Munchkin Twisty Figure 8 Teether

Munchkin Twisty Figure 8 Teether

This Parent’s Choice Gold Award winner gives baby 4 gentle teething surfaces to find just the right soothing sensation for irritated gums. The twistable, colorful design and rattle sounds also make it an excellent developmental toy that babies find irresistible for learning fun. It’s so clever and helpful, no wonder it’s winning over moms (and awards) everywhere.

Main features

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  • 4 different teething surfaces
  • Develops motor and sensory skills
  • Easy for baby to grasp, hold and chew

Verified reviews


Good but haven’t used

This teether is nice but we haven’t used it as we don’t have children. I believe it would be good as I have taken care of many children and seen these kinds of teethers before. It’s also gender neutral (which is what we are going for right now).

Cathy Pond Gap, WV

Too awkward for babies

I thought this twisty toy would be something new & fun for my 5 month old to chew on. I’m not a huge fan. Mostly because I think it’s too awkward and big for a baby to try and hold and get their mouth around. She hits herself in the face a lot too trying to get it into her mouth. Maybe when she is older she can play with it just for fun but as a teether it’s not functional.

Maxine Frierson, LA

Pleasant the eye, but hard to grip

I bought this teether for my 5 month old twins. Its fun to bend and twist into different shapes, but overall its pretty useless. It may be more handy for a baby 8-12 months old. The figure is too big to fit in my babies hands and mouth. They become frustrated very easy and simply drop the teether. For babies age 4-6 mo. I would purchase something smaller in size for tiny hands and mouths.

Christina Gallina, NM

Fun teether but hard to clean

I bought this teether for my five-month old, but ended up returning it because it was not dishwasher-safe and can’t be submerged in water to clean. I wanted to be able to do both, so this teether was not good for me.

Marquita Westchester, IL

Plastic is pretty hard – not chewy

I saw the rubber-looking sections of these and thought it would be chewy. It’s not. For the most part the whole thing is hard plastic. Some of the sections have a different texture or coating (like a thin rubber coating) but my baby didn’t care for this at all. It’s fairly large, relatively heavy, and frankly it felt more like a toy than a teething ring. I tried over and over again to get her to use this, but she would put it down after a few seconds every time.In the end, the Vulli rubber teethers were what she liked best. Nom nom nom chewy goodness.

Cassie Cost, TX

Too big

Because of the bright colors on this items, i though my daughter will love it. On the internet, it looks like the teether was small enough for a 5 and half month old child to hold. But when i got it, i was not impressed at all. It was too thick for her to grab, and will not even fit her month either. So, now it is in the box with the rest of the useless items that will never be used again

Jodi Leasburg, MO

too big and too heavy for my 6-month-old baby to hold

it is too big and too heavy for my 6-month-old baby to hold, and also the materials seem too hard for my baby to chew. My baby himself is not interested in it. a bad buy.

Patti Onawa, IA

Fun Teether

I bought this from Babies “R” Us when my son started putting everything in his mouth. The teether has 4 soft rubber sections, each with different textures. It also rattles and can be bent in a number of different ways. The teether is easy for my son to grasp and twist. He enjoys chewing on the rubber sections and likes to throw it to hear rattle sounds. The teether is very easy to clean, just hand wash and air dry. It is small enough to throw in the diaper bag and entertaining enough to occupy my son during car rides, doctor’s office visits, etc.

Irene Butler, AL

didn’t play with

We have several rattles and never used this one. The Bright Starts Rattle and Shake Barbell Rattle and Bright Starts Start Your Senses Play A Tune Piano Toy were the favorite and pretty much only used rattles in our house. Different children definitely enjoy different things but all the children that have been to our house have liked the same ones that my daughter did and we had a lot to chose from. This was a bad purchase for us.

Colleen Grundy, VA

one of babys favorite teethers already

My baby is absolutely fascinated with this toy. You can’t tell from the pictures but the teether twists into many shapes which kept my baby busy for what seemed like forever. There is also different textures on each of the twisting/rotating pieces.

Elisabeth La Salle, MN

Colorful. Easy to grip but difficult for a baby to “twist”

Overall I think this is a good teether – my baby seems to like it. The different colors catch his eye and he likes the different textures. When I first bought this he was only 4 months old and it was difficult for him to twist it but now that he’s almost 9 months he has no trouble.

