Munchkin Traveling Flash Cards

Munchkin Traveling Flash Cards

With the help of these colorful Traveling Flash Cards, your little one will be learning animals, shapes, colors and numbers in English and Spanish in no time! 40 cards have 80 stimulating and memorable images to help kids learn. The images of real animals are a fun way to practice sounds and learn about the world around them. And, the easy-grasp handle allows kids to use them on their own. A handy holder keeps flash cards together. Great for kids 3+ years.

Main features

  • 40 bilingual cards with 80 stimulating images
  • Encourages baby to recognize shapes, colors and animals
  • Helps to identify numbers and practice counting
  • Ideal for learning the alphabet
  • Great for the car, stroller or home

Verified reviews


Fun flash cards, sharp edges.

These flash toys are great but some of the items are a little obscure (x is for x-ray fish?) being one of the more unusual ones. The actual edges for each flash card is borderline sharp almost to the point where I might be afraid of a papercut.

Lula Netarts, OR

Wish it didn’t come in 2 languages

Wish it didn’t come in 2 languages as I had to tape up the spanish portion as I find it too confusing to have 2 languages. Other than that, it was of good quality, although as mentioned by some of the reviewers, the words were alittle difficult.

Loraine Friedheim, MO

Not very useful

This product comes with spanish language and its quite simple for a 3-year old toddler. Would not recommend to buy.

Rhoda Quinton, NJ

fantastic cards if you want to teach the wrong letter and animals

i am submitting a picture with this review. I counted 13 errors where the cards are out of sync and the letter does not match with the animal depicted. The cards cannot be moved around to make this correct or I would keep them. Surprising for abc flash cards and disappointed I am dealing with return of this cheap item.

Deloris Saint Regis, MT

Love these cards!

I gave this to my 9month old and I knew he would be hard on them. I wanted to get him exposed to the alphabet early and he loves these flash cards. He likes to turn the pages and I talk to him about the pictures, use my finger to trace the letter, and I love that the Spanish words are on it, too. This is a great intro to the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes.I also like that the photos used for the alphabet are all animals and they are real images, not drawings. The images are good with just the animal on a white background. For the numbers, they use fish- for the number 10, there are ten fish, with 10 spelled out and the Spanish word for 10.I throw this into bags, my purse, the play pen, and everywhere and it has held up well going on two months. No pages are even close to coming out, just the edges turned up a bit, mostly on the first and last cards. I bought a second one for when he gets older, knowing he will probably trash the first one. I recommend getting two if you are buying for a baby.

Jacqueline Caratunk, ME

A hit with my toddler

These flashcards are a hit with my 2 year old. They’re great for the car, where he can flip through and identify shapes and animals and keep himself occupied. He also likes to name the letters that he already knows. They’re a must to bring along on road trips. Super cheap, very simple but still a favorite in our house. Can’t beat that!

Lilian Roseboom, NY

Awesome learning toy

I really like these. They are laminated, so my daughter can chew, suck, whatever with them. I like that they are easy to clean. I like that when I step on them, they don’t hurt. I feel it is really important to start introducing the alphabet and numbers early on, and she loves playing with this toy, even though she might not know what the words and pictures mean yet.

Ramona Mead, CO

Great product

i love this flash card the perfect size for traveling it all together and they will fit in my diaper bag,i will be useing the on the plane,can’t wait for my trip.

Vonda Monroe, OH

Great for in the car!

My 21 month old son loves these cards! They are great for in the car to occupy little ones. The mirror on the front I think is his favorite part, he loves looking at himself in it. These will be packed in our bag next time we go on vacation (:

Kaitlyn Platinum, AK

Is what it says…

These are plasticized card stock with letters, animal names (English and Spanish) with a corresponding photo of the item. It is great to keep my 18month old occupied identifying animals and letters. She is quite happy to carry it about and play. Easy to pack and will grow with your child as they grow.

Britney Weesatche, TX

Great for kids as young as 7 or 8 months!

I didn’t notice when I initially purchased this set of flash cards that it’s recommended for kids 3 years +. I purchased it for my kiddo when he was about 9 months old to keep in my diaper bag before going on a big plane trip. His favorite part about reading books was flipping pages, so I thought that getting flash cards on a ring would give him that feeling. SUCH A GREAT PURCHASE. This has been a mainstay in my diaper bag for about five months now. It keeps him occupied in the car, at appointments, at meals out. He flips and flips and flips. We talk about each animal (as well as the number and shapes towards the end). It does not seem to get old. He sometimes appears to study the flash cards so intently that we now refer to these as his "SAT cards."Plus, the cards are laminated, which makes them super easy to clean up when necessary. The ring is partially rubberized, which helps with teething. In fact, he’s bitten many of the cards, and they don’t appear as beaten up as they should given that and their daily use.Can’t recommend this enough.

Sonya Belmont, VT

More of a chew toy at this point 🙂

Love these flash cards and I love how they are kept together with the handle/rings. My son is 9 mo old so they are more of a chew toy but I find them super convenient to travel with and they keep my son occupied for a bit. So far so good!

Leta Wabeno, WI

Super cute

I bought these for the car and my daughter loves flipping through them. They are the perfect size for her and they keep her entertained, which was the purpose. I would recommend them especially since they include exotic animals, numbers in English and Spanish (1-10) and vibrant pictures.

