Munchkin Twisty Teether Ball, Colors May Vary

Munchkin Twisty Teether Ball, Colors May Vary

Munchkin 6+ Months Twisty Teether Ball. Twist me! Shake, twist and roll. One planet. One Future. 10 different textures.

Main features

  • Shake, twist and roll for fun sounds
  • 10 different teething textures
  • Multi-textured surfaces soothe tender gums
  • Develops motor and sensory skills
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: pink, yellow, blue and green

Verified reviews


it does smell terrible!

more of a toy than a teether and it does have a horrible smell that we cant cure….Ive hand and dishwashered it more than 20 times!

Brooke Odell, TX

Buy Teether Ball by Toysmith Instead

My 9-month daughter loved a friend’s teether that looked similar to this. I bought it in a store, but it turns out that she can’t get the teether nubs to her back teeth. The ball is too hard. We were at a BBQ and everyone was laughing at how disinterested she was in this toy. I should have waited and looked on Amazon for the same one. Now I’m buying the second teether. This was a waste.

Susanne Celina, OH

Strong chemical odor.

I did not read the other reviews before ordering this. It sounds great, but the product has a HORRIBLE chemical smell. I washed it several times, but it would not go away. The teether has now been laying around my house to be returned for literally five months and it still smells. I cannot give it to my baby to chew on and would strongly discourage anyone from buying it.

Marian Audubon, NJ

I like it, the baby doesn’t care

I think my 5-year-old enjoys (twisting) this toy more than the teething baby, but it is a good quality teether. With assistance, the baby will bite down on the nubs but will poke his eye on his own. He is a picky baby with some sensory preferences, so I cannot judge this toy on my infant alone. The quality and durability are nice. The nubs have different patterns/textures.

Cassie Radford, VA

Don’t waste your money

Bought this because it looked like it would be a good teething toy; well, never got to use it. It smelled so heavily of plastic that we washed it, aired it out for a month and the smell still wouldn’t go away. It’s been about 4 months and the smell is still there. Our kid won’t even touch it.

Ashleigh Wadestown, WV


looks good, smells really bad and the smell wont go away and my daughter just isnt intrested in it but it was a good concept and i think others might have better luck getting their kids to use it.

Nita Goshen, AR

Not a useful teether or ball.

I really, really wanted my kids to like this teether. I thought they would: It’s colorful. It’s got nubbles with different textures. And, for older babies with good manual dexterity, it turns and clicks! Super-fun, I thought.I was wrong. My now-toddler did not like it when he was an infant, a mobile baby, a younger toddler, or now (29 months old). My second child (eight months old) has no use for this toy as a teether or as a ball.The nubbles are too short to chew comfortably. When they’re working on front teeth, this kind of elongated teething surface doesn’t work–and it’s too short for molars. As a ball, it’s no fun–it doesn’t roll very far and we discourage throwing. It’s also pretty heavy for a teether and hard for babies to grab, hold, and maneuver.The favorite teether in my house, by far, is the Discovery Toys’sSuper Yummy Teether. If you’re looking for a good cold teether, try Infantino’sOcean Teethersset. These are also okay when they’re not refrigerated.Bottom line: Skip it. There are better teethers and better balls.

Colette Glen Ridge, NJ


This ball is fine. I like that it can shake, twist, and be chewed on. My daughter just didn’t much care for it.

Gail Nanticoke, MD

One of our favorite teethers

This has been a favorite teether for all of my 3 babies, especially when their teeth seem to be bothering them! When I first opened this toy, I thought that the little nubs seemed a little rigid; I expected them to be squishier — but my kids haven’t minded and seem to love it when they have teeth coming through.The clicking noise the ball makes when twisted seems really fascinating for an infant. When shaken, the ball makes a gentle rattling sound. It’s one of those very quiet toys appropriate for quiet occasions that some of the louder toys don’t work for.I think the biggest thing this toy has to offer is the ease at which a baby can grasp this toy and chew on it. With all the little nubs, baby is always able to get one of them into her mouth. The flatter, ring teethers are more difficult to manipulate with little hands — seems like with those ones I have to help baby get it into her mouth.I haven’t noticed any smell at all that previous reviewers talk about. But, like another previous reviewer mentioned, I don’t submerge this toy to wash it because i’m afraid that water will get trapped in the center.I wish that there was a loop somewhere to attach this to plastic links for when we’re out and about in the stroller. However, it seems pretty easy for baby to hold on to.

Ginger Naoma, WV

Good toy

This makes a fun little clacking noise when you turn it. My daughter has used it a few times since I bought it. She’s still a bit young. I”m sure she’ll like it more once she gets a little stronger and can pick it up. It is a bit heavy. Also, I received the green and blue one rather than the yellow and pink that is pictured. No big deal. I actually kind of like the green and blue better.