Rhonda East Kingston, NH

Good attention getter..

very colorful, arrived brand new, adorable for baby boys or girls. Will look great in my baby shower gift baskets i make.

Lottie Rockport, WV

Solid performer

Really cute toy for a baby. It twists around in very interesting ways. Well, interesting for an adult–my son couldn’t twist it around as well as I could. I guess there are more exciting toys out there, but this is a good, affordable one to have in the toy box. I can’t say it does much good as a teether though. My son never found a better teether than his own fingers.It also rattles very, very quietly. There are itty bitty plastic beads inside the clear sections.

Annette Culberson, NC

Fun toy!

This is a great toy for even young babies learning to grasp things. It is wide and easy to hold and not too heavy. The twisting shape is interesting and also lessens the impact when my baby’s lack of coordination causes him to whach himself in the head with it. Very vibrant colors and quiet rattle.

Evangeline Wilson, WI

too big for younger babies

My son started showing signs of teething around 3-4 months, and even at 7 months this teether is still too big for his mouth. He can’t really use it for its intended purpose, but he does play with it as a regular toy.

Mollie Vanceboro, ME

Munchkin Twisty

This is THE ONLY toy my son was interested in before he was about 3 months old. He has loved it since he was about a month old and is still loving it at 7 months. From twisting and turning it to using it as a teether, it’s always a hit.I would disagree with a previous post that it is hard to grip, it has always been easy for him to grip- that’s one of the things we loved about it. However, I’m sure this varies baby to baby!Especially for the price, you can’t go wrong.

Gayla Howard, KS

A teether that works.

So many teeters are too big and unwieldy for the teething child in question to hold themselves. This is handy and attractive enough that the child CAN hold it and tends to hold onto it. The different surfaces seem to help too.

Chelsey Kingston, TN

Sturdy quality yet gentle on the gums

My little man loves this toy. It can be re-shaped several different ways, and it has rubber areas which are soft on his teething gums. In addition, some moving things inside of the toy draw his attention. Overall this is a very fair priced teether that is of sturdy quality and that my son seems to really enjoy playing with.

Jodi Odin, IL

Fun for my little one

I bought this for my daughter when I realized she was teething. She likes the different textures on her gums.

Pam Folkston, GA

Twisty Time

Other than being a little too wide to really get her mouth over to gnaw on, my baby loves this. She spends more time twisting and turning on it than teething on it, but it has been used!

Benita Weedville, PA

Daughter loves it

It’s hard to go anywhere without this. Our daughter loves it. It twists, shakes and has several different textures for a baby to enjoy

Deana Alexander, KS


My son would NOT use any of the teething toys we had for him UNTIL we found this toy!! It was AMAZING to finally have a bit of relief from the teething cries when he would sooth his gums and chew/suck on this 🙂

Kathryn Mc Allister, MT

Awesome! Daughter loves this one!

Very cool to look at but easy for my 7 month old to hold and chew. It rattles, is twisty and fun to play with as well as chew on. So far, after 2 months of having it, no complaints. It is permanently with us wherever I go and easy for her to hold on to.Highly recommend this teether,it’s a winner.

Marlene Hunter, ND

Quite big for my baby

My baby does not like this teether. I guess she finds it big for herself. I suggest you find a smaller one which can be easily grasped by your baby.

Alejandra Little Deer Isle, ME

Baby boy loves it

He’s 6 mo now and he loves to play with it. I think the color and the rotation really got his attention.

Carla Woods Hole, MA

My favorite toy. My granddaughter

My favorite toy. My granddaughter, 10 months, and I play with it everyday. It is the most creative toy she has.

Wilma Lisbon Falls, ME

My daughter just didn’t like it.

Pros:+Made well+Good Color+Durable+ Great for motor skillsCons:My daughter never really cared for this product. She had 4 teeth now and she would rather chew on anything else except this. But, she doesn’t like most teethers 🙂

Maria Osseo, WI

Baby doesnt like it

Too thick for him to put in the mouth or hold in tiny fingers.. the soft rattle noise gets his attention for 20 seconds max..i like the thinner necklace type item better than this one.

Tammi Cushing, MN

Not really into it

I thought it would be great and interactive but my 8 month old is not really into this. She’s picked it up a couple times but that’s about it….

Beverly Bryn Mawr, CA


My baby doesnt show any interest in this toy. I personally think it will be good…..but my baby (6.5 months old) only smile when he first see it…after that he doent really care about it..

Rae Mason City, IL