Ola Augusta, KY

great product

This is really helping my two year old learn colors. Its convenient to carry and its not loose cards to lose

Rosalyn Smarr, GA

We love educational toys!

I got these flashcards for my 6 month old daughter, knowing she was a little young for them. But she LOVES them! Everytime I pull them out she squeals and I flip through and say the name of the letter, and trace her finger over it and talk about the animal. Granted, we only get to about the letter “G” before she loses attention and wants to chew on them. They are not very chew-friendly, of course, since it’s laminated paper really, so I don’t ever just hand them to her. I love that there are unique animals that correspond to the letters, not the typical “A is for apple” stuff. Buyers should know that these are not cutesy cartoon pictures, they are real photographs (which I think is more fun and educational anyway). Great buy, and great price. Will definitely use for years to come, I might purchase a second set as a back up.

Ruby Burlington, MI

Good option for EC entertainment

We are EC’ers and use this for potty time entertainment. It seems indestructible and wipes clean easily if it is slobbered on or dropped. Our 7 month old loves it so I do, too.

Debbie Laurel Hill, NC

LOVE this

My 18 month old loves this. We purchased it when he was about 13 months old, and now we keep it in the car for him to look at when we’re driving around town. I’ll ask him to find the bear and he’ll try to find it. Sometimes he’ll get frustrated because the pages don’t flip up too easily, or he’s not able to flip just one at a time, but overall, he always has this in his hands in the car.

Tamika Tyner, NC

great for car/stroller

My 15 month old loves these cards. He is really into ABC’s and numbers so it’s perfect. The cards do bend, but totally worth the price.

Magdalena Vienna, MD

My 1 year old LOVES to turn the pages and the animal pics

So, we purchased this for a long trip from the east coast to Hawaii as a way to entertain an 11 month old without annoying other flyers. Well, it didn’t get taken out on the plane, but while on land, our daughter LOVED for us to flip through the book telling her the words and making the animal sounds as well for the cards, and then she started to try to flip the pages herself. The only downside is the fact that it is somewhat hard for her to flip the pages (it takes two hands for an adult sometimes when you deal with the middle cards), but she does sit for a “reading” through of it at least a couple of times, which is longer than any of the 100 other books we have. Definitely a good, inexpensive learning tool with plenty of fun for the little one. Laminated pages are also great–she hasn’t bent a single one yet, and she’s a hulk baby who likes to clobber and smash things.

Flossie Blandon, PA

This is still my toddlers favorite thing!

I initially bought this to take on the airplane for my toddler when she was 14 months old. It was great and kept her very busy on the plane – much longer than anything else I took for her. To this day she still loves this and carries it all over the place. I take it with us on outings too as it keeps her occupied at restaurants – she loves to flip the pages and she is learning all the letters and animals really well because of this little flip book. I also love how the pages are laminated so she can’t rip them.

Beverley Marysvale, UT

Cards hard to flip

This is an ok set of flashcards. Good size for my daughter’s hands and a nice variety of pictures, but it is extremely difficult (even for me!) to flip the cards. This makes it hard for my daughter to look at independently, so she often gives up and moves on to something else.

Jo Imperial, NE

love it

This is a great little set of flash cards. Very durable and I love how everything is held together. My toddler loves showing them to his baby brother.

Maricela Harmon, IL

Excellent for both home and travel

My toddler loves these flash cards. It’s both educational and fun. I can play with him and ask him questions about the pictures, shapes, and numbers or he’ll enjoy playing with it on his own. I love that it’s secured by the rings so it doesn’t get messy with cards scattered everywhere. The cards are also easy to wipe down if it gets dirty which is a plus when it’s handled by children.

Mariana Ledbetter, KY

Great item

This is such a great item. I love that it not only has the alphabet and corresponding animal, numbers 1-10 and an image and shapes and colors, it also has each in Spanish. It is just the right size for toddler hands and it is durable.

Debra Scottsville, TX

Great for pincer grasp

My son loves turning the pages (and chewing them). Easy for little fingers to grasp and turn. Pages are flimsy so this book won’t make it over the long haul but even a few minutes of him being engaged with the book is worth it.

Dayna Daufuskie Island, SC

Soooooo cute!

This is a great little toy to keep in your purse for those times when you need a distraction. I keep it in the car and let her look at it on long drives. The pages are laminated, so they wipe clean (but are not waterproof!). I love that it uses real pictures of the animals instead of illustrations, and that the handle can be a teether as well.

Marcy Antonito, CO

Great Learning Toy

This is perfect for learning! It is pretty easy for my little one to flip the cards too. We are looking forward to taking this on our car ride to Colorado in a few weeks!

Cristina Belden, CA

They are durable and are still in great condition after much use

We bought this for our 1 year old twins. This is very portable and and helpful with learning new words. The flashcards teach alphabet, names of animals, counting, and shapes and colors. They are durable and are still in great condition after much use. My girls like to look at the pictures and they like the outside mirror.

Joann Pauls Valley, OK

Spanish seemed to be an afterthought

I am experienced in bilingual education so my standards may be too high, just a warning,The cards are cute and are a durable material. I really like that the images are of actual animals and not cartoon drawings.I would have liked them to use more animals that start with the same letter in both languages. They often chose obscure animals, and the letter at the top only corresponds to English.

Alice Harlowton, MT

Five Stars

Perfect for travel.

Jennifer Essex, CA