though, he’d find a way to pull his knees up an make it fall towards his feet.That being said, we use it occaisionally for trips across town and it works great.

Regina Bellevue, KY


We had bought this tray for my son while riding in the car. It is not really big but a good size for him to have a Mcdonalds happy meal on or play with his cars. We take alot of trips to Florida and he leaves this on the whole way there. It has little straps that connect to the chair so you can make it as tight or as loose as you want. Nice little tray!!

Bethany Eola, IL

Works Fantasic

My child loves this tray, especially on long trips. I love it because it keeps her from spilling all over herself and the car.

Libby New Park, PA

Good product

My kid likes the tray and wants to use it when we get in the car. The clips are small and make it difficult to grab a lot of fabric which allows my child to pull it off the carseat.

Haley East Andover, NH

SAFE travel tray!!

The only useful tray I’ve found that is actually truly safe for the car. The design on top is a piece of thin plastic, like a thin placemat. I took it out before my son could, and attached the straps to his car seat. They unbuckle, so you don’t have to fiddle with it every time you use it, which is nice. The interior is a lightweight foam that somehow holds its shape, so my son can eat the occasional car breakfast on this with no problem, and he loves to sit his stuffed animals on it. They say not to use anything in the car that you wouldn’t throw at your child’s head, and this thing is SO light and soft that it’s perfect! The snack trap comes out, and that alone makes it well worth the cost. I’ve put it on the top rack of the dishwasher and it came out great, but usually a quick wipe does the trick to clean it. 🙂

Jacklyn Penfield, IL

Love it!!!

I have a 12 month old and we seem to be going some where all the time and this is great. he can eat and its great because its not hard so I don’t worry that it going to hurt him in any way it makes it so much easier on me and that is what I love about it

Tamara Eureka, MT

it’s going back

I got this for our Britax car seat. It attaches to it fine, but tilts forward. Everything kept falling off of it. My little guy tried to hold his legs up to keep it level, but that was uncomfortable for him. And, to top it off, the buckles on the side are poorly made and VERY EASY for a 2 year old to unhook. He was constantly unhooking it and asking for help to put it back. This is packaged and ready for return. 🙁

Tonya Damascus, VA