Staci Winona, KS

An ok toy

This is a pretty sturdy little teether ball. Our gilr liked it ok as a toy, but I don’t think she was really interested in teething on it, and it’s not a favorite or anything. My dog was carrying it around once and it didn’t show any teeth marks or anything from him, so it is pretty durable.

Donna Lenoir, NC

Too heavy

its too heavy for my 5 1/5 month old daughter to play with it. Also I think if it was a little larger on top of being lighter it would be easier for her to handle.

John Aspen, CO

bad plastic smell

We received this one as a gift. Our daughter loved it but I was leery b/c of the bad plastic smell it had. It isn’t listed as bpa-free so I decided it wasn’t worth keeping and opted for safer options.

Bridget Quincy, WA

My 5 1/2 month old loves this unique teether

I bought this for my 5 1/2 month old when she started cutting her first tooth a few weeks ago. This is her favorite teether, next to her avent teether ring. She loves to chew on it and touch it and it is alot easier to chew on in my opinion than the traditional teething rings, I also think its easier for babies to hold since there are so many spikes to grip on the ball. The spikes sort of remind me of pacifiers that are meant for babies to chew on. Overall great product, one bad thing would be that you cant thoroughly clean it. I used a alcohol swab to sanitize it and wiped it down with a wet cloth and let it air dry before giving it to my baby for the first time just to make sure it was clean.

Josephine Ogunquit, ME

Munchkin Teether for Baby!!

Oh my goodness luv this it’s a good TEETHER well made would highly recommend this to anyone who has a baby teething!!! Very good quality TEETHER !! Would highly recommend as a baby shower gift. KC

Catherine Fly Creek, NY

great teether toy

this is a really good teether toy. we bought one but got tired of moving it from the car to the house along with the baby. so i bought another one to leave in the car. this is the best teether toy i’ve found so far and he loves it.

Kristen Mccurtain, OK


This was a gift for our grandson. He is theething and enjoy the Teether ball at the beginning but he get tire soon.

Sydney Beaverdam, OH

smells terrible!

this toy smells aweful! i cleaned it couple times, but the smell still stays, in fact – every time i clean it with water (with a little soap or without) it smell worse. finally i just decided to wash it under water really well, thinking it might help – nope, the smell is still son loves the noise it makes when you swist it though, so that’s the only way we use it.

Juliana Little Hocking, OH

Teether ball…

My 5m old likes it but isn’t getting the concept. We through a lot at him at, all at once, at Christmastime… so I’m sure this will make the next toy rotation for him. (: It’s made well and I love the clicking noise it makes when you rotate it. I’m sure he will love it. The texture on the teether parts will feel good on his gums when he’s teething.

Tabatha Roxobel, NC

munchkin twisty

Bough this for my grandson and he absolutely loves it. It is one of his favorites now that he is teething.

Olga Niagara, WI

I love it!

I love it, my daughter who is 6 months old loves it and our Bloodhound also loves it! LOL Our bloodhound is constantly stealing this from my daughter. All around it’s a great teething toy! Of course we wash it very well after retreiving it from the sneaky hound.

Ida Uneeda, WV

Great teether

When I ordered this I ordered about four other teethers, and this one is by far the winner with my twin sons. They will just sit in their high chairs and gnaw on this thing for at least 15 minutes at a time, sometimes longer. They are only six months old, so this is perfect for them because it is very easy for them to hold and since the nubs stick out from everywhere, no matter which way they turn it they can manage to get a nub in their mouth. They haven’t really noticed the clicking sound yet when it is turned, but I’m sure that will come later. For now I am just happy to have found something besides ibuprofen that makes their mouths feel better! (For the record, I did notice the “plastic” smell that many other reviewers have mentioned, but I washed it in hot, soapy water and it seems to have disappeared)

Ebony Birchleaf, VA

an ok toy

My babies didn’t really like this toy much, the dog showed more interest,it does make a clicking sound, but it takes a much older child to get it to work2 or so years old. They don’t really use it as a teether, so it sits,just an FYI froma mom that trys everything lol!

Dionne Pecatonica, IL

Pink and Yellow version has a strong chemical odor

One reviewer already said it a few months ago in August and I’ll say it too now in November.This toy SMELLS BAD. Like REALLY BAD. Plastic naseau bad. Even after multiple washes. I even tried biting the toy myself and it tasted and smelled horrible. I felt a little like gagging. I was wondering why my baby never plays with it.Don’t buy it.

Rachael Bloomington Springs, TN